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ClassDojo is planning to Enhance Users’ Experience by committing $21 Million for Modification

ClassDojo has always displayed its commitment when it comes to modifying its educational app by including more features in it. It has conducted several venture funding campaigns to raise funds for the app. During its Series B venture financing, it raised a whopping $21 million. By enabling consistent communication throughout the year, ClassDojo helps parents to know what their children are doing at school and progress in their behavior.


The co-founders’ comments


The co-founders of the educational app, Sam Chaudhary, and Liam Don, stated that the firm ended its Round B venture financing in late 2015. The company is intending to use the money accumulated to develop its team and come up with excellent content and features that can improve users’ experience. According to Chaudhary, ClassDojo’s mission is to involve parents more in managing the affairs of their kids both at home and school.




Each day, teachers use the app to plan a timetable of activities that parents recognize. They capture and forward pictures or clips to parents displaying leaner’s participation in activities and progress. Therefore, parents are conversant with the strength and weakness of their kids.


Venture funding


General Catalyst oversaw Series B round for ClassDojo. The company attracted new investors such as SignalFire and Reach Capital. The San Francisco-based technology startup has managed to raise $31 million in venture financing since its inception. Hemant Tanaja’s managing director, General Catalyst, stated that ClassDojo started out as a tool for teaching good behavioral traits and graduated to being utilized for fostering collaboration among parents, educators, and students.




Managing the behavior of students is one of the toughest challenges that educators encounter. Additionally, the approaches that schools adopt to deal with learners behavior might have a great impact on kids’ character as well as social-emotional development. Fortunately, ClassDojo, a tech-based tool, assists teachers to enhance the behavior of students and update parents and administrators on the behavior of students. Liam Don and Chaudhary launched the ClassDojo back in 2011, and they have since then overseen its growth to over one million users.


Initially, ClassDojo was a tool for managing behaviors of students that enabled teachers to reward students with positive points upon demonstrating a new skill or behaving well. Since then, the educational tool has transformed into a communication platform, which allows teachers to share messages, pictures, and videos with parents concerning the progress of students. Nearly half of all schools in the United States and educators in 180 other nations are relying on what ClassDojo has to offer.

Securus Technologies’ Focus on bettering Its Field Service Professionals

Securus Technologies is a company that has majored in the provision of telecommunication solutions for correctional facilities in the United States. The services that the firm provides emphasize on investigation, monitoring, correction, and ensuring that the public is safe. The company recently revealed that 11 experts that work at it filed service department have been certified by a professional body that is recognized across the world. The experts of the company will now have the skills to offer unparalleled technological services to the clients.


The Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI) is an institution that was formed by ICT specialist, and it is used in supporting their careers. The ICT sector is broad, and it is made up of various fields, which include audio & video, electronic safety, voice, data, and project management techniques. BICSI helps professional who have its certification and its members to be able to form, fix, control, and support ICT developments. These projects are primarily associated with paths, spaces, systems that are wireless, substructure, and supply networks that are made from copper and fiber. The BICSI as a multinational organization has spread to about 100 nations and it is useful to 23,000 ICT experts who use it for journals, certification, seminars, and training.


Danny de Hoyos, who is the operations senior deputy president of the Securus Technologies, believes the BICSI is a reputable institution that offers the best in-job-training for employees of a company. Allowing the staff members to acquire extra knowledge is important since it boosts their level of skills, and therefore, they can offer the best solutions to the clients. The professional who were trained by the (BICSI) are highly experienced since they have worked for the company for approximately 15 years. Securus Technologies’ main offices are in Dallas, Texas and most of its clients are in North America.


Raj Fernando: the Trading Genius and Terrific Dealmaker

Raj Fernando obtained his bachelor’s degree in Economics and History from Beloit College. He also studied at the renowned University College London. Fernando is the current chief executive officer of Scoutahead, a company based in Chicago. He has worked closely with US Commodity Trading Futures Commission by supporting its mission. In 2010, Fernando participated in discussions about disruptive trading practices. He has also spoken to shareholders at the annual Rosenblatt Global Exchange Leader Conference on matters of business and trading.

Fernando’s corporate works

Fernando began his success journey in the business world when he was in college. His first job was as a volunteer at Chicago Mercantile Exchange and later at Chicago Board of Trade. After being employed for over a decade, he began his company, Chopper Trading. With Fernando as the CEO, the company experienced tremendous growth, employing over 250 people. Recruitment at Chopper Trading was unique, unlike other companies that shortlist 30 people only to hire three upon putting them in tedious vetting procedures. Fernando came up with a policy whereby the recruiting team attended job fairs at top schools to acquire skills of sourcing best talents.

