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White Shark Media Takes Digital Marketing To New Heights


The Internet helped to bring the business world into the digital age. It took some years for the Internet to get to the point where it is today, but the Internet is currently a virtual world where millions of people go on a daily basis. Many people spend more time on the Internet than they do looking at television or listen to the radio, this is a dramatic shift from the beginning of the Internet.


The number of people who are on the Internet now has changed the way many companies look at online advertising. There was a time when many companies did not consider marketing on the Internet. However, the Internet has proven to be a great way to market to people. There are many ways to conduct online marketing. Sometimes the best ways depend on a company’s marketing goals.


Whatever online marketing method that is used, there has to be an understanding of method. Online marketing is not easy. Companies that market online are competing against other companies. In addition, the marketing campaigns must be handled in a manner that will generate the desired or needed website traffic but still accomplish the online marketing goals.


Many companies are not able to provide the type of results that are needed by handling online marketing campaigns in-house. Many companies need outside help. White Shark Media is a digital marketing agency that has helped many companies with online marketing campaigns. White Shark Media has a great understanding of what works and what does not work regarding online marketing. This understanding is one of the reasons why many companies decide to let White Shark Media handle its online marketing campaigns.


White Shark Media provides many different types of online marketing services. The agency provides PPC and SEM services for companies looking to increase website traffic and website sales along with other online marketing services.

The Life and Career of Yanni Hufnagel

Yanni Hufnagel is an assistant men’s basketball coach at the University of Nevada. Known for his great recruiting abilities, Hufnagel has worked at other high profile jobs with Vanderbilt University, the University of Oklahoma, the University of California and for Harvard as well. Yanni attended Pennsylvania State for one year where he played on the lacrosse team. Hufnagel was born in Scarsdale New York and graduated from Cornell where he was able to earn a Bachelors Degree in the field of Industrial and Labor Relations. He was also able to earn a degree from the University of Oklahoma with a Masters Degree in intercollegiate Athletics Administration. While working at Vanderbilt University for one season, Hufnagel is credited with landing prized recruit Wayne Baldwin IV. During his time with the Cal Golden Bears, Yanni helped guide them to a NCAA Tournament berth in in 2016. A sexual harassment complaint filed by a female reporter at Cal ended up causing Hufnagel to resign from his position with Cal but wasn’t out of work for very long landing a job at his current position as an assistant to coach Eric Musselman at the University of Navada. Being known and recognized as a stellar recruiter, Hufnagel earned recognition from CBS Sports by being named to their dream team of assistant coaches before the 2012-2013 season. Besides being well known for his great recruiting abilities, Yanni also received a lot of credit in assisting with the development of NBA star Blake Griffin when Griffin played for him at the University of Oklahoma. It’s clear to see why he is regarded as one of the top assistants in all of college basketball due to his ability to recruit top level talent to schools he has worked at in the past and for helping develop the talent once they are playing for him.


Focus on Thor Halvorssen and Being a Troublemaker for the Tyrants

Thomas Halvorssen is the President of the Human Rights Foundation (HRF), New York. He is half- Venezuelan and half-Norwegian born in Caracas and grew there but speaks fluent American English. His paternal grandfather was a consul for the Norwegian king in Venezuela. His mother comes from the linage of Cristobal Mendoza, Venezuelan first president. For Thor, individual liberty and human rights is the very table that all discussions rest.

His father exposed corruption in the government when he worked as the drug czar in Venezuela and was tortured in prison back in Caracas. Thor’s mother was shot dead in a demonstration against Hugo Chavez. His cousin, Leopoldo Lopez, is serving time at a Venezuelan jail for perpetually challenging the Chavista regime. Thor however, is a unique human rights activist who does not play the sad-sack like most activists. Thor states that he loves people especially defectors and dissidents, freedom troublemakers that blow spitballs at people in authority and stand up against tyrannies.

