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Humanitarian George Soros Is On A Mission To Help Refugees

The press ran several stories about billionaire George Soros during the 2016 presidential election. George Soros was a major contributor to the Democratic party. George gave his friend Hillary Clinton more than $10 million through PAC groups, and he spent another $10 million supporting other Democratic candidates on Forbes. When the political smoke cleared, and Donald Trump won, Soros didn’t give up his fight for an open society. George decided to take an active role in keeping Trump honest over the next four years. The word is, the Democrats are reorganizing, and George Soros is one of the people behind that political strategy. Trump may have won the election, but he has a long way to go to bring unity to the American political and economic stage. Even though the stock market is reacting to the Trump win in a positive way, Soros believes the stock rally will be short-lived. In fact, Soros believes the Gross Domestic Product output in the United States will decline over the next 18 months.

But The George Soros story is not just about politics. Soros is a dedicated humanitarian on Snopes. He wants to help solve some of the world’s major problems, and he isn’t waiting for someone to tell him what to do. For the last three years, interviewers ask Soros about the migration crisis, and he stays true to his original message about refugees. Soros wants the European Union to step up and find a solution. George Soros made the first move by saying he pledged $500 million for refugees that want to start a business or to fund people who are helping refugees get started in business. He also wants the United States to play an active role in solving the migration dilemma, but that is going to be a tough sell because Trump is in office. But Soros is used to tough sells. When the world said he was crazy for starting a foundation that promotes freedom and Democracy in parts of the world that are controlled by tyrants and corrupt governments, he did it anyway. The Soros Open Society Foundation gives billions of dollars to organizations that help people break away from oppressive governments.

It’s easy to overlook all the good that George Soros stands for. George Soros is a wealthy businessman that lives a charmed life. But the 86-year-old Soros knows what it feels like to be down and out. He knows what it feels like to be a refugee. And he knows what it feels like to lose and get back up again and win. According to an article published by, George is a man with a giving conscience. He is a man that respects human life, no matter the situation. And he will stand behind his conviction to make a difference in the lives of people everywhere.

From Carpet Sales to Cancer Treatment: The Unconventional Path of Eric Lefkofsky:

During his college years, Eric Lefkofsky sold carpet in order to put himself through school. After graduating from the University of Michigan, he and a school friend secured money from relatives to begin their own apparel business. Since that time in the early to mid 1990s, Lefkofsky has been responsible for the creation of numerous businesses. It has ultimately led to his latest business venture, Tempus.  Check


Co-founded in 2016, Tempus aids in cancer treatment. Not through medicine, but with databases.  According to, the purpose of the company is to create a library of molecular and clinical data that doctors and other healthcare providers can use in order to better treat their patients. Some of the ways this technology can help is by using genomic and transcriptomic sequencing so doctors can have a better understanding of tumors. This leads to analyzing molecular and clinical data so healthcare providers can come up with personalized treatments for each individual patient. Tempus’s cell culture technology also allows therapies to be screened in synthetic and animal models instead of in patients. All of this is put into a detailed report to the physician in order to provide the best treatment options to patients. Since its founding, Tempus has provided services to Penn Medicine, the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, Rush University Medical Center, and the Mayo Clinic. Eric Lefkofsky serves as the company’s CEO.


Lefkofsky’s desire to help people extends beyond his business ventures. In 2006, he and his wife Elizabeth created the Lefkofsky Trust in order to support scientific and educational organizations. The couple is also part of The Giving Pledge, which encourages wealthy people to donate to philanthropic causes. Eric Lefkofsky serves on the board of directors of three different organizations — Children’s Memorial Hospital, The Museum of Science and Industry, and the Art Institute of Chicago.



John Goullet is not only a business owner but also arguably the most gifted individual in the IT sector. John Goullet is the founder of Info Technologies. Being a leading expert in his field, John learned to focus mainly on offering solutions to his clients all over the world some being top Fortune companies. At the start of his career, he offered IT consultancy before venturing into the IT staffing industry.

His specialty rotated around rightly matching his potential consultants with clients basing on their skill sets, personality and work style. His company Info Technologies emerged as top privately managed companies as per the Inc Magazine in the US ranking is a cool eighth position, making it an award-winning organization. As a visionary, Goullet saw he would go far if he partnered with others. In 2010, John and Gene C. Wadd, an equally visionary entrepreneur and owner of DIVERSANT LLC, merged the Info Technologies and DIVERSANT Inc to form DIVERSANT LLC. Merging of this two made John assume the mantle of principal.

At the company, he actively solves challenges facing the rapid growing and evolving IT industry as well as formulating strategies and ideas that help Diversant image. As a principle, GOULLET ensures services to the Fortune 500 clients as well as his choice of mid-market. Diversant has taken up industry leaders to be part of its innovative team that has lead to its success under the guidance of Goullet and other senior executives.

