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New York City Sets Sights On Rapid Growth In Real Estate Market

New York City is experiencing rapid growth in the real estate industry and as a result, more and more companies are moving into the neighborhood. The way the real estate market works in New York might be unique when compared to other parts of the country. New York works a lot within their own neighborhood. The people of New York City want to walk into a local office in their neighborhood and do business with someone the can know, like and trust. This means that every real estate company has to maintain an office in each local area they want to service. They also have to specialize in neighborhood marketing.

Local or neighborhood marketing is not something new to the real estate market. Every realtor under the sun has used this to buy and sell homes and apartments. In New York City there are many companies who are moving in and trying to grab their share of the market. RE/MAX has Mr. Dave Liniger at the wheel. Dave built the RE/MAX company to be the finely oiled machine it is today. He took it from a small local shop to a global power. Within the city of New York he will have to remember that they are a global powerhouse looking to set up local shops like before. RE/MAX is willing to jump in and give it a shot.

There is already several NYC luxury real estate offices that have become the ‘goto’ real estate business models. One of those is TOWN Residential. Keep in mind that TOWN also has a commercial wing. Andrew Heiberger founded TOWN Residential in 2010 and has built it with rapid force over the years. TOWN quickly become a brand that people know, like and trust in NYC.

TOWN offers real estate for sale or rent. They can help you to find or showcase an open house too. They offer experience in sales and leasing. TOWN Residential has become cemented as NYC’s foremost luxury real estate services firm. They offer top notch customer service before, during and after the sale too. It does not matter if you are buying or selling or renting, they give you the most amazing customer service experience in the market and have built a solid reputation on these customer service skill sets.

Gold and Silver Coins Sold By the US Money Reserve to Fund Statue

The home of the US Navy Memorial Foundation can be found on Pennsylvania Avenue. This is exactly mid way between the Capitol and the White House in Washington DC. The US Navy Memorial’s purpose is to praise and salut the many Navy men and women. This is a place where they can come together as well as commemorate the service that they provide to the nation. The outside area also known to many as the plaza portrays a map of the world chiseled from solid granite. This map is named the Granite Sea. As well as other great features such as fountain pools, waterfalls, signal flags and the Lone Sailor Statue which has made headline news recently on Yahoo Finance.

Neighbouring the outside plaza with its many features and attractions is the Naval Heritage Center. This center houses educational displays and posters to showcase the contributions of the many women and men of the Navy, Coast Guard, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. The Naval Heritage Center is also home to the Navy Log. This is an online service which allows all those who have served to stay connected and uphold the many memories created during their time of service. This is a great feature as Navy Veterans can also construct a record of their own and share it on twitter with others.

The Navy Memorial Foundation recently received donations according to, from the US Money Reserve in order to construct the statue of the Lone Sailor in order to provide the many men and women of the Navy and the youth in general with inspiration and honor. The money comes from the sale of silver and gold coins stamped for the 75th Anniversary of the events of Pearl Harbor.

Wardrobe Update


It looks like Amazon has started its own clothing line on the down low. I never knew they have a clothing line until I ran into this article. Amazon plans to expand their clothing line and it has already introduced at least 1,800 different fashion products under seven different brand names that it trademarked. The company offers a wide range of products, anywhere from women’s clothing to fashion for children. Some of the labels that represent Amazon are North Eleven, Society New York, and and Franklin Tailored just to give you a sneak peak.

Another fashion mogul is JustFab, that was founded by Don Ressler and Adam Goldberg in 2010. Over the last 5 and a half years, several celebrities have opened clothing lines through this company such as Avril Lavigne and Kimora Lee Simmons. In fact, Kimora Lee Simmons had a TV show based on the fashion retailer, it was called Kimora: House of Fab that premiered on the Style Network in 2013. I’m not sure if it’s still airing but it’s facts. As of 2014, JustFab closed a funding of $85 million dollars led by the Passport Special Opportunity Fund.

Brian Torchin and His Work in Medical Staffing

Brian Torchin wants to help you find your next job. That’s right. If you work in the healthcare industry, then you can trust Mr. Torchin to help connect you to a hospital that is looking for employees. Brian Torchin has an agency called the HCRC, and he has proven to be an asset to both employers and employees alike. Hospitals like Mr. Torchin because he helps them take the headache and guesswork out of recruiting new help. Employees love Torchin because he helps give them a leg-up during a rough patch in their employment history.

