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Wessex Institute of Technology: A Globalized Research Institute

Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) is located by the U.K.’s southern New Forest National Park. Founded in 1986, WIT is dedicated to scientific research, organizing international conferences, and publishing. Professor Carlos Brebbia is both the founder and current president of WIT.

In addition to Professor Bebbia, WIT’s Board of Directors is made up of some of the finest scientific minds from around the world. Just a few other luminaries on WIT’s Board of Directors include Professor Antonio Tadeau from the University of Coimbra, Professor Dragan Poljak from the University of Split, and Professor Jerry J. Connor from MIT.

WIT hands out awards every year to honor leaders in science and technology. The main annual award both WIT and the University of Siena hand out is called the Prigogine Medal, which was founded in 2004.

WIT’s Conference Programme is well established in the global scientific community. Topics of conversation at these conferences range from Islamic architecture and heritage to water pollution and urban development. All of these conferences are written down and published by WIT Press. For more information, check out the Wessex Institute of Technology Wikipedia.

Securus Should Be Proud Of Video Visitation Technology

Imagine you’re a young child looking forward to the holidays. The days are getting shorter and the ever present darkness seems to bring a melancholy mood over the festivities. This is because one of your parents is behind bars. It’s fairly common, the ACLU estimates that more than 2.7 million children have at least one parent in prison.


Just imagine how difficult the holidays would be in the situation. Your parent is still in the picture but you cannot communicate with them. You could try to give them a phone call on the holiday, but the phone services that you use generally cut out and are very expensive. And you have been told that a physical visit would be impossible. Your parent is simply too far away and it is too expensive to drive all the way to their prison. It is as if your parent has been removed by death or a nasty divorce.


Securus Technologies, a prison telecommunications company, provides more than 178 prisons across this country with video visitation technology. It is a new innovation that the company is eager to advertise. In fact, Securus is in the midst of an advertising campaign promoting the benefits of prisoner video visitation rights.


This company should be proud of what they have accomplished. This kind of technology can mitigate the circumstance described above. A young child can schedule a video visitation with their parents during the holidays. They do not have to waste any time driving all the way to the prison, going through embarrassing security checks and waiting inside of and intimidating prison. They can simply log in, enjoy the festive scene and to be taken to any part of the house. This technology can save childhood experiences like this for millions of young people across the country.


EOS Surpasses Chapstick In Sales

EOS found it’s inception at the hands of three men with backgrounds in brand marketing and startup incubators. According to Fast Company‘s article, the three were interested in a little niche they felt was not being tackled: the lip care aisle. Chapstick, Blistex, and Burt’s Bees seemed to all be doing the same thing, with relatively the same formula in the same tube for a long time. There were other innovations happening in other aisles of the drugstore, so why not in lip balms? All of the balm tubes were owned by big name brands already supplying the drugstore with many products, so could there be room for a small startup? Was it possible?

The resounding answer is yes, and the three men thought correctly when they decided this aisle could use a little shaking up. Women responded enthusiastically to the products and it’s fan base has continually grown over the past seven years starting out in a Walgreens and expanding to every Target and Walmart across the country.

The EOS lip balm product didn’t start out with a lot of marketing and in fact chose to invest wisely in the internal development of their brand building custom machinery that could keep production of their balms in house. Marketing initiatives started later introducing the product to beauty writers for fashion and beauty magazines, and niches like popular YouTube beauty channels and bloggers. The celebrities that endorsed the product included pop stars like Britney Spears, hype queen Miley Cyrus, and country pop sweetheart Taylor Swift.

Putting this product in the hands of such well liked and popular artists blew the brand up from no marketing at all to being the biggest advertiser in their category. The brand now sells over one million units per week beating out their competitors that have been there for longer. For more info, visit

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Eric Pulier Started His Successful Path In Life During His Basic Schooling

Eric Pulier was only a child when he began to show off his capabilities, with an amazing talent for technology. His interest in computers lead him to build his own before even attending high school, while most other kids of his age hadn’t even learned how to use a computer properly. Whilst attending high school, he had help from his parents to start up an online company for himself, which was an online computer database, showing his entrepreneurial talents and ambitions.

Once finishing out high school and leaving his home town, Eric Pulier went on to pursue a strong foundation for academics, to give him the tools necessary to be successful. He did this by attending the prestigious Harvard University, where he managed to earn himself multiple degrees, while at the same time taking interest in computer studies. He followed up his knowledge building by attending MIT afterwards as well. This strong academic foundation honed his skills and gave him the knowledge necessary for maintaining and realizing his own dreams. Right after university, this is what he did, by starting up his own company and moving to Los Angeles. People Doing Things, his first company, ended up being successful rather quickly, which opened the doors for more entrepreneurial endeavors.

Following the success of his first company, Eric did not waste any time getting started on his new ideas, and he quickly got started on Digital Evolution, another company based around technology of course. The success this company saw later had it acquired and merged with US Interactive. Eric has since founded more than a dozen more companies of his own, which he has built up and sold for profits over the course of his 20 years in the industry.

Eric Pulier is also highly dedicated to his philanthropy work, as he actively gets involved with projects that look to improve the quality of life of people around the world. Not only is he a member of the Clinton Global Initiatives, but he has made huge contributions to many charities, most especially Starbright Foundation, which is focused on helping children with chronic ailments. Today, he also travels to give lectures based off his knowledge in the industry, and he has even authored some books and papers on various subjects.

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All about the Lovaganza 2020 Celebrations

The Lovaganza 2020 celebrations are centered on the theme of a global bohemian adventure. It is a celebration and appreciation of all cultures around the world. It will be one of the most groundbreaking celebrations of human culture on earth. Nothing like it has been attempted in the past.

The Lovaganza celebrations will culminate with entertainment, immersive exhibitions, and motion pictures. The celebrations will be reminiscent of bygone eras of the World’s Fairs; the celebrations will draw their inspiration from the present, past, and future direction of cultures around the world. The final celebration will take place for four months starting in May of 2020.

The immersive entertainment experience will be like nothing experienced before in the world. The main event of Lovaganza will be held at the Grand Chapiteau. However, there will also be other celebrations taking place simultaneously around the world. All the eight locations have already been selected, and preparations are ongoing. The locations will be in Middle East, Africa, Europe, America, Oceania, and Asia.

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The Marvelous 12

An animated series will be used to explain the journey of the Lovaganza Convoy. The series will be presented during traveling shows that will culminate in the Lovaganza celebrations. It will also be released in cinemas globally before the final ceremony begins in 2020.

The film was recorded at Abbey Road Studios. The studios, located in London are a renowned and respected recording facility globally. One of the reasons Abby Road was chosen is because it has been a huge part of history. Many major works such as Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, and Raiders of the Lost Ark have been filmed here.

JF&G will record each piece to be used in the series. Mr. Elliot will provide the arrangements. He has worked as an arranger on films such as Moulin Rouge. He has also worked with renowned stars such as Adele and Amy Winehouse. Mr. Alexander will lead the orchestration. He has been involved in many major hits such as Avatar, Harry Potter, The Jungle Book, and many other successful films. Seventy of England’s best symphony players composed the orchestra.

The Lovaganza celebrations would have been held in 2015. However, Lovaganza’s schedule was moved to 2020. The reason for this was that the organizers there were many interesting technologies in development. Thus, to take into account these immersive entertainment technologies, they decided to wait. At the celebrations, some of the finest technologies in film and entertainment will be released. One such development is the Immerscope screen, a revolutionary screen that will change the film industry.

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