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Dallas Neighborhood Homes Partner with Local Bank to Offer Affordable Housing Program

Dallas Neighborhood Homes, NexBank and Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity are pleased to announce a partnership that aims to offer affordable homes to the residents of southern Dallas. Dallas Neighborhood Homes is a prominent nonprofit outfit that provides mortgage services in Dallas, Texas.

Details of the Program

The new program will be dubbed Affordable Housing Loan Program. It plans to provide over 100 loans per annum to low income families in Dallas. It will run for the next 5 years.

NexBank, a regional bank based in Dallas, has agreed to provide loans that will be used to finance and support the program’s expansion over the next 5 years. The bank has committed up to $50 million to the program. This money will go a long way in supporting low income families to purchase homes.

Often, low income homebuyers have a limited access to loan facilities like mortgages, which locks them out of the housing market. On top of providing mortgage loans, NexBank will cover title fees for purchases that are closed through its affiliate.

Mark Tribuna, a senior VP at Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity expressed how grateful his organization was to NexBank for agreeing to finance the home ownership program. He added that currently, North Texas has relatively poor home ownership rates compared to other states in the country.

Matt Siekielski, an Executive VP and COO at NexBank said that the bank was proud to support the two organizations because they both have a good track record of assisting low income families secure homes in North Texas.

NexBank SSB

NexBank provides the North Texas community with services like mortgage banking, institutional services and commercial banking. It is a regional based bank that has assets worth $3.6 billion. It serves a variety of clients including financial institutions, institutional clients and corporations. NexBank SSB is an affiliate company of NexBank Capital Inc.

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WEN Cleansing Conditioners Are All A Women Needs To Take Back Her hair

Chaz Dean’s hair care line, WEN is capable of providing results on all different kinds of hair and comes FDA approved. This is a hair care solution that actually works and has been giving women results for years. Not everyone is convinced right away however, just like one young writer over on Bustle Magazine, Emily McClure. She wasn’t sure how the product would actually fare against her somewhat oily and fine hair. So she decided she would give it a test and post the results to her readers on how well it worked. Within less than a weeks time using the product, she had achieved the results it had promised, giving her hair strength and providing it with lots of shine.
She has become an avid supporter of the QVC advertised product and even recommends it to others. Not only is it easy to obtain when ordering, but they have customer support ready to help anyone with an issue. Each bottle clearly comes with a proper usage guide as well, detailing how much should be used on different lengths or types of hair. These results come cheap as well, at a mere $40 dollars a bottle. That is a steal in comparison the the high prices charged at many salons, even for small bottles. This makes trying out the product that much easier. WEN cleansing conditioners come in a few varieties, and can be purchased from online retailers such as Sephora and Amazon.

The Guthy Renker developed formula inside WEN cleansing conditioners allows it to take the place of other shampoos and conditioners, along with several other hair care products. Also, because WEN is all natural product, it can safely be used on a daily basis, along with other hair styling products in many cases as long as they do not contain harsh chemicals.

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The Future Of The Internet: Reputation Means Everything

While there are plenty of studies out there that suggest a positive link between a company’s reputation and its economic success, no one really considers just how important an online reputation is to individuals. Of course, when someone becomes particularly famous on the Internet, they themselves will be concerned about how they’re represented online, but in general most people could care less. It seems like that apathy may be disappearing though, as economists are now finding that a person’s online reputation may become intrinsically linked to how they perform in the real world.
Anyone that’s ever applied for a job, only to be denied because of something they said on Twitter or because of a poorly timed photo on Facebook, understands just how important presentation can be in the digital world. Even if you think your data is protected, odds are good that someone out there can access it for a price.

What does this mean for the average Internet user? According to, it depends on the perspective. For businesses, it means that products can be directly targeted to individual consumers more easily than ever before. For individual consumers though, it means that eventually their online identity will be the primary deciding factor in what opportunities they are presented with. Google’s chariman, Eric Schmidt, has written extensively about the subject, envisioning a future where people have their existence tied as much to the digital world as they do to the real one.

Of course, it’s not all doom and gloom. The Internet has already made fundamental changes to the way our society functions. It’s not unreasonable to imagine that this will continue to be the case in the future, with the digital identity essentially taking on a similar role to the one our real identities have now. Still, every year the value of online reputation management agencies increases, as people become more and more cautious of how their lives are presented on the Internet. With social media taking on a bigger role in the way communities interact, it’s never been easier for a person’s reputation to quickly spread from community to community. While businesses currently deal with managing their brand’s in this manner, it’s not unreasonable to envision a future where individuals are doing it the same thing.


IAP, A Company That Solves Problems All Over The World

IAP Worldwide is a company that is known throughout the world for its expertise in global-scale logistics, facilities management, and advanced professional and technical services. founded in 1981 by Dave Bauer and John Barber Ph.D., it has become known as the company to consult when a special system or technology is required to develop a successful project. The initials IAP stand for Ingenuity And Purpose.

IAP has a highly qualified staff, which is extremely competent in computer engineering, electrical engineering, applied physics, and mechanical engineering. As a result, a team has been formed that is highly competent in the many areas required for clients to succeed in their technically involved projects. This staff includes fourteen scientists and engineers in addition to many assistants.

A few of their successful projects have involved:

* Designing and building a rail gun for the US Navy

* Designing and developing a system using induction heating to install carpeting

* Developing a metal consolidation technology

* Developing a special high power transformer for ships

* Inventing a fault detection and correction system for power lines

* Developing a process for turning titanium composite into the hardness of steel

Designing a self-contained torpedo launching cartridge

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This company is well known in international and U.S. government agency groups. Currently the company is working at 110 locations in 27 countries. Their main office is located at Cape Canaveral, FL and they have locations in the Middle East, Washington, D.C., Oklahoma and Maryland. Their work mainly involves the Space and Defense Industry.

IAP is constantly seeking employees to add to their work force. Among others, they are seeking people who have military experience. They feel that a veteran’s training will fit in beautifully with the company’s aim to furnish customers with the most experienced and qualified staff possible. In 2014, IAP was listed among the U.S. Veterans Magazine’s Top Veteran-Friendly Companies.

The IAP company is fully conscious of environmental requirements of the various locations. They are especially carefully to insure that all buildings are LEED certified and only top quality parts and equipment are used at all times.

The company states, “IAP delivers the people, technologies and program management required to support its customers’ workforce flexibility needs around the globe”. Because of this philosophy, they have worked with harsh environments, natural disasters, military locations and a wide assortment of other locations with a huge success.

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