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George Soros Speaks on Trump and Cuz and Their Message of Division

Billionaire financier, philanthropist in a world famous hedge -fund manager George Soros while speaking at a dinner in Davos launched an all-out attack on Donald Trump and Ted Cruz as well as Vladimer Putin. George Soros pulled no punches and went far as to say that Donald Trump is actually doing the work of the Islamic state commonly known as ISIS. He also chastised much of the Republican field of presidential candidates for their role in helping convert Muslims into terrorists. Originally Mr. Soros was giving his views on the fragile state of global financial markets and how China has been added to the the volatility when he suddenly and unexpectedly began giving what was obviously a passionate opinion on the growing Republican position of banning Muslims from entering the country. Some Republican hopefuls have gone as far as to declare that they would compose a specific list of all the Muslims in the United States and would immediately begin surveillance based on the database. This is reminiscent of the Nazi regime and as we explore the history of George Soros it is becomes increasingly clear why Donald Trump and Ted Cruz’s hateful rhetoric has produced such a passionate and colorful response from Soros.

As the world’s most successful hedge fund manager George Soros found himself in a position to be able to help others. So in 1979 he began his quest into the world of philanthropy by sponsoring scholarships for black college students at the Cape Town University of South Africa. This was during the period known as apartheid in these young students truly needed the assistance of Mr. Soros provided. He went on to create the Open Society Foundations to help ensure freedom and fairness to all peoples. His outreach is global and the Open Society Foundations has helped to create a landscape of equality and fairness in over 110 countries. In 2011 alone the organization had allocated $837 million to help fund its many endeavors.

George Soros was quoted in Business Insider as saying “ISIS, and before that Al Qaeda, discovered the Achilles heel of Western Civilization: the fear of death,” according to Soros. “It interferes with reason, and people do things out of fear that is actually harmful. By fear mongering, Donald Trump, and the others, Cruz and so on, are doing the work of ISIS.” George Soros has traveled around the world spending billions of dollars in support of a fair open society. He was instrumental in the peaceful transition of Eastern Europe from communism. George Soros is dedicated much of his life to supporting policies intended promote fairness and freedom. Mr. Soros has contributed heavily to the Democratic causes throughout the world in the Hungarian born philanthropist is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact it looks like Donald Trump in Ted Cruz have managed to ignite a passionate fire that compels Mr. Soros to intervene.

YouTube Redefining Fame in the 21st Century

Some of the most famous Youtube Celebs are also very savvy business people. Having a popular channel is a full time job and requires a smart approach. With millions of channels in nearly every genre you can think of. Youtube has created fame for thousands of young people the world over. Some videos garnering more views than hit tv shows. Appearances at VidCon and other venues, many famous YouTubers see lines of fans stretching several blocks in some cases. Fans waiting in line sometimes for several hours.

Wendy Huang is the founder of The Wonderful World of Wengie, one of the most subscribed YouTube beauty channels in Australia. She started her career as a social media manager for a digital marketing agency. Wengie shares everything from beauty tips and diet advice to personal life stories with her 900,000 plus followers. She has been able to make Youtube a full time job that affords her the ability to live in one of the most expensive cities in the world.

Wengie attributes the success she has enjoyed on Youtube to lots of hard work and treating her channel like a business. Working hard to continuously improve the quality of the videos and content she shares. Wengie has been featured in major women’s publications such as Cosmopolitan, Clean and Dolly. She has also worked with some of the worlds leading beauty brands. She has turned a lifelong love of beauty and fashion into a career that is truly inspiring.

Hitting the big time on Youtube has afforded many of the young stars lavish lifestyles. From million dollar homes to top dollar speaking gigs and world travel. YouTubers the world over are redefining what it means to be famous in the 21st century. The online video sharing site has become an invaluable platform for those wishing to promote their brand and visibility allowing them to move on to extend their success offline. Executives from entertainment companies and talent agencies have begun to take notice.

