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Promoting a Heathier Lifestyle with Beneful Brand Dog Foods

Simply as any employee that works for Purina which food they feed their own dogs. They don’t all answer the same because they have to, they answer the same because they all see exactly what goes into each and every type of food Beneful brand dog food. From the workers who cook the dog treats, to the accountants who make sure everything is in order, staff members of every position would never feed their own pets anything different. Here are some of the varieties of the Beneful brand dog food and why both owner and pets love this brand.

The Beneful Brand Puppy Food

What better way to get you dog off to a great start in life than feeding them only the nutrients they need to grow healthy. Puppies grow more in their first year than they will the rest of their lives, and it is vitally important they get only wholesome ingredients like that in the Beneful puppy food. Packed with flavors puppies love, full of nutrients their bodies need, and the perfect blend of flavors they crave.

Beneful Brand Adult Dry Food

Whether your dog is three or thirteen, the food you feed them will have an immediate impact on their life. The makers of Beneful created o target a dry food that is jam-packed with flavors a dog can not resist, chicken, beef, pork, lamb, and only made with wholesome natural ingredients that will promote a healthy lifestyle. The nutrients in each serving are designed to give your dog all the energy they need to become more active each day and get those muscles moving.

Beneful Brand Adult Wet Food

Open a can of wet Beneful dog food and you can literally see those chunks of beef and chicken in the container. Each meal is accented with healthy vegetables like barley, rice, carrots, and even green beans. The wet dog food is available in a thinly sliced version or a thick chunky hearty variety. With twenty different varieties available on Walmart, your dog will never get bored with eating the same dog food again. Packed with real ingredients you can see in their bowl.

Beneful Brand Adult Dog Treats

What better way to reward your dog that providing them a nutritious dog treat that is baked with love at the Purina facilities. Each treat comes in either a delicious shortbread or a thin airy cracker, in peanut butter, beef, cheese, or bacon flavors. Each treat is packed with only all natural ingredients that will help your dog to thrive.


Eric Pulier Advocates for Technological Advancement

The U.S. has one of the most advanced and dynamic market in the world. The survival to the fittest is the rule of this competitive financial jungle. Companies that have channeled resources towards technological advancements are the ones enjoying immense success. To curb the rising expenditure in the delivery of IT services major businesses has been out to purchase soft wares as soon as they are launched. The high demand for these technological apps, has attracted top-notch investors and established companies. ServiceMesh Company was founded in 2007 and in 15th November 2013, Computer Service Corporation officially acquired it after signing a definitive agreement.

In terms of technology advancement, ServiceMesh is a next generation IT Company. They help clients to transfer their applications into cloud computing backgrounds. They have launched a quality and unique platform that allows on-demand, self-service IT functioning models for their broad client base. They offer their services to global and established companies in the financial and health care sector. The development of Agility platform propelled it to a respected and influential. This podium enhances the positioning and control of enterprise applications across all cloud environments. This platform will reduce costs, increase productivity and encourage innovation across the technological world by creating a conducive environment.

The company has over 200 employees whose excellent track of record in computer software development and management runs for many years. They range from qualified application developers, industry consultants, and cyber security experts to versatile software engineers and sales professionals. The clients enjoy personalized and result oriented services. The Agility Platform 9.1 caters for the high demand in OpenStack; it has additional OpenStack implementations such as Folsum and Grizzly. DevOps tool chain integration and support is enhanced by the Command Line Interface (CLI). The release and launch of new software is going to be speeded up with the DevOps application. ServiceMesh brings the necessary IT transformation required for businesses to market their products to clients online and at a lower cost.

Mr. Eric Pulier is a respected and influential investor and technologist. He is the co-founder and former CEO of ServiceMesh. He is an active humanitarian and he has funded several non-profit organizations such as Ace Foundation focused to develop software that help tackle humanity grand challenges. He also funds needy undergraduate’s student to achieve their higher education dream through the program Campaign for Free College Tuition. He was brought up in Teaneck, New Jersey, where he also completed his high school course. He is a graduate of Harvard University after pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree. He is published author with many magazines and journals to his name. In addition, his articles appears in famous newspapers in the U.S. Mr. Pulier is a family man, blessed with four children that he loves spending time with when not in office striking deals.

Business Development Exec Starts a Go Fund Me Campaign in Support of Earth Force Inc.

A well known business development executive has joined Earth Force Inc, which is a Denver-based charitable organization that is involved in advocating and trying to ensure a cleaner environment. Jon Urbana is using Facebook to show his support for the organization through Go Fund Me, where he has started a crowd campaign seeking to raise $1750 in support of the organization’s efforts. Those looking forward to supporting Earth Force Inc. to contribute towards a cleaner and healthier environment can do so by contributing to this campaign.