Importantly, his professionalism has been demonstrated by driving the company and arguably registering drastic growth even during a tough economic downturn. His firm belief in teamwork has enabled him to build this IT staffing company. His firm belief in teamwork has allowed him to create this IT staffing company.

The company has grown rapidly, achieving a Minority-Owned business enterprise certification and becoming a look up to in its market with Goullet at the helm. Today, John is able continuously to strive in the way of establishing new, innovative ways of meeting the relative obstacles which are part of the ever-evolving field of the IT industry. Goullet has faith the future of DIVERSANT is dazzling. However, they have to be competent to deliver the best candidates to their clients for their future to remain bright.

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Arthur Becker is an Investor Who You Can Depend On

The talents possessed by Arthur Becker are unmatched, which are attributes that are sought after in a competitive world. He does not necessarily put himself in any particular corners of any single industry. He strives to diversify his portfolios for the purposes of investments. He has been the CEO of a vast array of companies. One of the most important things that he strives to implement in his life is believing in the work and ideas of other people while investing in them so that he can take advantage of an opportunity in which he can assist them towards reaching their dreams and goals.

He was the senior adviser of the company of Vera Wang Fashions. According to, he held that position for nearly seven years and has done a lot for them since achieving such a feat/accomplishment. He latest ventures have been in the real estate industry of New York. He had invested with other individuals in a building which helped to bring it to a level of making the type of money that real estate markets attract. The Soho district of NY is one of the locations that Arthur Becker has interest in being a part of real estate deals. He had previously been in the digital magazine investing world with Zinnio. See,

Another one of Arthur Becker’s investments was Navisite. It highlighted many advancements in the field of technology along with many opportunities. He had served as the board of directors and provided them with much expertise and insight to the organization. It’s no wonder that he has been considered to be a good decision maker. He had attended Tucks Business School at Dartmouth as well as Bennington College from which he receive a degree in the Bachelors of Arts.

If you are looking for an investor/business partner who you can rely on to hold up his end of any deals, then LA Times suggests that Arthur Becker is a professional who you can depend on. He will provide you with the experience and knowledge he has in any sector of business and marketing so that you can experience the quality of life that he has had the wonderful opportunity of experiencing.


Scottsdale Entrepreneur Jason Hope Promotes The Internet Of Things

Jason Hope of Scottsdale loves technology. However, it is not just any form of technology that he loves. It is the type of technology that he believes is going to make life better for people. Among the forms of technology that he is looking forward to is the Internet of Things.

There have been plenty of advancements and advantages that come with this invention. For one thing, the Internet of Things have made it possible for multiple devices to sync together. While there is currently the ability for devices such as smartphones and tablets to sync together, the Internet of Things is meant to bring that ability to more devices such as kitchen appliances, street lights, and plenty of other devices.

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One of the purposes of the Internet of Things is to share data and make sure that there is a lot less waste. Therefore, this technological advancement makes it easier to take care of the environment. One of the hot issues in the world is the environment due to all of the worry about waste. This is one of the reasons that Jason Hope is looking to push the Internet of Things forward. There are a ton of advantages that this invention could push which includes public safety.

While smart technology is currently seen as little more than something that is convenient, Jason Hope predicts as society moves forward, this will become the way that people will move forward for the future.

Jason Hope is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the field of technology. He is also interested in helping others. His interest in doing for the less fortunate gets him involved in many different philanthropic activities that will bring improvements to the current lifestyle for many different people. He is also interested in helping the health care industry come up with better solutions to health problems.

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Magnises, McFarland and the New Millennial Business Platform

For millennials in the business world things can take a dreary turn relatively quickly, but Billy McFarland does not think it should be that way. Indeed, so strongly did Mr. McFarland feel about the state of the current of millennials in the workforce in his residency of New York City that he created a business to cater specifically to them, Magnises. Magnises is a membership only organization which is, like it’s creator, based out of West 24th Street, New York City. Once membership is attain all customers will be given a little ebony card made of metal which can be flashed at any of the many businesses and other venues affiliated with Magnises whereupon the card owner will be granted a sizable financial discount on all goods and services at the given establishment as seen in


While this might sound quite standard Magnises is far more than just a fancy coupon club. For the benefits of McFarland’s company do not stop with mere discounts, for in addition to the financial slashing, card holders will also be granted instant VIP status which means increased access. Additionally, the card can also be used in conjunction with the Magnises App which lists all of the affiliated business venues and tracks them in real time and lists their location. What this means is that you can easily plan out your calendar such that you never miss a Magnises affiliated event such as a concert, dance or gala. See for other news.


Billy McFarland, a former computer engineer at Bucknell University, explained in a recent interview that the idea for the company came about due to the profligacy of credit cards. Ubiquitous items which people carry with them everywhere and use for financial interactions have a ritualistic quality, especially for millennials, much in the same way cell phones are viewed by most, not as a luxury, but a necessity for business. As such, McFarland gambled on ubiquity and ritual and won big time. Read more here in


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Carried away to a tropical island

My roommate treated me to her favorite lip balm and I’ve been completely hooked. It soothes my lips keeping them soft and perfectly moist in the driest weather. The thoughtfully designed round shape glides over my lips perfectly and is fun to apply. I like to pretend I’m a glamorous movie star getting ready to go on set.