The Cleanup Crew

A recent survey done on internet usage showed that people are now shelling out twice as much time online as compared to 10 years ago. The study also showed that an average adult user spends more than 20 hours online in a single week. Today the internet is everywhere thanks to smartphones and other portable devices. Information can be shared across multiple countries simultaneously and in different languages. “With such power comes great responsibility”, as they say. Today, celebrities and other influential entities have to work twice as much to keep their digital reputation intact.
If you’re looking to get your digital reputation sorted, Status Labs is the place to be. Status Labs is an online reputation management, public relations and digital marketing firm. It has its offices set up in Sao Paulo, Austin and NewYork. The goal of Status Labs is to help the client look good in online search results and to grow their sales using public relations strategies and digital marketing.
At the helm of Status Labs is Darius Fisher. Darius Fisher is a co-founder and the current president of Status Labs. The Vanderbilt University graduate has helped institute the company’s strategic vision, recruit its international and domestic team and also created openings to build trusted partnerships with other agencies. Status Labs attends more than 1500 clients globally in over 35 countries who include political figures, CEO’S, fortune 500 companies and other influential names.
Prior to Status Labs, Fisher was a copywriter and Political consultant before leaving for greener pastures. Fisher was named on the 2015 “Innovation 50” list that recognizes top digital communication and PR stars. Fisher was also featured in an article on PR week regarding him as the call to guy when things go digitally wrong. The article also accredits him as the second chance giver for politicians, public figures, executives and to over 1500 of his clients.
Fisher is quite accomplished in what he does and has been regarded as the Olivia Pope of the web. He has helped develop the staff and built a distinguished name for himself while doing what he loves best. His achievements have been celebrated across 35 countries by his diverse clients and admired by most. A reputation built for a thousand years may depend solely on the conduct of one single moment, and that single moment is all the time Fisher needs. He has made his reputation by helping others build theirs.

How Majeed Ekbal is Helping the Victims of the Nepal Earthquakes

Majeed Ekbal has start a relief fund for the Nepal earthquakes. His campaign on GoFundMe has a goal to raise $10,000. The people of Nepal really need help with food, shelter, clothes, medicine, and other resources in the aftermath of these devastating earthquakes.

Majeed Ekbal is hoping to raise enough money to help the people of Nepal. He believes in helping others in need. Especially with humanitarian efforts such as this one. This is why he feels that it is important to try and raise funds to help This cause is also very important to Majeed Ekbal because he has friends in Nepal.

Majeed Ekbal has a background in Marketing and Business Development with more than 15 years of experience. Over the last 5 years, he has pivoted his career towards humanitarian efforts. His desire and compassion to help others in need is what drives him to want to raise funds and do work in areas where there have been natural disasters or in countries where adequate resources are not readily available. He strives to make a difference in these areas of the world by creating fundraising efforts that will bring for the economic resources necessary to provide aid and improve living conditions

Source: Newsflash: Advice on dealing with home inspection results

He is the President of a company called Expresso, which is a grocery delivery company in the Chicago area. They work with other stores in the area to allow customers to be able to shop for groceries from the comfort of their home or office. The orders are then fulfilled and delivered to the customer within a certain delivery time window. Majeed believes that is going to revolutionize the way that customers do their grocery shopping. It will eliminate much of the time that people spend traveling to and from the grocery store, doing the actual shopping, and then coming home and unloading their purchases.

Ekbal is using his marketing and business skills to be able to help consumers make the most of their shopping experience while spending he least amount of time as possible. Customers are able to place their order and sit back and relax. Expresso does all the work for them. They can even have their groceries delivered to their office and Expresso delivery agents will load their order into their car for them. All they have to do is drive home and put their order away.

My College Lacrosse Teammate Covers A Lot Of Territory On His Blog

Jon Urbana deserves a lot of praise for his successful transition from professional lacrosse player to top lacrosse trainer, especially after having seen him grow over the years since the days we spent at Villanova playing for the same team. We’ve come a long way from our post-adolescence to grow into what I hope most would see as fine young men. Check out Jon’s page on Facebook to get a visual picture of who he really is as I talk about him. And be a Twitter follower, you can connect with him at @jonurbana1 anytime.

Jon Urbana’s success as an entrepreneur is also deserved of many positive mentions. Now may be the time to point out that he maintains a truly excellent and unique Slideshare account filled with presentations worth transcribing to audio on your commute home so you can listen to them in the car. Urbana’s blog highlights some really special things, which is why it is worth bookmarking.

The photo “Digital tablet and cup of coffee on old wooden table” is exactly what its name suggests with one major change. The cup is made of see-through glass and this tweaks expectations quite a bit. The slight change adds to the artistic nature of the image and perfectly fits in with the tone of the blog. You can see more of the many photos he’s taken in this Vimeo piece.

Jon Urbana Photography from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Delicious morning double expresso” continues with the coffee theme, a fun running theme on the blog, but with a totally different photo-art approach. The extreme close-up of the espresso cup has a mixed realism/minimalist feel that visually works well with Urbana’s experience (more on LinkedIn).

Smiling, happy crabs are a rarity. “Crab on White” is a great photo of a crab that looks like he is quite thrilled with life. The photo called Earth Temple is another example of the fantastic photo art this blog embodies. Urbana enjoys highlighting the wonders of the natural world on his @jonurbana Instagram handle and this funny crab picture is a way to do so.

He can also fly an airplane as well as anyone I know. In fact, Urbana’s admission to the FAA Airmen Certification Database should ease any concerns about whether you should get into a plane with him. So should this video of him in his own aircraft.