The growth of Chopper Trading was observed by it trading its stocks at Eurex, ICAP-Broketek, CME, LSE, and Nasdaq. Chopper Trading was sold to DRW Trading Group back in 2015.Upon selling his first company, Fernando began a communication systems company that he currently heads known as Scoutahead. This company aims to improve communication systems in companies. Scoutahead offers an avenue for employees to participate in determining their evaluation criteria. It allows employees to get continuous feedback from their co-workers before their formal review.

Fernando’s philanthropic acts

Fernando is a recognized philanthropist, who has awarded generous grants to community-based organizations that advocate for animal rights and quality education. He demonstrates his care for animals by serving on the board of directors for PAWS Chicago, a no-kill animal shelter. He is also on the board of trustees of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Fernando philanthropic acts are further demonstrated by showing his unrelenting support to Wounded Warriors, Big Brothers Big Sisters located in Metropolitan Chicago, and by supporting the Clinton Foundation.

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The Success Story Of Organo Gold

Are you a fan of herbal products. Do you crave for a hot cup of organic tea or coffee every morning when you wake up? If you do, then you are familiar with Organo Gold. Maybe you are just someone looking for ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and you heard that organic tea and coffee was one of the best ways to ensure you live healthy. If this is the case, then you are encountering Organo Gold for the first time.

Organo Gold is a company that specializes in the manufacture and distribution of herbal products. Their products include premium organic beverages, nutritional, herbal foods, and personal care products. This company is widely known for its quality products that have a wide variety of nutritional benefits.

Bernardo Chua founded Organo gold back in 2008. By this time “Bernie”, as he is popularly known on Twitter, was already a successful business person in Asia especially the Philippines where he lived. Having been born in China by Chinese parents, he had extensive knowledge of Chinese herbal remedies before he moved to the Philippines. When asked what inspired him to start Organo Gold, he says that he wanted to share the benefits of Chinese herbal medicine with the world.

His main aim when he started Organo Gold was to reach new potential markets in North America. Now Organo Gold is one of the most successful herbal products companies. It was among the first companies to start incorporating Chinese herbal medicine in their products.

When he started this company, he employed direct sale strategy that so the company to its success and fame as the 55th most successful direct sales company in the world. This company is now in six continents worldwide.

Garnoderma Lucidia is the main ingredient that is sold in Organo Gold’s products. This component is mainly incorporated in tea and coffee. This tea and coffee are manufactured and package in a highly specialized way to give them a unique test.

It is packaged in a premium way to give it a sense of class making it attractive to the eyes. Beverages from this company have a uniquely amazing identifying aroma is only associated with products from Organo Gold.

Bernardo Chua is satisfied with the performance of his company. Now he runs his own blog where he offers heath advice and business entrepreneur advice to his fans and clients. He also encourages people to maintain healthy lifestyles and dietary habits through motivational talks and videos.

The success story of Bernardo Chua and his Organo Gold company is something all major and upcoming entrepreneurs should emulate when marketing healthy products. You should always ensure uniqueness and originality of your business idea. This will be its marketing pillar.

IAP Worldwide Providing Effective Change Daily

IAP Worldwide takes great pride in establishing remarkable and honorable career choices. IAP Worldwide puts forth exceptional abilities, amazing knowledge, and trustworthy experience to build an amazing team of individuals working together. The employees of IAP Worldwide have a strong commitment towards making sure the mission, goals, and visions are carried out. The constant perseverance and determination of each and every employee of IAP Worldwide helps to strengthen and maintain its high rankings throughout the years. IAP Worldwide continues to expand, grow, and open up continuous possibilities for those driven to make a great difference daily for the future and the world that we live in. There are several career opportunities on IAP Worldwide has to offer for individuals who are passionate about creating a brighter future and/or solving problems in our modern day world. Some of the career opportunities include areas associated with Engineering Construction, Operations, General Management, and Finance.

