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For Rent! Manhattan Vacancy Glut!

If you are looking for a Manhattan rental, now is the time to look. It’s reported in Zero Hedge that vacancies are at an all time high in the Big Apple. The article blames the rise in vacancies on the cost to rent an apartment in Manhattan, but also in Australia, China and Miami as the culprit behind the glut in the NYC real estate market. According to the article economic conditions don’t support the prices of the luxury flats and NYC apartments for sale on townrealestate with many carrying a price tag of a million dollars. Zero Hedge states that the median rent is only $8,537.00 per month.

Andrew Heiberger, founder and CEO of Town Residential will find his niche in the new market for Manhattan Real Estate. His firm last year had over $958,754,849 in sales, and his luxury apartments sell for less than $230,000 and have monthly maintenance fees of under $2,000. Those prices are for a penthouse at his Cityspire complex with wrap around terraces and all the amenities of a five start hotel. These spacious apartments have lots of space, gourmet kitchens, luxurious baths, hardwood floors and every other appointment and more as that of the $8,500.00 a month models have.

Town Residential developments include the Buttonwood, the Icon, Twenty Exchange and the Charles. They all feature doormen, garages with building access, spas, roof top entertaining, meeting rooms all set in beautiful surroundings. Mr. Heilberger of Town Residential believes his success lies in his company’s transparency with its clients, and his encouraging his brokers to be available to their clients even on social media. He also believes that real estate prices will rise and fall, but in the long term they are on a steady upwards trend.

Town Residential and Mr. Heilberger are reclaiming neighborhoods all over the city, and he believes that investment protection in New York City real estate will keep the buyers and renters coming. Mr. Heilberger is on a quest to redevelop neighborhoods and offer full service condominium, apartments, studios and penthouses to his customers. Town Residential has over 500 licensed brokers across New York City, and they focus on service to the client.

Town and Mr. Heilberger has recently started developing full luxury real estate in Miami. He has joined with Fortune International Group to look for redevelopment opportunities across southern Florida. You can read original article about the recent vacancies at Zero Hedge.

Beneful Makes Great Products

Beneful dog food is among some of the best dog food on the Twitter market today. It is widely available in most markets and many owners prefer it over other brands. Beneful comes in many different varieties, with a total of more than thirty-five types. Wet dog food, dry dog food, dog treats, and dental cleaning sticks are produced by Beneful, contributing towards a tasty array of products. Beneful Originals is one of my dogs’ favorites. I own three dogs, and I get the chicken flavored Originals for Archie, and the beef flavored Beneful Originals for my other two dogs, Max and Brutus. Beneful Originals comes in a blend of vegetables with plenty of meat and protein for my dogs. I have fed them many other foods in the past, but Purina Store’s Beneful Originals seems to be the go-to dry dog food for my household. Beneful Healthy Puppy was great for all three of my dogs when they were growing up. Beneful was always more expensive than other brands of dog foods, and with my tight budget, I was not sure if it would be worth it for my dogs once they were grown. When they were young, I wanted the best for them so I would spend extra money to get Beneful Healthy Puppy, which had chicken, peas, carrots, and blueberries in the blend. I usually feed my dogs a mixture of dry and wet dog foods at least once a day because they seem to like it so much. I usually buy Beneful Chopped Blends, but I do not pick out any specific flavor. Chopped Blends come in about eight or nine different flavors, and I have used all of them. I used five or six different brands of dog food over the past few years, but ever since I switched back to Beneful, it seems as if my dogs have been more satisfied than ever with what I bring home to them. Healthy Smile Dental Ridges are great to help freshen their breath. I also like to give them Beneful’s Baked Delights dog treats. I am so thankful my dogs have fallen in love with Beneful.

Alaor and BMG currently standings


it has been revealed that twenty days after their risk grade (rating) downgraded by Fitch rating agency, the BMG bank, a leader in providing payroll loans from private financial institutions in the country, began a process of restructuring changes at the top of the institution. According to the Union of Bank of Belo Horizonte Area, 17 employees occupying executive positions and who worked at the bank’s headquarters were shut down last week.

Among them is the commercial director of BMG, Nelio Brant, who had the dismissal confirmed by the vice president of BMG, Márcio de Araújo Alaor. Despite the shutdown, Brant said it will continue to provide advice to the bank.

Sources close to the financial markets speculate that there may be layoffs in offices and representations in Brazil. These cuts would be linked to pressures on BMG’s capital base after completion of the acquisition of Schahin and GE banks. Fitch Ratings downgraded the bank note BMG BB- to B foreign currency and A- to BBB in local currency.

BMG announced the acquisition of Schahin in April last year by R $ 250 million. The Credit Guarantee Fund (FGC) brokered negotiations between the two banks because the Schahin was facing capital problems.

The analyst at Fitch Robert Stoll, said the purchase raised the amount of goodwill for $ 1.6 billion. “The amount of goodwill was primarily due to selective exclusion effected by BMG of assets weakened the Schahin, while the BMG has assumed all its liabilities. This selection process, monitored by Brazilian bank regulators, took the capital of Schahin to be $ 1.3 billion negative at the time of acquisition, “he says.

In the assessment of Fitch, the profitability of BMG should be below the average of its competitors in the short term, since the ability to internal capital generation of the bank will be limited due to the increase in administrative expenses and borrowing and competition.

The vice president of BMG, Márcio Alaor ensures that even with relegation, there was not even an investor’s redemption request. “BMG recorded a growth of 35.6% in the Bank’s portfolio of loans, closing 2011 with a balance of $11.092 billion. Already the total portfolio of loans and leases showed a balance at December 31, 2011 of $ 29.078 billion, representing an increase of 18.7% over the same period of 2010, “says Alaor

Also according to market sources, the layoffs are part of a restructuring process that has already sees a fierce war being waged by the payroll loan market. The Bank of Brazil and the Federal Savings Bank reduced interest rates on loans in order to strengthen the government’s policy to pressure the financial system to reduce bank interest.