Since Jon Urbana is the brain behind Next Level Lacrosse Camp and he interacts with young athletes on a daily basis through some incredible training drills and off the field mentoring that include a charity-related GoFundMe drive, he also knows how to relate to them. This tweet shows that as well as any could.

The blog also delves into news and trending topics. “Can Detroit Meet Auto Emissions Standards In Time?” links to a audio file of news from National Public Radio (NPR). Those fond of listening to newsworthy discussions won’t be disappointed staying up on what his Medium blog covers.

Tech topics arise now and then as evidenced by “Can GoPro be saved?” a link to a USA Today article. The article is worth reading and casts a bit of light on the inner workings of the popular GoPro company.

Overall, Urbana is doing a solid job with his fundraising efforts, as well as his blog. Checking it daily would be a good move.

Hire Wikipedia Writers from Get Your Wiki to Promote Your Image

It is undeniable that Wikipedia is the king when it comes to online information. The site is often the first place internet users turn to when looking for information. Thus, it is important to take advantage of Wikipedia when creating a web presence for you or your company. There are multiple benefits, and the most important one is visibility. Wikipedia is consistently in the top five Google search returns, and it fuels the knowledge graph that appears to the right of every Google search. This will display pertinent information about you or your company before a user ever opens a webpage. A well written article also adds authenticity and prestige to your company. Because of its rigorous editing and formatting standards, Wikipedia is a credible website that will display your business with integrity. The best benefit of all, however, is that Wikipedia is entirely free to use. Anyone can sign up, post or edit an article, and begin promoting their company. 

Reaping these benefits correctly, however, can be difficult. Wikipedia’s guidelines about writing and edition are what make it both extremely credible but difficult to navigate for new users. There is a strict emphasis on neutrality, and obvious self promotion is frowned upon. Citation using credible sources is also paramount, especially when writing about a living person. Anecdotal evidence is not supported, and may result in your article being flagged or removed entirely. Finally, the fact that Wikipedia is free is both a blessing and a curse. Anyone could maliciously edit your article which could damage you or your company’s image and will require regular monitoring. 

This is where Get Your Wiki comes in. This expert Wikipedia writing service will navigate Wikipedia’s guidelines for you to ensure that your article is properly formatted, edited and cited. Article monitoring is included in the cost. This ensures that your information is always 100% accurate, and any malicious edits will be reversed. As part of this service, you will have a dedicated account manager standing by to help you update your article. Get Your Wiki will also translate your article into any language and correctly format it according to each communities specific guidelines. This helps you ethically interact with users across the globe. Lastly, The Get Your Wiki team guarantees success and satisfaction. If your article is rejected for any reason, you will receive a full refund. Visit today to get your free quote.

Finances With Igor Cornelsen

Understanding your finances can be difficult, but it can be an easier process if you find someone who will be able to navigate you through the fields of financial stability. Igor Cornelsen on whitepages is someone who can give you what you need to be able to get to a financially secure place and provide you with the things that you need when it comes to your finances.

Businesses who choose to use Igor Cornelsen know that he is able to give an enhanced level of information to the businesses. He provides them with the information that they need to be able to succeed and gives them the advice that they need to increase profits. By hiring Cornelsen, businesses can increase their profits, choose the right investments and make a better chance for themselves in the world of finances. He is one of the best options for businesses who need to be able to have a more secure type of financial future.

Not only will Igor Cornelsen help you with your business, he will help you find the right business investment opportunities for your financial situation. Whether it be investing in a vehicle or a new business, he can give you the advice that you need. By following the expert advice that is given to you by Cornelsen, you will be able to get what you need out of your financial situation. It will enable you to become better and will give you the opportunity to have the best of the best concerning the investments that you make.

By choosing someone for your business and your investments, you are giving yourself the opportunity to learn more about your financial situation. This will give you a competitive edge and can help improve your financial lifestyle. Igor Cornelsen is able to give you the best education possible when it comes to understanding your financial life. By making sure that you choose someone like Cornelsen, you will give yourself the opportunity to truly become more educated about the way that you are doing business and having investments.

Even if you do not own a business and do not want to make any major investments, Igor Cornelsen will be able to help you. As a personal financial advisor, he is someone who can give you the best of the best when it comes to your finances. Make sure that you use his services for all of your financial needs. He will be able to help you find what you should be doing for your finances to ensure that you have a strong financial future in front of you and that you can become someone who is truly stable in the way that finances are handled by you.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Is a True Leader In Making You Look Good

Everyone know when the holidays come around we throw caution to the wind and splurge like it is our last meal. What we don’t realize is that many foods we eat have long lasting effect on our body and skin, especially if you are a middle aged person. We throw in a few New Years resolutions and hope for the best. We have reached out to Dr. Jennifer Walden for some tips on keeping effects to a minimum.

As harmless as it looks, fruit cake is on treat that gives us sugar overload. Sugars make your skin dry and rough, leading to premature aging and acne. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition say that lowering your sugar intake can cut acne by 50%.