IAP Worldwide is a prominent supplier of global logistics, administration, and forward-thinking specialized and practical services. IAP Worldwide is very dedicated towards maintaining superb corporate responsibility. This provider is very determined to maintain great happiness towards the clients and the communities. IAP Worldwide is very involved with veterans. This provider seeks veterans daily to bring forth on the team. IAP Worldwide provides the perfect balance for veterans to be able to apply practical and dexterity expertise. IAP Worldwide opens up the possibility for veterans to have a smoother transition to the civilian way of life. This amazing provider is also very involved with great dedication and hard work for a better environment. Many of the career opportunities on Hoovers at IAP Worldwide are associated with making the environment better one day at a time by helping others. IAP Worldwide makes sure to always take into consideration the safety of the environment. IAP Worldwide accomplishes this mission by thoroughly building LEED licensed structures, examining the impact a project may have within the community, and finding solutions to make resources most useful and natural on a daily basis. IAP Worldwide has provided back towards its community. It has raised money for campaigns on, contributed canned goods, and has done volunteer work numerous times.

In conclusion, IAP Worldwide is making effective change for a brighter future one day at a time.

Work of Marc Sparks

Marc sparks is a renowned entrepreneur who establishes an extensive range of businesses that are aimed helping people recognize their talents and making them profitable to sustain themselves. It improves people’s lives through a competition on various fields which one is best suited thus making them realize their talents for the good of the society.

Marc Sparks together with his wife Lynne have been able to build a good range of houses and Samaritan social halls aimed at empowering people from diverse background regardless of their origin. Spark Tank organization is a nonprofit making that just only looks into allowing people regain their skills thus making them independent

programs. It has also created a wide range of competition platforms that that enables one to be eligible for awards for various talents. A panel of judges is made to look into these games and ensure fairness during the process. This innovative concept has changed a lot of lives by making them realize and appreciate their talents.

Most people who could be living in poverty are now celebrating this benevolent and good program. Most who could be staying idle have been given a chance to change their lives in an immense way. The sick at homes home might not be able to raise money for hospital bills are now smiling having been granted an opportunity through this program.

Spark Tank also recognizes the presence of the less privileged not only human but also animals that are under special care such as pets by offering projects that look into the welfare of these animals and awarding the owners accordingly.

Charitable programs have also been started to look into welfare and the general living of the people in the community. Those who are lamed physically have not been left behind. Their lives would be changed in a dramatic way. Environment conservation is the key component in the programs of the Spark Tank.

It understands the need of taking care of the environment by planting trees and general cleaning of the earth. The company also extends its services by offering homes to the homeless and giving the food and clothing. Those who participate in various groups of fields and possibly emerging as winners are awarded a lot of gifts including cash and trophies according to the area of participation.

They also have chances of incorporated and securing job opportunities in the company. This is the best company that has enabled people come and recognize their talents making them successful in life. Thanks to Marc Spark Company; the annual competitions have allowed people from different geographical regions come together and have a share of common good thus enabling them to live in peace and harmony. The program fosters peace in the world.

Cone Marshall Helps New Zealand Customers With the Establishment of Trusts

Cone Marshall, a successful law firm based in New Zealand, has recently been the topic of media attention because of the firm’s attention to the family planning needs of the community in New Zealand. Executives at Cone Marshall recently held a summit in which they discussed the importance of the establishment of trusts for families. Cone Marshall has swiftly become one of the leading law firms in the area of trust establishment and holds years of experience in the trust establishment market. Executives of the firm put this experience to good use recently, when they discussed trust options for family members in various circumstances. According to upper level executives at Cone Marshall, trusts are generally thought to be a good option for extremely wealthy families but can also be used to serve families of little means.

Cone Marshall executives described the process of establishing a trusts as one that could be extremely grueling if not handled by experts in the field. Executives stated that trusts should be set up for a family if the family was worth more than 5 million dollars, had dependents who were not able to care for themselves, wished for the estate to be passed directly to the grand children, wished to manipulate the estate for tax purposes, or wished to keep future generations from squandering any possessions upon the demise of the guarantor of the estate. Executives stated that many other circumstances could be a cause for a family to establish a trust, but that these reasons were a few of the common ones.

Executives Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall who were at the financial summit went on to discuss the procedures associated with the establishment of a trust. Cone Marshall leaders stated that the process to establish a family trusts usually takes a short time commitment when the trust is established using the help of experts in the field. Depending on the type of trust that is being created, completion of the process can occur less than a week after the initial procedures begin. Cone Marshall has excelled in aiding New Zealand families with the establishment of trusts for several years. Executives of the firm stated that they look forward to continuing a trusted relationship with the residents of New Zealand for many years to come. Executives also discussed other services provided by the Cone Marshall firm including partnership and wealth building services. The company is expected to expand its service packages in the new year.