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Getting Married in New York? George Street Photo and Video Saves the Moment for Life

Finding a good wedding photographer can be stressful. Fortunately for couples getting married in and around New York City, George Street Photo and Video provides the solution. A personal wedding coordinator works with clients to find exactly what they’re looking for and matches them with a team of professional, courteous photographers that can make their vision a reality.

George Street Photo and Video Address specializes in the photojournalist style, capturing the spontaneity and genuine emotions of the happy couple. Different packages are available to suit all budgets and tastes, and they all include digital negatives. Besides weddings, George Street Photo and Video also offer their services for engagement photos and other couple photo sessions. By working with the clients, George Street Photo and Video creates a custom-tailored long-lasting memory of a very special day.

How Sam Boraie is Redefining New Jersey’s Property Market

Boraie Development is one of the most prominent New Jersey-based real estate development companies. The firm offers numerous services that have a focus on all property market areas. The company is formed in its ability to work in all spheres of management and business relationships. Because of their visionary architects, financial institutions, and contractors, it is stabilized in business and partnerships. The main service of the company is to provide services in property management, real estate development, and the real estate marketing and sales.

Property Management

This is one of the most important parts of the company. While they deal in developing properties for other companies and individuals, they are sure to stay ahead of the rest in business strategies. When they offer their services to clients, they are sure to include a wide array of extra service sin the menu. The company creates value additions to its clients to create one of the most sophisticated properties with the highest level of utility. For an improved regular basis, the company has always worked to maintain its properties. The company also undertakes physical improvements on a regular basis. Property management functions of the company have the inclusion of administration and accounting, maintenance, leasing, customer service, and marketing. Click here to know more.

Real Estate Development

For many years now, Sam Boraie’s company has developed one of the most sophisticated commitments towards the development of state-of-the-art properties in the United States. The company also makes good use of its dedication, capital, and reliability to ensure client’s projects are completed promptly. The company has a four-decade track record of achievement in the development of real estate properties in the country. Because of this, Boraie Development is now one of the most sought real estate development company in New Jersey. Boraie Development also uses all its private financing options to deliver the best options to their clients. For this reason, Boraie Development has increased its ability to create the most attractive real estate developments to their clients, residents, and other companies.

Sales and Marketing

Sam Boraie has a subsidiary company by the name Boraie Realty. This is a company charged with all the real estate company transactions. In the recent past, it recorded a minimum of more than $150 million in investment value. The sales division of the company works hand-in-hand with the development and property management divisions to create a better way to understand the commercial and residential factors in this industry.

Ongoing projects

Sam Boraie is the man behind the success of the company. According to him, business is what people do to make a living. He has worked hard to have the New Jersey skyline transformed in the future. Aspire is one of the most expensive projects the company is undertaking. This is a new state-of-the-art rental tower situated in New Brunswick. The city burgeoning population will also increase at the highest rate of development. The property is situated close to the major leisure and transport facilities in the state. Because of the company’s reputation, they have worked hard to have its projects accepted widely.


Want More Beautiful, Healthy Hair? Choose WEN By Chaz, No Ordinary Shampoo

Beauty writers are luckier than most of us because they get to sample lots of products for the hair, face and body. Take for example, Emily McClure, a beauty blogger for

Emily has limp, fine hair that poses a daily challenge to her in strands that don’t sit still and lack body. This time, she decided to pick up a bottle of WEN By Chaz, the no lather shampoo that thoroughly cleanses and nourishes the hair. Emily decided on a 7-day WEN challenge to see if a hair makeover could actually occur.

WEN has become an iconic brand around the world, thanks to the uniqueness of these cleansing conditioners that are formulated with incredible extracts from key herbs and other botanicals. These pure plants found in nature hold the key to stronger, more beautiful hair and contain zero sulfates, parabens and other harsh detergents.

Famous LA stylist Chaz Dean,, developed his WEN brand and is proud of the high standards and quality ingredients that go into each bottle. WEN has been designed to improve the hair on any head, no matter the type or the condition it’s in. These lovely scented formulas are gentle, wash better than shampoos and condition beautifully. Shampoo lather is unnecessary when you’re on the WEN system.

Emily chose the Fig Cleansing Conditioner to give her limp locks a nice volume boost and extra moisture. She liked how the product felt on her scalp and hair in the shower and the thickness it seemed to deliver to her fine mane. After she blow-dried and then curled her hair, she was impressed. Even her Facebook friends noticed bigger hair.

To get the biggest punch out of the WEN system, Emily found that a WEN wash every morning gave her the best results for volume and manageability.

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The Successful Advertising Career of Jose Borghi

Mr Jose Henrique Borghi is a successful Brazilian businessman who is currently working as a co – Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the ad agency Mullen Lowe Brasil. The company of Mullen Lowe Brasil is one of the leading Brazilian advertising agencies, and it achieves this by utilising new and innovative methods of advertising for their clients. Mullen Lowe Brasil has its main company headquarter building located in São Paulo, Brazil, as well as another large office that can be found in Rio de Janeiro, also located in Brazil and is the result of a company merger between Borghierh Intelligence and Mullen Lowe.

