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Randal Nardone Plays His Role to Help the Investors

When Randal Nardone founded the Fortress Investment Group, he knew that it would be of great importance. Therefore, he made people understand that he was establishing the company for the right reasons. As Randal was enjoying regarding his business, he ensured that he did not fail in his job of always providing people what they required in investing their money. Randal Nardone is a billionaire, and he is at the topmost in the list of Forbes billionaires. Even though he became successful through the Fortress Investment Group that is not actually where most of the cash he earned came from, but reasonable amount of money came from his hard work before he founded the investment firm and more

Nardone knew how to invest, and that is the origin of the idea of starting the investment firm for he felt that other people too need to understand how they can make money. Finally, Randal Nardone’s efforts paid off and the Fortress Investment Group up to date it continually helps the clients. Fortress firm wants to hold its position and to continue giving the clients what they need. There is a future plan of offering more opportunities to the people who require them. They are committed to making people realize that they can stand by themselves and yet be successful. A significant number of people started to see how companies can work together when Fortress Investment Group merged with the Softbank. After Nardone arning the J.D, he began his professional career in a law firm called Thacher Proffitt and Wood that is located in New York City. He became a partner in this law firm, and he was on the executive committee.

Later, Nardone found a managing director position in a financial industry at the Swiss banking giant UBS. He still served with the Blackrock Financial Management, and here he was the principle. Randal has served on the board of directors in a lot of firms. Among the firms, he has been a board director are the New Residential Investment Corp. Randal Nardone is still on the board of the Eurocastle Investment Limited that aims at European Union investment. Formerly he was on the boards of companies such as Aircastle Limited, SeaCube Container Leasing Ltd and Springleaf Holdings. Currently, Randal Nardone is the principal and director of several companies such as Fortress Macro Advisors, FM Falstaff Advisors, and Fortress Credit Corporation. In Fortress Investment Group is also a principal.

This is why I support “End Citizens United”.

The decision of the Supreme Court of the United States of 2010, in the case of Citizens United v. The Federal Election Commission not only caused a stir in the entire American political system, but also endangered our democracy by extending our constitutional right of Free Speech, protected by the 1st Amendment, to multinational corporations and allowing foreign citizens to influence our electoral system, through anonymous and unlimited donations to powerful “Political Action Committees”.

Since the Supreme Court issued this ruling, “End Citizens United” is working hard and with the help of donations from citizens concerned about our democracy, to help elect congressional representatives who pledge to keep corporate money out of our electoral system.

As Professor David Kairys (Professor of Law at Temple University School of Law) expressed so clearly: “Money is not speech and corporations are not people.”

Most believe that the decisions of the Supreme Court are final and unappealable, and although this is true in the vast majority of cases, there are 3 ways to revoke their decisions and that power only falls on the United States Congress.

That is why the work of groups such as “End Citizens United” is so important, which it has the support of numerous politicians and public figures, so that the necessary votes in Congress can be obtained to annul this decision.

“End Citizens United” have managed to raise, alone in 2016, more than 25 million dollars of more than 400 thousand donations made by citizens from all over the country concerned about the cleanliness of our democracy. This money is to help elect candidates who are in favor of reforming the campaign finance system and nullifying the court’s decision.

That is why it is so important to go out and vote in the upcoming November elections because candidates like Sylvia Gracia, Anthony Brindisi, Veronica Escobar, Kathy Manning, Lauren Baer and many others who are being supported by “End Citizens United” will, definitively , reform the financial system of our electoral campaigns and turn it into a system really free of foreign influences and alien to our democracy, which will not be perfect but is the best that currently exists in the whole world.

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Ah, the art of investing. Many people are passionate about it and love the thought of it, like me. On the other hand, you have people who fear putting their money on the line in any type of investment. Both situations are understandable. If you choose not to become an active investor and choose not to control your own financial destiny, Agora Financial can help you. The sooner you start investing, the better off you’ll be when it comes to retirement. There are a few basic tips that we must go over if you are looking at investing any money.

  1. Setting investment goals

Like any goal you have ever set, you must create a strategy or plan to assist you in reaching that goal. Every month, you must to create a plan that shows in detail how much you are going to invest, what you are going to invest in, and how you are going to invest that money. Some other tips that you need to know are don’t invest in something you don’t understand, don’t invest based on other people’s opinions, and have a detailed strategy when it comes to investing. If you follow these things, you are setting yourself up for long-term success.