Mr Thor let Vaclav Havel hold the chairmanship of HRF until 2011 when he died and Garry Kasparov replaced him. Kasparov was the chess grandmaster from Russia and a political activist and Vladimir Putin scourge. Kasparov had at one time being carried and punched by Russian Police for protesting Pussy Riot’s guilty verdict for singing a song that was anti-Putin. Thor believes he is a “classical liberal” on a mission to rid tyranny from the world. The Oslo Freedom Forum held annually by HRF is an event not-to-miss by human-rights beat reporters.

About Thor Halvorssen

He is a film producer and a human rights advocate. He is described as the “champion for the underdog and the powerless” by the New York Times. He founded HRF in 2005, to help liberate political prisoners and promote political and civil rights around the world. HRF has been successful in securing the release of seven conscience prisoners and adduced evidence to Truth commissions.

HRF has also submitted amicus briefs in huge international human rights cases and published books. Thor is the CEO and Founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum. It is an annual global gathering that was described by the Economist as a “spectacular human-rights festival… on the heels of equaling the Davos economic forum”.

Lifesaving Survival Hacks From Wengie

YouTube’s Wengie is a plethora of knowledge. Her videos have tons of timesaving, and money saving hacks for just about anything and she is quite the character. (Try to watch a video without a smile). I found this video that is all about hacks that potentially save your life.


Survival hacks.

  1. Use a car charger cord, your car key, and a nine volt battery to charge your phone. Keep the battery in your glove box so it is there when you need to call for help when your phone battery is dead.
  2. Drinking water hacks- filter creek water with two containers and the shirt off your back. How to mimic nature and use empty bottles to collect rain water.
  3. Stash some cash between your phone and phone case in case of emergency (like leaving your purse at home).
  4. DIY dust masks for earthquake or other dirty emergencies-use your bra! Any cup size is big enough to cover your nose and mouth.
  5. Kindling for a fire- the best kindling can be your bag of chips! Those greasy nacho’s and the bag they came in make good fire fodder.
  6. How to build a fire without lighter or matches. Use your water bottle or a sandwich bag, with water inside, to magnify the sun.
  7. Wengie shows us how to use a needle, leaf, water, and a cup to make a compass.
  8. Using crayons as candles in power outage. Melt the wax top first and then when the paper catches you get up to 30 minutes of light.
  9. Emergency batteries for a flashlight, using one working battery and foil wrap. (This battery hack works for just about any battery operated item).
  10. When out alone, carry your car keys with the ring in your palm and the sharp keys pointing out between your fingers, making a fist. You can then use them as weapons to protect yourself if needed.


So there is a few of Wengie’s survival hacks, some quite helpful and others a bit on the lighter side.

Learn more about WEngie:

Linda Owen Joins Highland Capital

James Dondero is a powerful hedge fund manager. He is the founder and chief executive officer of a company known as Highland Capital Management. Not long ago, Dondero announced that he had hired Linda Owen to work as the head of charitable giving in his company. While serving as the head of giving in the business, Linda Owen will be expected to work in close collaboration with the famous Dallas Foundation to ensure that more needy people in the community get the help they need. Dondero believes that his company has increased its charitable giving in the recent past, and it is important to appoint an experienced professional to handle the funds.


Linda Owen was chosen for the position because of several reasons. The managing team in Highland Capital Management tracked her career life, and they were very impressed by her performance when it comes to designing partnerships. She has an extraordinary ability to produce great results, especially in the Dallas community. In the last three years, Highland Capital has increased its donation to over three million dollars every year. The Dallas Foundation handles the money donated by the company. In her new position, Linda Owen will be in charge of decision and logistics in the foundation. She will ensure that the operations in Dallas Foundation are smooth and efficient. According to James Dondero, more people will get the help from these donations when someone like Owen is in charge.


James Dondero has been in the investment industry for a long time. In the year 1993, he felt that he was ready to start an investment company. He partnered with Mark Okada, and together, they established Highland Capital Management. Dondero has served as the chief executive officer and president of the establishment for a long time. Under his leadership, Highland Capital has done exemplary well, and it has survived several economic storms. Apart from transforming the lives of businesses, corporates and governments in the world, the company has done a lot to ensure that the poor communities in Dallas are given the help they need. Under the leadership of Dondero, Highland Capital Management has transformed the healthcare industry in the city.

