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Vibrant Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe Herd was born in 1989. She is a very vibrant businesswoman with a wide range of experience in the business industry. She has been able to commit her professional competence in the world of technology. For sure she is one of the most successful people in the industry now and has continued to be honored because of her great contributions. She happens to be the chief executive officer and the founder of Bumble who is among the top four most popular dating apps across the world. She has been known because of her great efforts towards designing these apps.

Whitney Wolfe is also the co-founder of the most popular dating app, Tinder. She played a great role during the development of the app. Previously she has employed to market a project they were working on, but it later ended up failing. That is when they decided to design the app, Tinder and as a marketing expert, they decided to involve her. She was passionate about any progress and was tasked to provide a good name for the app. Later, she was asked to take over marketing. She was able to design winning techniques that made all university students become members. Unfortunately, she was not in the company to celebrate its 10th birthday. She faced sex assault while at the office and sued the director involved. She left Tinder with her share of $1 million and went to start Bumble.

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Whitney Wolfe took her time very well while designing the app and worked with great motivation towards making it a success. In 2014, she was contacted by Badoo CEO, and they launched Bumble BFF a vertical that can add friends easily. She has continued to work on user-friendly verticles that have made the company pick to greatness. Today, it is worth more than $1 billion according to Forbes. The CEO, Whitney Wolfe Herd, has continued to be recognized for her innovativeness and has become so popular in the whole world. She is now one of the most successful women in the technology industry. Her international marketing qualifications from the Southern Methodist University have made her a very competitive person in the industry.

Bradesco Bank Experiences Changes in Management Body

Octavio de Lazari was recently nominated to serve as the CEO of Bradesco bank. He is taking the place of Trabuco Bradesco who was given another role of serving as the chairman of the leading financial institution last year. The move to nominate Lazari to the position of the chief executive officer of the firm was instituted after it was approved by the board of directors along with other aspects that contributed to him being considered as the suitable candidate. Learn more about Trabuco Bradesco at


Before he was chosen for this post, Lazari served as the president of Bradesco Seguros, a branch that handles the banking and insurance department of the Bradesco banks. Octavio started serving the firm at the age of 15 at a branch of the bank that was in the proximity of where he loved. He began serving at some of the base posts of the firm and struggled to climb to the top position of the department he served. He was appointed to serve as the CEO of Bradesco Seguros, and now he is assuming the position of the president of Bradesco.



The changes in the management of the company began as a result of the retirement of their chairman, and this made Trabuco Bradesco the chairman of the firm. Nevertheless, having him in this position will make his former post vacant, but until the new CEO is instated, Trabuco will be performing the two roles, as the chairman and CEO of the company. Trabuco Bradesco has the same past with Lazari in regards to the professional development. Even Trabuco began his profession at the company by working as a clerk when he graduated. He envisioned an objective of making a great name for himself. For this reason, he worked hard to climb up to the highest ranks in the company. Read more at Ultimo Segundo about Trabuco Bradesco.


He served at numerous posts before he was given an opportunity to lead Bradesco Seguros, and later he was appointed to lead the company as the president and now is working as the chairman of Bradesco bank. Trabuco Bradesco has played a key role in the growth of that the bank has been experiencing over the years.

Freedom Checks Investors Expected to See Big Return

When people hear the name Freedom Checks, many assume that it is a federal program. This is not the case, but they do exist because of Statute 26-F which is a federal law. They are a profitable investment strategy into companies known as Master Limited Partnerships and billions are paid out monthly to investors. The investment strategy is simple, and you can start with as little as $10. Now of course, the more you invest, the more you are likely to be able to get back. A few examples of payouts people are receiving are $24,075, $66,570, and $160,923, all of these are clearly more than the average social security check.

There is a lot of potential in these Freedom Checks and Matt Badiali introduced the concept to the world through a video released online that showed just how anyone can benefit from the opportunity regardless of their age or income level. Recently, a tax plan was introduced that gave these Master Limited Partnerships considerable tax breaks. These tax breaks will potentially lead to big returns for investors in Freedom Checks. These business partnerships are publically traded and have a lot of advantages when it comes to taxes that many other companies do not have. Only the profits not paid back to investors are subject to tax, so the more they pay out, the less they have to pay in taxes. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Most businesses that are considered Master Limited Partnerships are involved in natural resource industries like gas and oil. Not only do most of these businesses process and produce these natural resources, they are also involved in refinement, transport, and finding new wells. The oil and gas industries within the United States have been increasing their production dramatically recently. This means that the United States has not had to import nearly as much oil from other nations such as those in the Middle East. These Master Limited Partnerships’ revenue must have at least 90% dist5ributed to their stakeholders to be able to operate as a tax-free entity. While they may issue Freedom Checks at any time, generally they distribute them quarterly or even monthly.

