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What People Like Most About Whiteshark Media

Whiteshark Media is a top notch digital marketing agency known for providing incredible Digital marketing solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. They focus primarily on services like PPC Management all through Google Adwords and other platform targeting companies ranging from eCommerce to local brands. Even the biggest national brands are utilizing Whiteshark Media to get their marketing done.

Whiteshark Media receives love from their clientele all the time. With a strong platform and great people working for the company, they overdeliver to all of their customers. Whiteshark Media just wants to give only the best service to their clientele as possible.

One of their reviews quickly reveals how communication is the reason why the collaboration has been such a success. The reason being is that most companies will usually always take what they need and just roll with the information without keeping the client better informed. It’s not the best way to strategize, and the problem with that is the lack of overall providing better explanations. Another review quickly explains that Whiteshark Media is very up to date. This agency does not hire any random marketer to join their team. In fact, they look log and hard to find the most knowledgeable people in the industry. They want to make sure that every professional leader for every client knows what is happening with the client’s goals. They know that knowledge and commutation work hand in hand to delivering results to every customer.

Whiteshark Media has taken a few hits from testimonials in the past, so they strive now to becoming the best company that they can be. Whiteshark Media is pushing themselves every single day to growing their brand and overdelivering to all of their clients both short and long term. Whiteshark Media is definitely one brand who delivers to all customers everyday.

Oncotarget: Resource for Cancer Related Information

Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei V. Gudkov are the current editors in chief for Oncotarget, an online medical journal which publishes articles about cancer twice a week. The publication went live in 2010, and since then, scientists around the world are using the platform to speak with their fellow scientists from other parts of the world, working together to formulate a cure for the disease which has claimed millions of lives since the beginning of time. Oncotarget is also free to use, and because it is published online, anyone can access its contents and read it. However, the option to review the articles being published and to delete them is the sole responsibility of the editors in chief. Follow Oncotarget on Twitter.

One of the most recent information published in Oncotarget was the promising method of treatment that was developed by the Norris Cotton Cancer Center. The Norris Cotton Cancer Center found out that the cancer tumor can be eradicated through a series of treatments that they have developed. Normally, if cancer spreads around the body, the white blood cells would have a hard way determining the cancer cells. However, with the new method that the Norris Cotton Cancer Center developed, it is now possible for the body to slow down the effects of transformation done by cancer cells. Then, the brain would signal the white blood cells to finish off the remaining cancer cells and declare the body as free from the disease.

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In the past, it is tough to distinguish a cancer cell from a healthy human body cell. However, with the advancement of technology, scientists around the world have developed equipment that would make it possible for them to select which cells are cancerous and which ones are not. Their research moved on with sampling some of the tumors in their laboratory. During the experiment, these cancer cells were exposed to a special kind of protein, and to the surprise of the scientists who are present on the day of experimentation, the protein eradicated 99% of the cancer cells. The white blood cells are the cleaners who would be performing their tasks after most of the cancer cells have died. Listen to Oncotarget podcast on Stitcher.

Adam Milstein bringing charitable giving to Israel and America

Adam Milstein has become a much beloved philanthropist within the Jewish-American population. Adam Milstein is Israeli-American, being born in Haifa, Israel in 1952. While in Israel, he joined the Israeli Defense Force and fought in the Yom Kippur War. He and his wife later emigrated to the United States in 1981. In the United States, Adam Milstein attended the University of Southern California earned his Masters of Business Administration. After college, he joined the real estate company Hager Pacific Properties. He started out as a sales agent, but after a few decades became a managing partner of the company.

Adam Milstein became interested in philanthropy while taking to a business partner at Hager Pacific Properties. Adam Milstein has said he wasn’t satisfied by just making money and instead wanted to build a lasting legacy, with the money he made. He and his wife decided to launch the Milstein Family Foundation, which worked to support pro-Israel organizations and activities. The Milstein Family Foundation works by following three principles: active philanthropy, life path impact, and philanthropic synergy. Milstein oversees operations. The Milstein Family Foundation helps strengthen Israel, the Jewish community and the important US and Israel relationship. The foundation also works to educate young Jewish people about their faith and provide them the necessary tools to properly advocate the strengthening of the State of Israel on college campuses, in neighborhoods, schools and with friends.

Milstein has become a very vocal and active member of the Jewish community. He soon realized that people living in the two countries lacked philanthropic organizations. Because of the lack of charities present in Israel, Adam Milstein decided to create an organization that would stir up philanthropy and strengthen U.S. Israel ties. This caused Adam to start the Israeli-American Council. It has become the fastest growing Jewish charitable organization in the country. Adam Milstein also serves on the board of several pro-Israel organizations including the Jewish Founders Network, Stand By Me, Hasbara Fellowships, and Stand With Us. His wealth and expertise in philanthropy gives him the opportunity to share insight and advice to these organizations as they continue to grow.

The Role of the Frontera Fund in the Lives of Thousands of Children

The Frontera Fund is one of the few institutions that are standing for the rights of migrants that are having their existence in the United States denied.

This has proven true with the problematic situation of DACA, a program that wants to give chances to thousands of children, students, and teenagers in the UNited States. These kids are both students and, almost all of them, also work in when they are not studying at the Universty or school. This has proven to be a better life ethic than of the average American, and it would be very beneficial for the future of the nation to have such individuals in the nation.

However, the idea suffers from uncertainty, as politicians want to close the program in 2018 because of financial reasons and because of the disparity that it brings compared to Donald Trump’s stance on immigrants. Both philosophies with individuals who came from the exterior end up defying each other, and Trump wants to close the program or have it see a renewal of rules. It might be a problem for almost a million of children living in the United States today.

There are people and groups who have not accepted such reality, as many people’s lives are being affected by this decision. Mainly, the Frontera Fund, a group that was created out of an illegal arrest.

It all started when two journalists, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, ended up going to jail because of an investigation in the all mighty Joe Arpaio, a Sheriff in Maricopa County. It all ended very badly for both of them when he decided to shut down their investigation by ordering law enforcers to break into their houses, in the middle of the night, and drag them to jail.

However, a national outcry made sure that justice would prevail. Both journalists were released within 24 hours and went home with a considerable amount of settlement money from the county: millions of dollars.

That same settlement money is being used now to fund institutions that fight for civil and human rights. The Frontera Fund, created by Lacey & Larkin, is the name behind the financial support of most of these organizations.

As the biggest funding group of Texas when it comes to fighting for civil and human rights, the Frontera Fund has a crucial role in this fight for justice, as the lives of many people wouldn’t be the same without such support. As another victim declared in an interview, her case of legal abuse needed the assistance of the Frontera Fund to get the necessary representative in court.

As the years progress, the Frontera Fund becomes more and more essential, and the DACA program needs such support more than ever before.

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