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George Soros Sees Global Problems As Putin Continues Syrian Bombing Effort

The bombing of Syria has continued in the face of criticism from media outlets and charitable groups who have identified issues with the Russian bombing campaign in the war torn country. In an article I read by George Soros for the Project Syndicate Website I was shocked to discover a number of reasons pointing to the fact Russian leader Vladimir Putin could benefit from the bombing of civilian areas of Syria. Reading the article I was impressed by the detail Soros goes into explaining how the process of economic collapse is affecting the short term decisions being made by the Russian leadership.
George Soros has always played a pivotal role in the economy of the world after embarking on a career in finance following his own refugee journey across Europe, Open Society Foundations reports. After embarking on the establishment of his own hedge fund the former Nazi concentration camp prisoner saw his fund become one of the most successful in the world with Forbes estimating his personal wealth at over $23 billion. Over the course of his career the hedge fund established by George Soros has achieved a number of landmarks, which include the events leading up to the 1992 devaluation of the British Pound.

In recent years, the focus of Forbes’ George Soros has shifted to include a range of charitable efforts he has undertaken, including the monitoring and comment made by the financial expert on the situation in Europe. The European Union has been sat on the edge of collapse for a number of years as a short term approach has been taken to handling the debt crisis that has affected different areas of the community. Soros believes the problems of Greece and Ukraine are being exasperated by the Russian bombing in Syria, which is pushing thousands of refugees more deeply into Europe.

Russia’s actions in Syria have been met with acclaim from European and world leaders who are not taking a long term view of the actions Russia is undertaking. Vladimir Putin sits at the edge of his greatest problems as the leader of Russia, particularly as debts begin to mature and world oil prices continue to fall. Following the invasion of the Ukrainian owned portions of Crimea the economic sanctions introduced by the European Union are also beginning to bite for Russian investors. George Soros believes the initial entry into Syria by Putin remains a mystery, but has now been taken as an opportunity to flood Turkey and Europe with refugees. Putin and his military officials are continuing to target the civilian areas of Syria under the cover of fighting ISIS, but the future of Europe and Syria are currently tied to the decisions made by Vladimir Putin.