Mr Jose Henrique Borghi used to work in Borghierh Intelligence before the merger of the two companies, after which he gained the title of President for the newly combined Mullen Lowe Brasil. Mr Jose Henrique Borghi started his career after he graduated from university in 1988 with a degree in Advertisement and soon after, later the same year started working for the Standard Ogilvy. Throughout his many years working with advertisement Mr Jose Henrique Borghi has also received several awards for various professional accomplishments he has done throughout his long and fruitful career. These awards include 20 Lions at Cannes, 16 April Awards and 15 Awards from the New York Festival.

Many of the awards that Mr Jose Henrique Borghi has been awarded over the course of his successful career in the fields of advertising have been the campaign that he has created for some of the largest and most successful brands. He has worked with all kinds of industries – the automobile industry, IT, lifestyle, apparel, cosmetics, airlines, etc. Some of the campaigns that have been award winning have been for brands such as Fiat and Toyota, American Express, America on Lone, and LG to name a few. Click here to know more.

Adam Goldenberg: Co-Founder Of JustFab And Fabletics

Adam Goldenberg is one of the co-founders of two of the hottest online subscription fashion companies JustFab and Fabletics. They are offshoots of Intelligent Beauty, a business incubator co-founded by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. The first two successful companies developed under the auspices of Intelligent Beauty were cosmetics and skincare company DERMSTORE and the diet system SENSA. But with JustFab and Fabletics, Adam Goldenberg and his team are taking shopping for fashion online in an entirely new direction. And they are taking millions of worldwide members with them.

When JustFab was founded in 2010, it primarily offered clothing to customers in the United States. Since that time the company has acquired ShoeDazzle and Fabkids and now offers apparel, shoes, handbags, jewelry and other accessories to customers in Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and the United States. When Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler, Kimora Lee Simmons and actress Kate Hudson got together to found Fabletics, they took the online fashion subscription model in an entirely new direction on They now have millions of members worldwide, have opened 6 brick and mortar stores and they will open 100 more worldwide in the next 5 years.

In an effort to make the great clothing and accessories in the JustFab and Fabletics lines all-inclusive and accessible to as many people as possible, the companies have launched an ‘all sizes’ campaign at It celebrates all women no matter the shape or size of their bodies. The brands will now offer their ready-to-wear collections in extended sizes ranging from XS to 3X. Their flattering on-trend styles are now available in 24-34 and 16W to 24W. The ‘All Size’ campaign was created by the talented design team in response to the desires of their customers. Using the mantra, #FABforAll, fabulous woman of all sizes demanded clothing that makes them feel beautiful and empowered.

Adam Goldenberg and the staff at JustFab and Fabletics see this expansion of sizes as a celebration of the individuality, style and personalities of their members in all parts of the world. The companies are focused on pleasing their customers by offering great value on structured tops, flirty dresses, denim outerwear pieces and detailed moto leggings in a range of sizes at attainable price points on This helps more women to look and feel confident while staying within their budgets. Plus they can get fashion tips and advice from expert fashion consultants.

How USHEALTH Group Works Towards Achieving Excellent Customer Satisfaction

USHEALTH Group is an international insurance provider situated in Fort Worth, Texas. This company operates in close collaboration with the National Foundation Life Insurance. It also partners with Freedom Life Insurance Company of America. Together, these organizations have developed specialized insurance covers to suit all its clients. USHEALTH Group is committed to providing solutions to small and mid-sized business owners, self-employed people, and employees.

Products offered by USHEALTH Group

USHEALTH Group is client-oriented and has served over 15 million customers in the last five decades. This company understands that customer needs vary. Therefore, it strives to provide clients with an array of services to choose from. USHEALTH Group has a broad portfolio of policies that enhances customer choice. This company is uniquely flexible and is dedicated to reliability and flexibility of its insurance selections. US HEALTH Group is also open to clients with a narrow budget who are in need of insurance plans. This organization has a broad range of innovative products for this set of customers.

Plans offered by USHEALTH Group include specified disease/sickness accident, income protector, critical illness, short-term accident disability income, vision plans, and term life insurance. This institution is also known to provide cost- sharing packages for accident and disease/ sickness plans. USHEALTH Group products are made available to customers through the company’s insurance agents. This firm is one of the companies with the most organized and well-equipped insurance advisors in the United States. USHEALTH Group ensures that their employees are adequately trained and certified to handle and represent the company’s products. See also.

USHEALTH Group’s accomplishments

USHEALTH Group has received a wide range of awards since opening its doors. In the first quarter of this year, the company has won three awards. For instance, the company’s leader, Troy McQuagge, won Gold in the esteemed One Planet Awards. The firm was also awarded the Gold Stevie Award in the competitive category of Sales and Customer Service. USHEALTH Group is also involved in various philanthropic endeavors, such providing holiday packages for wounded veterans and their families. This company occasionally holds a Month of H.O.P.E to assist the needy in the community.