Alcohol falls in a close second on the naughty list. Not only does it dry the skin it causes a pale complexion that is hard to recover from. Sticking with water keeps you hydrated because the foods we splurge on will naturally dehydrate us without the help of some holiday cheer.

Fried foods and bread are a double assault on our frail skin. Fried foods tend to clog the pores and cause dry, flaky skin. Throw huge amounts of bread in the mix and it makes for a lengthy recovery process

We owe these skin saving tips to Dr. Jennifer Walden. Dr. Walden resides in Austin, TX and is a prominent expert in the field of Cosmetic Surgery and Laser procedures. She started her career in Manhattan under the tutelage of Dr. Sherrell Aston.

She moved back home to Austin in 2011 with her twin boys and established her private practice in Westlake Hills. She seen the need to expand her practice by opening a branch in Marbles Fall, TX. In 2014, she was named one of the top 24 Beauty Surgeons by Harpar’s Baazar. She is an expert commentator in her field on NBC News and ABC News and many others and many others. Daily Mail named her the best Plastic Surgeon in the country in regards to labiaplasy surgery. She has many more credits to her name that makes her a leading expert in her field.

Article Recap: HomeJoy&Handy

While Homejoy was preparing to bites the dust, Handy was preparing for a third birthday party to celebrate it recent triumph. Handy had a good reason to celebrate, its mobile app that connect consumer with highly screened professions and also enables user to hire, rate home cleaners, and pay had just surpassed its 1 million booking. Homejoy was closing after struggling to raise enough funding.

Though, the company was still facing revenue and growth challenges, its CEO Adora Cheung stated that the deciding factor was lawsuits fight over whether its workers should be classified as contractors or employees. However, from an interview with Backchannel source, some employers gave more complicated story and what was emerging was that law suits were not the proximate reason for the company demise. Handy demonstrates operations reflect value for its producer base. It worth noting that workers create value for production platform they are the one doing actual house cleaning that thus enabling money to transaction in the business. Understanding their need ensure that they are representing the brand.
Handy’s strategy is to continuously raise the bar and surpass it consumer expectations, though this pressures the competition. Handy has been creating new type of value for its consumer, subsequently; it affects its growth and retention. As a result, Handy competitors are not able to keep up. Unlike Homejoy, Handy has done much better in driving repeated business. According to Forbes only about 15% to 20 % of Homejoy customers booked more than once in month. On the other hand, more than 35% of Handy customers booked again for the services in a month. Despite much competitive analysis, understanding and making client satisfied and happy is the greatest return on investment for any business all the time.
Finding ways to improve network is fundamental to any venture success, Handy understands that the more customers it gets in its platform, the cleaner are needed. To achieve this network effect call for balance act, thus it is important to have viable data to answer important question such as the number of cleaning per unit time and how that percentage can be improved. It is crucial to note that, vanity growth such as revenues growth does not always reflect health of a business. That may be another reason as to why Homejoy was falling behind its competitor.
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Famous Hedge Fund CEO – Kenneth Griffin

Ken C. Griffin was born on October 15, 1968 in Daytona Beach, Florida. Kenneth started investing when he was a freshman in college. He attended Harvard University and during his second year there, he began a hedge fund focusing on convertible bone arbitrage. He capitalized with approximately $265,000 dollars that was collected from his friends family and his grandmother. Griffins success early on in life enabled him to start a second fund and between the two, he was managing over $1 million. Later on, Ken Griffin became the found and CEO of Citadel. Citadel is a global investment firm that is estimated to be worth approximately $25 billion. Citadel is considered to be one of the largest investment firms in the world. The company’s group of hedge funds are said to be among the highest and most successful hedge funds in the world. Griffin is said to have an estimated net worth of $6.6 billion as of May 2015. Griffin donated some of his money to the financial aid fund at Harvard University in the beginning of 2014. The sum of his donations are said to be around $500 million. It only took 8 years for Kenneth to grow Citadel into a group of more than 100 employees and an estimated net worth of $1 million in capital investments. The company was founded in 1990 by Kenneth Griffin with approximately $4.6 million. He has been in the investment industry on turtle trader for over twenty years and has been featured in Forbes 400 and was listed as one of the youngest entrepreneur’s on the list. Citadel was ranked in the Top 10 Greatest Workplaces by the Great Places to Work Institute. It’s Kenneth’s goals to create a safe, effective and happy work environment for his employees. He has been known to provide a comfortable and pleasing work environment to his employees where he likes to include free lunches, different tours, different types of fitness programs and gifts. Ken started on Market Watch at very young in the investment world and has grown his business into a very reputable, trustworthy business. He has worked very hard to get where he is and has applied many valuable resources and extensive knowledge into each piece of his work.