  1. Short-term investing

Short-term investments are great if you are very knowledgeable at what it is you are investing in. Generally speaking, short-term investments have a high rate of return but they also have a higher risk than long-term options. What I would do is take the profits from my short-term investment and reinvest them into a more stable, long-term asset like bonds or a Roth IRA. This is what a lot of successful figures do and it is what I would recommend.

  1. Long-term investing

Two financial vehicles that I would highly recommend for anyone playing the long-term game include a Roth IRA and a 401l. When you invest in a Roth IRA, you allow your money to grow tax-free, allowing it to compound for years on end. As with a 401k, your employer will typically match your contribution up to a certain level. Both of these options are great for one looking to retire comfortably.

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Business insight from William Saito

Economic uncertainties and the collapse of the market has been the order of the 21st century ever since the market emphasized on putting a value on paper money. However, economic turmoil comes along with its pros and cons depending on the commercial culture of where a business is located. For most startups in the East in countries such as Japan, economic turmoil is an opportunity to create sustainable businesses. According to William H. Saito who serves as special advisor to the Prime Minister of the government of Japan, startups in the country use the opportunity of a turmoil to create successful businesses.

The economic culture in Japan has the habit of adapting to the prevailing economic, and most entrepreneurs do not believe in failing. In the West, however, as William H. Saito states, he is of the opinion that most startups fail during an economic turmoil to get back up again. Mr. Saito vehemently argues that during an economic burst, there isn’t much access to capital. Most startups in Japan and most countries of the East get toned budget management that comes in and when the market is stable. William H. Saito states that during an economic bubble, there is better access to capital and many startups that fail are likely to access more capital and launch other startups.

Despite the initial hurdles that most startups have to overcome in Japan, most of them remain solvent even in the event of an economic crisis. William H. Saito is among the most influential people in Japan and is a renowned figure. William Saito serves as an advisor to the cabinet office and has also worked with Palo Alto Networks as the Vice Chairman. William’s biography is an interesting one as he began programming at a tender age and owned a company by the time he was in high school. In 1998, William Saito was recognized as the Entrepreneur of the year by three organizations, and these included USA Today, NASDAQ and Ernst & Young. On the matters of cybersecurity, Mr. Saito is recognized as among the Titans and is proud to be associated with such authority. Also, Mr. Saito has a membership on the Foundation Board and works for hand in hand with World Economic Forum. Their primary objective is to provide insight and advisory services to national governments. John Wiley & Sons published an autobiography about William Saito named “An Programmed Life: Adventures of an Incurable Entrepreneur.”

How NGP VAN Is Enhancing Campaign Financing

Most political campaigns experiencing many challenges before it can turn successful. It requires funds as well as strategies. In addition, successful fundraising for a campaign requires well-orchestrated coordination at all levels whether local or national levels. Fundraising generates many data, which is not only time consuming but also complicated. The data require high tech and other tools for useful analysis. In case the campaign team lacks the proper equipment for analysis, then it will have information overload, which might create a backlog and distract success of the campaign.

In a recent report compiled by Federal Election Commission in 2016, on the average, a Senate candidate needs to spend around $10.4 million to win during an electioneering period. The candidate for the House of Representatives uses at least $1.5 million during the campaigns. At all levels, the price of winning are high and cost as well strategies of running a winning campaign are complex.

Most campaign managers are therefore looking for campaign tech to enhance monitoring of campaign spending as well financed. Technology startups are striving to provide solutions in the political arena. One of such firms is NGP VAN. The institution is a technology provider for non-profit firms, Democratic campaigns as well as Progressive campaigns. VAN and Digital 8 can help campaign managers organize information by utilizing dashboards, which have charts as well as graphs to arrange information from campaigns. NGP VAN software empowers most Democratic campaigns such as Barack Obama fundraising.

Digital Solution

NGP VAN integrates strategies such as email, SMS, and social media platforms to enhance fundraising. The consolidation of donations ensures that even individual donors can contribute consistently until the end of the campaign. Using the platform managers can come with a detailed list of sponsors and use the technology to expand the network. The tech can also help to convey the donation requests to more people.