Go Fund Me is a website that allows users to start campaigns by themselves to raise funds for charitable causes. Such websites take advantage of the fact that most people are spending a lot of time online, for either work purposes, leisure, as well as social interactions.

Urbana is dedicating his time and resources through Twitter – @jonurbana1 – and other channels to support this campaign. Besides starting the Go Fund Me campaign, Jon has also taken it upon himself to start a Crowd Rise campaign with the aim of attracting the youth to the A.R.A.S. movement. The movement aims at finding loving homes for cats in need of care.

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Besides being a charity supporter, Jon Urbana is a lacrosse camp co-founder. He was instrumental in founding one of Colorado’s leading youth lacrosse training programs. This involvement with the youth enables Jon to use Imgur and his Instagram handle of @jonurbana to share pictures with them, and their level of commitment towards ensuring a cleaner environment.

Besides, Urbana is an avid blogger, and understands the youth and trends involving them, giving him an upper hand in mobilizing them. This philosophy was outlined earlier this month at

Jon Urbana hails from Denver. He is an entrepreneur, having started Ellipse as well as a legendary Villanova lax star. Jon has not let his former skill go to waste, and he co-founded the Next Level Lacrosse Camp that focuses on key skills and techniques best suited to individual youth players, helping the young players exploit their full potential.

Jon Urbana loves working with the youth and mentoring them, and a longer article on speaks to his passion. His involvement with young people in Lacrosse summer camps and in charitable organizations is evidence to this. He has had a great impact in the lives of many youths, guiding them towards a better future.

Follow Jon on The Verge to keep up with more news related to this fundraiser.

Business Leaders and Economy

In Chicago and any other city that is hit with economic problems, it is important to be able to think outside the box. Creativity is very important when it comes to surviving in a bad economy. Fortunately, there are many business leaders who not only have the creativity in their entrepreneurial spirit to survive bad economical conditions. They also have the creativity to achieve greater levels of success than expected and even help bring their communities up with them. These people often have a mindset for service. In many cases, one of the very reasons that they are successful is that they are willing to give to others.

One of the businessmen that are very good for their communities is Majeed Ekbal. He is a businessman that is not just passionate about business, but he is also passionate about people. He looks for ways to succeed so that others could benefit from his success. In fact, his success is in having people benefit from the services he provides. He is a man of vision and he also has no problem delegating responsibilities and allowing others to be apart of his journey. However, people have to have a passion for helping others in order to be a part of Majeed Ekbal’s journey.

Majeed Ekbal is a man of passion, and a man of vision. It requires both in order to succeed in unfavorable economic conditions. One’s passion and vision is likely to take him very far in business. Also, people that are around him can also see the passion. With Majeed Ekbal’s ability to communicate, they are also able to see the vision and are willing hop on aboard and join him on the journey. Along with vision and passion, one also needs humility. Majeed has the humility to allow others on the journey.

With business leadership, it is important for one to pursue something that he enjoys. One can’t force himself to enjoy something just because he thinks it will make him money. In order for someone to be passionate about something, he has to see meaning in it. There has to be an end that he sees to whatever it is he is pursuing. The end has to be something that he believes in. If the business leader can see the end result, then he is more likely to pursue it to the fullest.

A person who has his whole heart in his business pursuit is more likely to pursue it even in the wake of obstacles and discouragement. Even if he ultimately does not succeed, it will still be worth the pursuit because he will find peace in knowing that he gave it his all. Business leaders takes risks for what they believe in.

Finance Tips: How Young Professionals Can Save Money

Whether it is a company or personal finances, finance management is an art and not everyone is adept at it. Brian Bonar has revolutionized the industry with his work on Trucept Inc. Why? Because he has good knowledge of finance, got formal education in the field, and followed up that education with practical experience in a number of companies and organizations. However, unless someone is looking for a career in finance they don’t need to do all this. All that is needed is some basic management at the home level.
Here are some tips young professionals can use to save money –

Start Thinking About The Future – Saving money is a habit but in order to get motivated and include that habit in the daily budget, it is important to understand the future goals. Some professionals want to start their own company in the future. Others want to do their job and continue in the company but wish to save enough to get a car or a house. This is why it is important to pen every future plan down and divide it into two parts – short term and long term. The short term plan could be a vehicle or a vacation. The long term plan could be about a house or an entrepreneurial venture.

Create a Budget – When a young professional creates a household budget, they should make an attempt to save as much as possible. Young professionals can even strive to save over the 20% saving mark that most people use. This is because they are making money right now and savings would come easily. Creating a budget is a simple process but trying to stick to it is hard. For this, Brian Bonar offers a simple tip – stick your budget on the fridge or any area that is visible at all times. It would serve as a reminder.