USHEALTH Group’s Contribution to Making Healthcare Insurance More Affordable

USHEALTH Group Inc is based in Fort Worth, Texas and is an insurance services provider committed to ensuring people in business, their employees, and families receive innovative health coverage products. The primary objective of the insurance service provider is to give its clients satisfactory and cost-effective products while maintaining high standards of customer service. This combined with the expertise and dedication of its staff ensures that the USHEALTH Group avails extremely competitive products in the insurance market.

The provider understands that every individual customer has their needs and that is why their portfolio of products addresses the need for affordability, flexibility, and reliability. This assists USHEALTH Group in promoting consumer choice from the numerous options provided. Since its formation in 1982, USHEALTH Group has been able to create custom insurance plans for over 15 million clients. This has also contributed to the firm’s objective of becoming the trusted choice for health insurance in the U.S.

Formerly known as Ascent Assurance, USHEALTH Group provides insurance products through its subsidiaries such as National Foundation Life Insurance and the Freedom Life Insurance Company of America. The firm and its affiliates are committed to helping people every day by protecting them from any financial distress caused by unanticipated injury or illness. The insurance packages provided give customers and their families’ adequate financial protection giving them peace of mind in any situation.

Troy McQuagge and the USHEALTH Group

The current President of the firm is Troy McQuagge, a health insurance management specialist bearing more than 30 years of operational experience. He joined USHEALTH Group in 2010 as the CEO of its distribution subsidiary, USHEALTH Advisors. His time at USHEALTH Advisors was characterized by the achievement of the firm’s developmental objectives while maintaining capital efficiency.

Troy McQuagge was promoted to head the parent company in 2014 and has recorded significant growth and success. He has considerably contributed to USHEALTH Group’s ability to keep up with the evolving needs of health insurance through the provision of innovative and affordable packages.

With a focus on the patient, the company gives healthcare providers a central place to get affordable packages and coverage that suit the needs of their patients.

A Look At MB2 Dental And Partner Dentist, Akhil Reddy

What Is MB2 Dental?

MB2 Dental is a dental practice management and dental practice development company. It is headquartered in Carrollton, Texas which is in the Dallas metro area. You can contact MB2 Dental by calling (972) 869-3789 or by visiting the contact us page at and sending a message to the company there.

MB2 Dental was founded by Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva who is a dentist himself. The concept behind the founding of MB2 Dental was that it would combine the advantages that a shared dental practice offers while still allowing individual dentists to maintain control of their own practice. This management model and approach is now used by 70 dental practices in the states of Alaska, Tennessee, New Mexico, Louisiana, Texas and Oklahoma.

The main benefit or advantage to being affiliated with MB2 Dental as a dentist is that resources are pooled together with other dentists and support staff. An affiliated practice will enjoy access to continuing education courses, have access to the newest technology and be able to share best practices with fellow dentists.

They will also have access to support staff and infrastructure on the business and management side of running a dental office. All the while, an affiliated dental practice remains in full control on the level of care that they offer. Learn more about MB2 Dental:

Crunchbase revealed that the dental development practice side of MB2 Dental involves the company finding employment for recent dental student graduates. They are given employment, training and then work their way up to ultimately opening up their own affiliated clinic. Dental development practice at MB2 is a great way for new dentists or those seeking to work at a shared practice gain work and experience in a highly independent and supportive environment.

Background Information On Dr. Akhill Reddy

Dr. Akhill Reddy is one of hundreds of dentists that work with MB2 Dental. He currently works at West Lovers Dental, which is located in the city of Dallas. Mr. Reddy has served dental patients for over 9 years and he is known to be a leading provider of general dentistry services in the Dallas Fort Worth metro area.

The educational background of Dr. Akhill Reddy includes studying at the University of the Pacific where he graduated with a bachelors of science degree in biology. Akhill Reddy later completed his Doctore of Dental Surgery at the University of the Pacific Dental School. As an undergrad student Dr. Reddy received an award for excellence for his study of cancerous cells.