Additionally, the technology is providing a new outlook to political fundraising. The tech emphasizes that donors contribute to political campaigns based on priorities as well as on political interest not as charity. The donors contribute towards the campaign of a candidate with similar political views. NGP VAN encourages donors to view contributions as an investment towards the achievement of certain goals as well as priorities. NGP VAN employes around 200 employees.

Mobile Fundraising

NGP VAN introduced NGP 8 to enhance compliance as well as fundraising in campaigns. NGP 8, which works seamlessly with ActBlue pages, allows grassroots fundraising via online platforms. Using ActBlue donors can view contributions instantly as well as anywhere while using a mobile device.

The person behind Telereal’s success, Graham Edwards

Meet Graham Edwards, the Chief Executive Officer of Telereal Trillium, and he has held the position since the company was founded in 2001. He is also the current CEO and co-owner of Castle Water. Telereal Trillium has become a property management and general investment powerhouse in the UK, thanks to reforms made and Graham Edwards’ effort. He earned the CEO position after he spearheaded a transaction that saw British Telecomholdings Group PLC and Telereal enter a 30-year partnership. A milestone in his career, before working at Telereal Trillium, Graham Edwards had worked as fund manager for Merrill Lynch. He was the property department’s head of finance while he was with British Telecomholdings Group PLC. Also, he was the Chief Investment Officer at Talisman Global Asset Management. Graham Edwards attended Cambridge University where he pursued economics. He is a sportsman who is passionate about tennis and skiing.

The Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) released its New Generative initiative, and a significant new effort has been launched to aid to the New Generative initiatives agenda. CPS wants to develop new policy ideas for post-Brexit Britain which helps voters get a more fruitful future. There are four policy programmes which take much consideration of the major issues affecting the future and lives of people.

These four major policy programmes include business and enterprise, tax and cost of living, housing and planning, and finally, welfare. Alex Morton will be supervising these four programmes. Tom Clougherty was appointed the head of tax. Rachel Wolf and Public First were nominated to work with the CPS team on welfare, with a task to redesign the welfare system and state and to make it suitable for the 21st Century.

Graham Edwards was assigned the role of Chairman for CPS’ housing policy group and also as a CPS Research Fellow. CPS has not yet named a new head of business, but that will be announced soon enough. Recently, Emma Barr was published as the head of communications, Rosie Lyburn as the head of development and Declan Pang as the head of external engagement.

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NetPicks Trading Strategies is a firm that deals with equipping people with trade education ( It specializes in stock market trading, Forex trading, Future trading and options trading systems which have made it a Forex giant today. It was founded in 1996 with its main aim being to help investors become profitable traders. Its headquarters are in Irving, Texas. NetPicks has a workforce led by Mark Soberman, the president, and founder, that is highly experienced and keen to assist clients to achieve their trading goals. Mark Soberman is the chief executive officer of the company as well. He has vast knowledge in the finance sector which is beneficial to NetPicks.

NetPicks provides Forex and tons of other services. However, their monthly charges are higher than those of other firms, but the advantages are worth the extra pay. Its website offers a two-week free trial and access is restricted to its members only. Clients are supposed to open a live account with 5000 dollars with the PFG broker. NetPicks is praised for its quick responses to its customers and their splendid customer service.

NetPicks has given guidance to forex traders for 22 years. Forex trading also referred to as FX trading, is based on speculations since prices fluctuate. It offers people with chances to trade in a decentralized market. Trade is done through electronic over-the-counter financial exchanges in cities such as Paris, London, Sydney and New York. The market runs on a 24-hour clock since the markets are in several cities. Most people, however, prefer spot trading which involves making trades instantly but forward markets and future markets are also options. Charts and a live signal broadcasted by NetPicks help traders in FX trading, see

According to NetPicks, the liquidity of FX trading is one of the reasons that makes traders prefer currency pairs. Apart from its substantial liquidity one of the other feature that characterizes the FX market is the few choices that it provides for the traders. Since education offers traders with high probability to succeed, NetPicks advises traders to research the forex market and also start the trade with small sums of money ranging from one hundred dollars to five hundred dollars.