Marcio Alaor is a Brazilian entrepreneur that is currently executive of Banco BMG. In addition to being connected to BMG, Alaor is known for revealing companies that have major progressions throughout the year. In a recent report he has identified 15 airlines that are able to stand apart from its competition. Either financially, technically, or innovatively.

Adam Sender: The Wall Street Expert With an Eye for Art

It would be quite unexpected to read a biography about anyone that listed the individual as a Wall Street whiz and a stunningly talented art expert. The two do not seem to have anything in common, and yet, that is exactly what would be written about Adam Sender. This successful hedge fund manager did not reserve all of his talents for investing in the market. He has also spent many years investing in some of the finest art pieces the world has seen.

His collection of art works are not what many may expect. Sender did not spend his money or his time purchasing Monet’s or the works of Van Gogh. Instead, he did what a smart investor would. He looked for lesser known artists with great potential and purchased their work instead. He bought when prices were low, with the knowledge that there was room for the value of each individual acquisition to grow.

The ability to recognize when an artist has genuine talent and can create a work that will appeal to other collectors in the future, is not a skill that everyone has. Yet Sender has made it seem almost easy. He has shown a genuine flair for appreciating true talent and has amassed a collection that has left many in the art world stunned, and admittedly, a little envious as well.

The extent of his collection has come to light recently as he began offering some of his pieces up for sale. Many have been on display prior to their scheduled sale dates. Not surprisingly, when discussing the art and how he chooses what to purchase, Sender sounds less like the starry-eyed art lover than many may expect from someone with such a large collection. It would seem that even in a world that is hard to define what is good and what is not, Sender had a formula for seeking out talent that, for him, was successful in nearly every instance.
Whether his method of seeking experienced, yet relatively unknown artists who are poised on the brink of success would be a skill others could copy is a matter of speculation only. While his method may seem simple to him, many see it as they would his financial investing. It is a process that takes genuine talent and a mind for recognizing where trends are moving before anyone else is able to notice.

FreedomPop Funding And Deals

FreedomPop is growing their company. They have decided not to sell the company to buyers, announced the CEO of FreedomPop. The company is becoming more valuable, and they plan to continue growing within the mobile phone and internet markets. The company helps consumers save bundles on the phone and internet bills. They offer the best, free internet and mobile phone service. The service includes 500 MB of data each month, 500 talk time minutes each month and 500 text messages each month. They were just running a deal for the Black Friday shopping holiday that would give new customers one free month of the premium service that they offer. The premium service is good for 1 GB of data each month, unlimited talk time and unlimited text messaging. The customers that started with FreedomPop and made use of this holiday deal will resume the basic plan after one month. They will also have the option to pay a monthly service for a better plan, but so many people are happy with having the free service.

Funding And FreedomPop’s Structure

The company is gaining ground internationally and within the United States. They have made serious waves within the United States before starting to issue their services in the United Kingdom. Residents there have the same free plan to take advantage of, and they will have other options, also. The company plans to bring the service to more countries outside of the United States and the United Kingdom. This is one of the main reasons why the CEO and other executives of FreedomPop are resisting any buyers interest in purchasing the company. They plan to keep growing and changing the world of phone and internet usage.

The company plans to have 1 million customers by the end of 2015. This is a huge leap considering that they just started a few years ago in 2012. They are making big changes in the way that people view internet and phone bills. People are saving money on their bills, and they are happy. They have recently acquired funding from various sources and made these announcements public to some extent. The funders Intel Capital have funded FreedomPop with an undisclosed amount. Also, Partech Ventures funded FreedomPop with $30 million. This was announced over the summer. It is optimistic to assume that we will all see more of FreedomPop in the US and internationally.

QNet Moves Production To India To Save and Expand

Already known for the expansive growth, QNet is continuing to shift their manufacturing into India and stop production from all over the globe. By centralizing the 30 diverse brands that they offer, they will be able to promote more on enhancing the lives of their customers. The Hong Kong based company has always been known for encouraging people to live healthy, but making wise business decisions is also a part of their plan. By centralizing operations, they will be able to offer their customers terrific prices and lower their overhead at the same time.

QNet sells a great deal of products. They deal with skincare lines, as well as the health and wellness products. However, they also deal with more opulent items like Swiss watches and other various upscale jewelry items. With more than 100 diverse countries receiving their products, they are one of the largest marketing firms around. They have recently added customer bases to the coveted areas of Russia and also Europe.

Another line of their business is selling packages for vacation and learning courses. It has become quite difficult over the past few years to have so many different manufacturing facilities spread abroad. By centralizing their production, it will benefit the company and their customers’ immensely. India comes with its own challenges, but this enormous facility will not only allow them to create a united front for manufacturing, but it will also allow them to develop new products. Some products are currently being manufactured in this country, like their Nutriplus energy drink. This product was custom made for the Indian people and the production facility is in Himachal Pradesh. While made for this area, their goal is to eventually take this product world-wide and service all the people with their magnificent product list.

The company has been in business for 13 years. They have seen the rises and falls of the business industry. Moving everything to India is going to save the company about 12 percent on their overhead and employment costs. Any savings in today’s market is something worth considering. It’s been just three years since the company changed the focus of their market from luxury products to those that would benefit everyday life. Now, they are focused on life enhancement and things that increase the health and wellness of every person in the environment they live in.

Currently, not all of these products are available to Indian customers, but it is something the company is working towards. The Indian climate has changed dramatically and they feel that it would be a welcomed plus to have their facilities here. It may just be the boost needed to take this company to new and exciting levels.