Learn more about MB2 Dental: and

Bruno Fagali: How to Choose A Competent Lawyer

Bruno Fagali is an attorney that has practiced for many years. Bruno Fagali can help you handle both personal and business matters. Numerous clients rely on him to help resolve their legal cases effectively.

Getting a good lawyer should not be a stressful or difficult matter. There are many good attorneys out there by you simply need to find a law firm or an attorney who has handled cases similar to yours.

Hiring an attorney can be beneficial to you. The law is complicated, and it’s advisable to seek expert assistance with your legal problems. If you are not an attorney then you should hire one in certain situations. Even experienced attorneys typically hire a lawyer to represent them in court.

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It is important to get help from a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer. Similarly, failing to seek legal help when facing a business problem, can make matters worse.

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Bruno Fagali is a Administrative Law attorney. Based in Brazil, Bruno Fagali represents clients throughout the nation. His clients come from many different industries and they have confidence in his ability to resolve their case effectively.



With US Health Group, The Future of Your Health is Guaranteed

US Health Group, a social and health protection group, based in Fort Worth, Texas has all your insurance needs under one shop. US Health team has always been recognized as one of the leading health insurance providers. The group holds the Stevie Award for the company with impressive sales and excellent customer service. Also, the company holds the recognition from One Planet Business as one of the Gold Ranked Insurance providers in the US. The group does not require stringent consumer laws for it to provide quality products at an affordable rate, rather the company believes that its customers come first. The principles of affordability and reliability guide the company’s business model.

USHealth Group boasts of over 50 years’ experience in the sector of health protection services. This experience gives the company expertise it requires to become the best in health insurance. The group has leveraged the power of the internet and used it as a delivery channel for its products. Today if you wanted a quote for a life insurance plan; your quotation would be a few clicks away. Their web-based system bundles up information and user accounts to the extent that a user can view what their insurance plan covers, treatment estimates, lifestyle and fitness and even pharmaceutical services. The company also takes care of those who are not internet savvy through a toll-free line. The line operates from 0700 hours to 1700 hours Central time. Click here to know more.

The group has your back even after the life changing experiences such as accidents. US Health covers your immediate More than just a health insurance company; US Health Group can have your back even after an and any other costs. With their product tailored for short-term disabilities, the company promises a continued lifeline even when you are at your weakest. The benefits in the short-term disability arrangement do not just end with your discharge from the hospital; the group walks you through the recovery journey until you are up on your two feet. With the enterprise’s comprehensive plans, you are sure that your health and that of your loved ones is in the right hands.

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How Adam Milstein Became Famous in the Jewish Community

You’re probably familiar with the name Adam Milstein, especially if you had any interest in the Israeli real estate market. He is well known as one of the leaders of Hager Pacific Heights, where he is the managing partner. It has over two billion dollars worth of portfolio.


However, Adam Milstein is also one of the Jewish community’s most well known and respected philanthropists. He founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation. This is a foundation that is focused on helping Jewish youth reconnect with their roots. Thanks to the foundation, many young Jewish students were able to connect with their heritage. It is because of this dedication to the community that he was recognized as Philanthropists and Social Entrepreneurs Top 200.


This isn’t all. He also started the Israeli-American Council. This helps better relationships between the United States and Israel, and has had a very great impact on foreign policy regarding the state of Israel and the Jewish community in general. He is not afraid to stand up and speak his mind when it comes to the safety of the Jewish community. His wife is an immigrant from Morocco, and he knows what it’s like to be a small minority.


He also writes for many Jewish publications. He is a noted speaker, and one of his main themes is how Jewish youngsters should learn how to read and speak Hebrew. This will help them connect with their heritage. He himself donates resources for helping people learn Hebrew. Unlike other people who just write a check and that’s it he is actually engaged in the community.


Adam Milstein was born in Haifa, to parents who immigrated to Israel from Mexico and Argentina. He served in the IDF during the Yom Kippur war, then went to study at the Technion. It was then that he started joining his father in the real estate market.


He moved to the United States with his wife in 1981. Two years later, he earned his MBA from the University of Southern California. He founded his charity foundation in 2000, and sits on the board of major Jewish groups such as StandWithUs and Israel on Campus Coalition.