A vision and beyond for Ara Chackerian

With efforts running through Armenia, Nicaragua and the United States in terms of charity, Ara Chackerian is a Florida State University graduate with B.S. in marketing. Giving back to the society is one of the philanthropists’ strengths. Driven by passion in health care and technology plus an experience of more than two decades, he has co-founded several companies. In inclusion to the companies he has co-founded is BMC Diagnostics, a leading provider of diagnostic imaging services and TMS health solutions which is a California based integrated provider of behavioral health. The TMS health solutions directors’ life experiences have jogged his mind from time to time and created ideas for him. He has had an appreciation for different views and opinions; this has made him go into business with a number of people. His passion has well expanded beyond just technology into forestry. For more details you can visit



He has a vision that extends past leaving the wilderness into waste. He has pioneered this course by providing necessary tools and techniques to clients, partners and nature enthusiasts. It is definitely not everyone that can have ideas on what to do at certain areas and this is where the experts of forestry like Mr. Ara come in. Through using the care and caution needed in the curation of trees and wildlife population, great benefits are likely to be harvested. Forests are being depleted and this is probably due the fact that the public might be uninformed. Ara Chackerian therefore believes in sharing information with the public. You can checkout for more info.




He believes that calculated measures and policies should be put into place and equipping the public is one of them. Income generating methods have also targeted to minimize disease and encourage rapid increase in animals. The State of Michigan has already put in place a number of measures that have impacted it positively. Such achievements should encourage other states and countries to adopt such measures. A wide range of benefits can be seen from economic boost to healthy trees and purified air, if Michigan should be used as a model. Ara and other forestry experts’ positive impact to the society will probably benefit the generation that will follow.




Ian King Uses Expertise to Help Others

Ian King uses his experience and success to give back to people. There are things that Ian King knows how to do that other people don’t understand. He spends his time showing them what they can get and giving them the experience that allows him the ability to keep giving back. Thanks to the hard work and effort he put into his business, he made all the right choices. It was his way of promoting a positive experience and his way of allowing people to see how they could make things easier. While Ian King knew what he needed to do, he also knew other people needed the same opportunities. Read this article at Hi-Tech Chronicle.



When people come to Ian King to learn about investing, they realize he’s a guru. He knows more about investing than many others and spends most of his time showing people they can do things the right way. While Ian King knew this when he started, he also knew things would work in his favor. It’s his way of promoting a positive experience so people can keep getting more from the investments they make. Without his help, many people wouldn’t know what to do with the money they put into investments.

There are times when Ian King has to make choices that he wouldn’t normally make with other people. He makes these choices with his own investments and uses them to his advantage. Even though he knows how to invest money, he also knows the investments need to be the best they can be or they won’t work out. It’s his way of promoting an experience other might not promote. He spends his time showing people all the things they can learn from investing so they can get more from the best investor in the industry. It’s his way of allowing people to see how hard he can work.



There are times when Ian King has to make things easier on himself. He knows what it means to show people the right investments. Ian King isn’t usually afraid to give people all the options they need. If he can give them the experience necessary to make all the right investments, he’ll be among the best in the industry. It’ll help him through all the times he deals with. Ian King likes giving people a chance to see how they can make more money just by making the right investments with the money they already have. Learn more about Ian King at Crunchbase.


Freedom Checks Are Available After The Passing Of A Valuable Statute

Natural resources investment expert Matt Badiali defines a Freedom Check as a “dividend that is paid by one of two types of companies, either a Master Limited Partnership or a Royalty Trust.” The definition of a Master Limited Partnership, MLP, is a partnership, publicly traded that has the liquidity of a publicly traded security but also has the tax benefit of a limited partnership. A Royalty Trust is defined as a trust that typically owns resources such as natural gas and oil. These resources have to be extracted by an outside firm. Read more about Freedom Checks at

He thinks they are a great avenue for investment for everyday average investors, but he has a list of things that an investor needs to keep in mind before choosing from one of the many Freedom Check providers. Matt’s first criteria for a Freedom Checks provider is that has assets to the value of no less than $1 billion. His second criteria is that an investor should only deal with companies that regularly pay out large sums to their investors. His third criteria is that you should only do business with providers that have the track record to back up your faith in them. These companies should be making their investors a lot of money. The last rule Matt Badiali has is that you need to see cold, hard evidence of the provider’s financials that are being claimed. Matt feels that if investors follow these rules, they will be able to identify good Freedom Check providers.



Requirements for this include a company needing to generate 90% of is revenue from processing, production, transportation and storage of a natural resource and pay out large checks to shareholders. Read this article at Money Morning.