Although Brian Torchin realizes that sometimes finding work can be hard, he is going to go the extra mile to be the catalyst to help you retain employment in whatever hospital department you might choose. Torchin knows that the work may not necessarily be for everyone, because the heart of it all is just temporary employment. But he knows that working with him could help serve as a springboard for bigger and better things for you.

Brian Torchin is truly a go-getting in the staffing industry, and Brian currently serves as President of his placement agency. He specializes in all types of medical jobs, but he has a main focus on chiropractic jobs. Torchin has a number of unique experiences that make him a great businessman for this industry. He goes the extra mile to help their businesses run as smoothly as possible. His firm also goes the extra mile in filling physical therapist jobs, medical jobs, and private practices.

Torchin also has a wide array of other services as well. To begin with, his firm does professional background checks and good staff training measures. He has a strong desire to help medical facilities that need to cut the hassle. He provides a great array of staff training opportunities as well. Finally, Torchin keeps a blog that is chock full of tips on various medical topics. One sample article is entitled, “Warning Signs that your Practice Isn’t Patient Friendly”. Torchin realizes that in order to have a successful staffing agency, they need to create a welcoming environment.

Brian Torchin has built his own personal legacy of personal staffing, and he has managed to help a lot of people along the way as well.

The Manse on Marsh Reinventing the Old Folks Home

Growing older is always scary whether you are the one growing old or it is a close family member or friend. Sometimes living alone isn’t an option anymore, but nursing home facilities can seem more like hospitals than a home. An assisted living facility or retirement home is a little more homey and The Manse on Marsh is one of the best in the industry. The Manse on Marsh is located in San Luis Obispo, California. Owned by Chris Skiff, The Manse on Marsh is more like staying in a luxury hotel than an assisted living facility. Skiff is an expert in managing assisted living facilities. He has built and managed senior communities since his 20s. An honors graduate from University of California, Los Angeles, Skiff as been involved in development of more than 20 senior communities on the West Coast. Now closer to the age of the seniors he helps, Skiff has five children, but remains active running marathons.

The Manse on Marsh receives great reviews on sites such as where one reviewer claimed her 90-year-old relative had become more social than previously and was well taken care of by the great and loving staff. The Manse on Marsh has received four and a half out of five stars on sites such as, and Senior Advisor.

Testimonials from Manse residents indicate the facility offers many options for living from studio apartments to cottages and homes. Each living space comes with microwaves and mini-fridges. Residents can enjoy weekly laundry and cleaning service as well as exemplary cooked meals daily. The Manse also provides many activities that will appeal to all the residents from shopping excursions to yoga and other exercise classes. The staff are experts in their field. The nurses are helpful with a positive attitude. Residents receive great medical care with doctors visiting often. According to reviews, the loving, caring staff make The Manse on Marsh seem more like home. Along with great care, The Manse on Marsh offers beautiful living facilities with award winning design and architecture. The Manse has won many awards such as the Best Commercial Remodel for its building design as well as many for their care and expertise such as Best Retirement Community.  Check out the new Manse on Marsh commercial for further information.


The experts have already made their predictions regarding how real estate sector in New York is going to fare in 2016. Most of the predictions made touch on prices of the houses and condominiums. They also show how the stock exchange will stand to influence the real state. Other predictions show how demand and supply graphs will look like in 2016. New rentals are expected to attend the real estate party in 2016. These rentals are going to affect the real estate pricing and stock exchange in one or the other. The other big prediction that is already taking effect in the New York real estate sector is the fact that interest rates will rise thus reducing the number of sales made.

Town Residential is among the companies that are predicted to come out successful this year. This company deals majorly with residential property. It sells and rents out apartments and luxury condos. The diversity is one thing that has enabled Town Residential to survive the wavy New York real estate industry for many years. The price of this company’s shares in the stock exchange cannot be affected by a problem experienced on one side of the industry. Predictions, therefore, show that it will sail through 2016 to garner more success than its competing companies.

Prices in Brooklyn and Queens are expected to rise than ever before. An increase in the prices and the slow rate of buying will finally bring the prices back to low again. This produces a cycle in the prices and rates in this region’s real estate investment. Brooklyn pacific street is the most sought for place. Many of Town Residential property is found along this strip which puts it at the top of its competitors.

Buyers in Brooklyn will get the temptation of buying rental buildings that give more incentives. However, Brooklyn, according to the predictions will have more investments regarding real estate. This factor is going to give buyers the option of only renting the houses. Williamsburg and Downtown Brooklyn are going to have more rental being built thus affecting their chances of being bought.