Talk To a Finance Professional – Finance professionals can offer great tips to young professionals about how to save money, which securities to invest in, the risk attached with different investment options, and so on. Because these finance professionals are experts at investing, they would have a good idea about what works and what doesn’t work. The first consultation is usually complementary and young professionals should list down their assets, liabilities and future plans for the finance professional so that the best decision can be made.

The only thing left to do after all this is to invest the money. A lot of young professionals also hire the services of finance managers to take care of their funds. These managers can offer a peace of mind to young professionals and take away the headache of investing and decisions.

Purina Dog Food Means Pure Quality

Pet owners on know that they want nothing by the best for their beloved companions. The best way to make sure about the finest, healthiest foods is to go with the brand that has the reputation for trustworthy quality. Sticking with the best, many pet owners choose Purina Beneful on youtube over other brands. There are benchmarks for fine pet foods. Namely, there are intelligent experts who do the research, technology to accommodate the best manufacturing, facilities which are close to the heartbeat of development, and quality all the way from point A to point Z.

Breaking these points down, first comes the experts in the dog food industry. Keeping up to date with state of the art methodology, there is nothing quite like the devotion that Purina Beneful researchers carry with them in every aspect of their in-depth research. Copious hours of research, paying attention to the last detail, provides the best, safest, and healthiest dog food products. This reaches beyond the Purina plant onward to the retail merchants who ensure proper handling of the end products.

The purity of Purina Beneful pet foods is never discounted. There is always going to be proper and up to date screenings. Proper tracking from beginning to end makes sure that there is a link to every aspect of development and manufacturing. This level of quality assurance provides the consumers with the peace of mind in knowing that their precious fur babies are getting prime choice foods with tracking. If any issue ever comes up with these products, it will be easy to detect the source of the problem.

Large companies such as Purina Beneful are able to keep all aspects of creating healthy dog foods within the same manufacturing unit from the lab to the end of production. This guarantees that there is a comprehensive method for knowing the source of ingredients, speedy analysis of each component, as needed, quality assurance, and smarter operating machinery to make certain that not corner is cut for quality standards. The bottom line is that Purina dog food is bound to have the necessary ingredients, quality, and safety for all pets to ensure proper pet health. These canine companions will respond with shiny coats, healthy tummy’s, and energy for many, many years.

QNET Raising the Bar for Online Marketing

QNET is based out of Hong Kong, but big changes are coming to this online marketing company in the way of their product line and where they manufacture products. The company is in the planning and development stages of moving their manufacturing operations from different locations around the world to India. The product line currently sold by the marketing giant ranges from nine categories with over thirty products. Things are definitely going to be changing in the near future however.

QNET currently sells products that are designed to improve the lifestyle of customers, ranging from skincare products to nutritional and wellness items. Originally selling in South Asia, QNET expanded sales in countries like Russia, Central Asia, West Africa, Europe, and North Africa. The manufacturing facilities are currently running in over a dozen different countries, but expanding and consolidating these manufacturing facilities in India appears to be good for a number of reasons.

Although there have been some initial troubles getting these manufacturing facilities approved in India, persistence and hard work preparing all the proper documents and licenses have poised the company to get moving their manufacturing facilities sooner than planned. Already producing watches in one India warehouse, the addition of the health drink NutriPlus has helped QNET expand operations to their new facility in Himachal Pradesh. Zaheer Merchant is the director of Corporate Affairs for QNET and says this is just the beginning of a great relationship with the Indian people.

Since launching sales in India 13 years ago, QNET representatives feel now is the time to shift their production to this area to keep up with demand. The cost benefits for the company’s bottom line will be big. The company has been focusing lately on producing and selling products in healthy niches rather than choosing products that fit a wide array of niches. Choosing niches that help improve the daily life of consumers and then filling those niches with helpful products has been one decision that is already helping the company to dominate a global marketplace.

QNET is also committed to making certain they comply with all the Indian rules and regulations as they begin to ramp up production of their manufacturing facilities in this country. This includes paying all of the relevant taxes, paying duties, and following each government regulation concerning this line of business. Zaheer Merchant goes on to say that QNET is being completely transparent with the Indian officials and is cooperating at every stage of the process.

The ultimate goal for QNET is develop a relationship with India on a solid foundation so they both can benefit long-term from this unique relationship. This is how QNET is poised to raising the bar and taking on a global audience.