Eric Lefkofsky is on the Frontline in the Fight against Cancer

At a time when Eric Lefkofsky was riding high on the success of Groupon, his $2.2 billion worth e-commerce firm, cancer came knocking at his door. His wife, Liz Lefkofsky was diagnosed with the life-threatening breast cancer disease, knocking the couple off-balance. According to Eric, learning of his wife’s condition was terrifying and frustrating. Instead of burying himself in sorrow, however, a desire to find a solution for cancer was born within him. A new phase started taking shape in the billionaire businessman’s life; he started reading and consulting widely in the field of cancer and healthcare at large. Eventually, Eric’s desire and research led him to establish Tempus as a way of contributing to philanthropy. To strengthen the firm, he hired Kevin White, a genomics and biology systems expert from the University of Chicago, as president.

How Tempus Operates

As the CEO of Tempus, Eric has immensely contributed to the continued fight against cancer. He has led the firm in developing and investing in technological products for cancer treatment. One notable development by the company is an OS that gathers information from cancer medical facilities across the United States in the form of clinical, molecular, and anatomic data. This makes it easy for doctors to access the medical history of a patient, giving a more informed diagnosis and prescription.

Tempus is a privately owned company but partners with several hospitals and other healthcare centers to facilitate its operations. Among the recognizable institutions that partner with Tempus includes Abramson Cancer Center, Rush University Medical Center, and Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Eric understands the uphill task ahead of him and Tempus, but in his words, the journey will be exciting. His long-term goal is to revolutionize the cancer treatment and healthcare, in general, using technology. According to him, accessible patient medical information could potentially cut the cancer-related deaths by up to 10 percent.

About Eric Lefkofsky

Eric trained as a lawyer at the University of Michigan. Before graduating, he started a small business where he sold carpets. He continued in the entrepreneurship line after graduating in 1994. His major venture, however, came in 1999 when he co-founded Starbelly.

Through the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, Eric supports several philanthropic organizations like the New Leaders and Educators for Excellence, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. for more .

NuoDB on Technology

Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, NuoDB is a database company founded in 2008. Its claim to fame is the “elastically scalable database” concept, which it got patents for in 2012. The idea behind it is to take traditional SQL and then take it to the next level. The idea behind this technology is to get rid of bottlenecks through distributed objects architecture, based in the Cloud. This is accomplished by using a peer-to-peer messaging and multiple processors to deliver data to the right place.

The world is moving towards cloud computing or at least a hybrid server/cloud computing environment. However, this new technology comes with its own perils, mainly latency. NuoDB saw an opportunity to bridge this reliability gap. And that is how in a nut shell the elastically scalable database came to be. It offers the guarantees of relational databases running on cloud computing and clients. The way it is set up makes it a single logical SQL cloud database running all of the systems. The company was founded by Jim Starkey and Barry Morris. Mr. Starkey is something of a legend in the world of database technology. And Barry Morris brings years of experience from running other software companies. What makes NuoDB unique is that they are the only ones offering this type of technology.

Investment Management in Brazil

The economy of Brazil is really starting to take off in recent years. With this growth, a lot of people are able to save money and build wealth for the future. Cassio Audi has proven that he knows how to help people with their investment management principles. Over the years, he has built his business up to what it is today by adding value to the lives of others. Cassio Audi is one of the leading people in the world when it comes to helping others in a variety of ways with their finances. A lot of people in Brazil have extra money for the first time in their lives. Not only that, but they are ready and willing to start investing for the future as well.

Cassio Audi

From the time he started his own business, Cassio Audi has been working hard to make things happen in the lives of other people. Not only that, but he is excited about some of the other changes that he is making as well. With the growth of his business, he has started to add other locations to serve more customers. This is a great way for him to make a positive difference in the lives of other people over the years. If you are ready to learn how to manage your finances, this is a great way to do so.


Getting Started

If you are curious about how to improve your finances, you need an action plan to take. Cassio Audi is a great financial advisor who understands how to help others in a variety of ways. Not only that, but he is excited about some of the changes that are going on in the economy. He believes that now is a great time to start investing in this area to drive growth and value.

Jason Hope The Future

Have you ever thought that this world could exist in a technology matrix? Jason Hope is a futurist who reckons that in the future everything will be interconnected through technology. The futurist says that in the future manufacturers will be competing amongst themselves on who will have the latest technology of inter connectivity.

That the street lights will be connected to your phone and your phone to your home appliances like your TV or even your microwave. Jason Hope is the school of thought which states that technology will totally rule the world in the future.

He continues to reveal that you will probably not need only your phone or computer to log into the internet. This technological progress will be very beneficial in the rural areas where emergency response teams will be able to gain access to inaccessible areas during tragedies.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is an investor, philanthropist, entrepreneur and futurist. He has a BSc (Finance) degree from the Arizona State University and an MBA, Business from the same establishment.Since 2004 he has been dealing with Mobile Technology and how it influences the human being.

Jason is a big supporter of scientific research which is being done by the SENS Foundation. This organization is researching on cures of diseases which age our bodies prematurely.These diseases include Alzheimer’s, Heart and Lung disease, their research ideally focuses on the prevention of these dangerous diseases.

The Arizona native is a big believer of future technological advances. The futurist is supporting high school and college students in helping their technological advances dreams come true. Jason is offering these students grants to make sure their projects come to life.