I adore my EOS Passion Fruit Smooth Sphere lip balm. It is cunningly packaged in an attractive lavender sphere that is just so cute and easy to carry. It even fits perfectly into my hip pocket – plus because it is round I don’t get jabbed when I sit. It smells wonderful when I open the lid almost like I’m visiting a beautiful tropical island. For a moment a soft breeze carries the delicious fragrance of passion fruit to me.

I noticed the EOS lip balm is made from organic and natural ingredients. That is incredibly important to me. With the growing concern over pesticides and other chemicals in our environment I prefer to support companies that show this kind of stewardship. It might seem a small thing but even my lip balm choice makes a difference.

It is really great to find a lip balm that works great, looks great, and is made by a great company. EOS lip balms come in so many bright cheerful colors and flavors that I just had to buy a few more. Now I always have one within reach.

EOS lip balms can be purchased online at,,, and at retailers such as Walmart, Walgreens, Target(, Rite Aid, and others.

Securus Technologies among the Last Three in Stevie Awards

Securus Technologies was in January 2017, named among the finalists for the Stevie Award. The naming means that the leading provider of civil and criminal justice technology for the public sector, corrections, investigations, and monitoring will ultimately receive gold, silver or bronze. The company was named as a finalist in the Customer Service Training Team of the Year award. The recognition, which is awarded by Stevie Awards, an organization that organizes seven of the leading business awards, represents a remarkable accomplishment for Securus. The final announcement is set to be done on February 24th at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.


Before emerging among the last three finalists, they beat over 2300 organizations from various industries that had been nominated for the competition. The shortlisting was carried out by a team of 77 judges across the world. A seven-member committee of judges is set to determine the winners of Gold, Silver, and Bronze. The judgment, which is expected to be done on 23rd February, is thought to be very tough. Being named as a finalist is a great motivation to Securus, and it is committed to raising its standards to serve their customers better as well as excellently training their employees.


About Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies is the leading provider of criminal justice technology solutions with the aim of improving public safety and modernizing the incarceration experience. The firm deals with detainee communication, biometric analysis, investigations, government information management, and parole tracking. The company serves over 2,600 incarceration centers in 45 states, Canada, Mexico, District of Columbia and over one million prisoners in the United States. The company has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas and has over 5,000 employees. The firm has skilled technologists, designers, innovators, and engineers, who ensure that they deliver excellent services to their clientele. Securus has enabled many families to link with incarcerated friends and family members as well as connecting inmates to technology.

USHEALTH Group, A Beacon of HOPE in Healthcare

USHEALTH Group, Inc. is a health insurance provider based in Fort Worth, Texas. Through its multiple healthcare and insurance subsidiaries, USHEALTH Group has emerged as one of the leading providers of healthcare insurance in the United States. Through its numerous companies, USHEALTH Group strives to improve the functionality of the healthcare system in America.


The group’s clientele ranges from individuals to small business as well as including their own employees. With a variety of insurance plans, it aims to provide people with the resources needed to help them fight diseases and disorders and recover from surgeries and accidents.


Since its inception fifty years ago, USHEALTH Group has provided healthcare insurance services to over fifteen million customers. The company believes in offering its customers with the best possible customer care services, and for that purpose tailors all its insurance policies to specifically fit the customer’s needs. It believes that every customer is unique and has different needs. According to them, adopting a ‘one size fits all’ policy cannot efficiently serve the customers. For this purpose, a diverse and large list of insurance policies is available.


Under the command of CEO Troy McQuagge, who recently received the ‘CEO of the Year’ award from One Planet Awards, USHEALTH Group has grown exponentially in the past years, with a 1,092% increase in its share rate since 2010. Equipped with some of the best advisors, USHEALTH Group ensures its customers that they will receive the expertise and undivided attention of their staff while guiding them through the process of picking the appropriate insurance plan.


The diverse range of plans that USHEALTH Group offers are specially designed to fit every need and every budget. Some of their plans are catered towards people who are on a fixed budget and are looking to receive a limited amount of benefits, while some are catered towards people looking out for maximum health care coverage. Whatever your plan, USHEALTH Group ensures its customers of high-quality service, both while selecting a plan, and at the time of medical need. Due to its impeccable customer care, USHEALTH Group has been awarded an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.


Helping Other People Everyday (HOPE) is one of the departments within the company that makes up all the staff and independent agents who serve USHEALTH Group. As the name suggests, HOPE geared towards giving back to the community in whatever way they can. They are helpers and lead donors to a number of organizations for helping people receive healthcare and treatments. In 2012, as part of the mission under HOPE, the company donated a total of $25,000 to HOPEkids Arizona, a nonprofit organization that helps and supports children who are battling cancer and other life-threatening conditions.