Shaygan Kheradpir Contributes to a Technological Enterprise

Shaygan Kheradpir has been in the world of business and technology for over 28 years. During this time, he has participated in the management of various firms and development of new products. He acquired his experience and skills from the financial industry, telecom, and technology. GTE Corporation was the first company where he worked before joining Verizon. At Verizon, Shaygan was the Chief Information Officer and EVP. When he joined Barclays Bank, he worked in the technology department as the Head Officer. As the Chief Operations Officer, he led the bank in the transformation process to the 21st century.

Kheradpir was employed at Juniper Networks as the CEO and he came up with an Integrated Operating Plan for the firm. He used his skills and experience to grow the Cloud Builder and High IQ Networking. Kheradpir replaced Pat DiPietro as the new President and Chief Executive Officer of Coriant. Pat DiPietro is happy to work as the vice-president under the leadership of Kheradpir because he believes in his capabilities as a leader and manager. Kheradpir focuses his efforts to increasing the market shares of Coriant by satisfying their clients and attracting more customers. He is the Chairman of the Coriant Board and takes part in making decisions concerning the company.

Coriant Company serves as a supplier to the top networking operators across the world. Currently, it is serving over 100 countries with their innovative products. He works toward establishing new opportunities in the market to reach more customers. His knowledge of this industry and business strategies will benefit Coriant in surviving and leading in the competitive market. The activities performed by Coriant firm in implementing technological strategies made him gain interest to work for it. A report from the NAPERVILLE, Illinois confirmed that the outstanding modern innovation and global reach by Coriant attracted Kheradpir to work for this networking company.

Shaygan is an old student from Cornell University where he specialized in the engineering field. The business and technology expert has patents in payments, media, and telecom. He is a board member of Cornel University Engineering Council. More details about his contribution to technological and business sectors are available at

Purina Introduces the “I stand With Beneful” Ad Campaigns

Beneful dog food manufacturers, Purina industries, introduced a new advertising and marketing campaign dubbed, “I stand with Beneful”. This campaign features the men and women involved in making beneful the leading dog food brand in the United States. The campaign was not like any other form of advertising strategy but a firm reassurance to their client and associates of their continued commitment to producing the healthiest and most nutritious dog food brands.
This campaign captures the company’s workers with their pets and shares their sentiments towards the dog food brand. Some like the operations manger, the materials coordinator, and the ingredients loader offered assuring commentaries of how the company goes overboard to produce the industries top quality foods. Posing with their happy and healthy pets, they said with the knowledge of all the ingredients and efforts that go into the production of the dog food, they would not feed their dogs any other foods.
The company’s vice president, Juli Plassmeyer, says that the campaign started internally among the company’s staff. It started as an expression of concern about the misinformation in the markets surrounding the food brand. It then grew to such compelling levels that the management decided to share it with their caring client pet lovers, distribution partners, and even their critics.
The campaign debuted with a full page ad in The New York Times Sunday magazine, featured a TV commercial as well as some other forms of advertising in both the digital and print media.

Beneful is a big brand that supplies food products to more than 15 million healthy dogs annually. This food brand has also never been subjected to recall since it was introduced in 2001. There was therefore need to reassure the consumers and the general public alike of their continued commitment to safe dog foods and the campaign does just that.

Adam Sender: Hedge Fund Manager to Art Collector

Adam Sender is a very well-known contemporary art collector. At only 45 years of age, he’s considered relatively young by industry standards, but Sender is highly respected due to his incredible collection of contemporary artwork.

Sender began collecting art in the mid-1990s. He was able to support his collection due to his success as a hedge fund manager. Sender formed his own hedge fund after leaving SAC Capital Advisors LLP. It was at that point that he began purchasing artwork that caught his eye. Sender saw artwork in the same way he viewed matters in his edge fund business, as an investment. He purchased pieces that were relatively affordable (for someone of Sender’s wealth) and those pieces’ value has since increased dramatically.

Sender has been going through some personal changes, and these changes have prompted him to part with a great deal of his collection. Sotheby’s is offering Sender’s vast collection over the span of an eighteen month period. What is so alluring about Sender’s collection is the quality of works he has chosen, spanning over decades. Many collectors struggle with hit and miss selections. They find some great pieces and then later choose some average pieces. Sender, on the other hand, has consistently collected masterful pieces over and over again.

People often correlate Sender’s ability to pick winning equities in his hedge fund days, to that same ability of selecting artwork. He simply has a knack for picking the right works. In fact, the collection being offered by Sotheby’s is valued between $70 million and $80 million.

It is important to note that Sender isn’t only selling pieces. He is also planning to donate a number of oversize pieces to several museums. Although Sender is downsizing his collection dramatically, he will still retain a number of pieces for his own personal pleasure as he moves on to the next chapter of his life