Shafik Sachedina: A Philanthropist and a Medical Service Provider

Shafik Sachedina: A Philanthropist and a Medical Service Provider

Shafik Sachedina is a United Kingdom-based businessman and philanthropist. He loves to join organizations around the country which aims to help a lot of people, and he is enlisted as a member of two of the largest Islamic organizations in the country. He is a senior member of the Institute of Ismaili Studies, an organization headquartered in France which aims to promote Islamic culture and history. Every year, he prepares a plan for the annual event celebrating the Islamic culture, and it is his responsibility to think about how the institute could introduce the culture to non-Muslims. He has been serving the organization for years, and he stated that it makes him happy seeing non-Muslims becoming interested in their culture and tradition. Shafik Sachedina is also an active member of a group called the Aga Khan Development, and together with other members, they are serving the Central Asian region which is home to a large majority of less fortunate people.

They are banding together to provide them with assistance and job opportunities for them to earn money. His active lifestyle in philanthropy has been a rewarding experience, and he stated that he would continue to serve the people through the organizations where he belongs.When he is not busy doing social works, Shafik Sachedina can be found inside his office managing his business, called the Sussex Healthcare. It is a rehabilitation facility located south of London, and they offer a variety of medical services to their patients. The Sussex Healthcare rehabilitation facility has been accepting people who are injured or those who have special needs. They are being taken care of by the staff that has a professional license in providing care services.

The facility also acts as a nursing home, and it has attracted hundreds of senior citizens all across the United Kingdom to consider spending their remaining time at the facility.Because of his impressive background in the field of healthcare services, the company grew under his leadership. Along with his colleagues who helped him fund the company, they are transforming the healthcare and rehabilitation industry in the United Kingdom. The Sussex Healthcare introduced a lot of developments, and they are the standard when it comes to the preferred rehabilitation facility in the country. One of the reasons why the patients are recommending Sussex Healthcare is because of their trained staff who knew how to handle the patients well. Another reason would be their prime location, which is situated in the middle of a rural landscape which provides a refreshing atmosphere to the patients inside.

Chris Burch, Owner of Nihi Sumba

Chris Burch has created a lavish and lovable resort called Nihi Sumba. This resort does more than just grant its visitors an escape from everyday life. This resort invites its visitors into a lifestyle being well lived. This resort is the perfect mux between freedom and luxury. This place allows for a person to connect to a larger than life place or peace and refuge. If you are an adventurer or wanderer, Nihi Sumba has something especially for you. It is place for passionate curiosity. Purposeful vacations occur. People arrive wanting to relax and they leave feeling recharged, see (

Chris Burch’s paradise creation is east of Bali. The resort is centered in an oasis of beautiful warm blue waters surrounded by green lush vegetation. The resort is able to accommodate all of the needs of its visitors due to their large variety of services. They offer visitors wedding options, a variety of places to stay, exceptional dining and heavenly experiences.

The dining experiences of this resort allow visitors to have a vast selection of vegetables, meats and organic meals freshly prepared to their demand. They specialize in great dining because it starts and ends the day. Their menus support local taste buds and foods with origins to that area of the world. Their fish come straight from their shores. Open fire toast is a favorite amongst guests.

Nihi Sumba goes beyond the ordinary hotel room. Chris Bruch has specially designed the villas and rooms of this resort to be exceptional and unforgettable accommodations. The way you live will be ultimately altered after staying in one of these ultra-plush and comfortable rooms. Detail is in the room from the crisp bed lines to the canopy beds. For your sweet tooth, a mini bar boasts handmade chocolate. Indian Ocean views will be the first and last thing you see every day. The accommodations have different styles to meet your taste. The styles of the villas and rooms go perfectly for those wanting something sweet and simple and for those wanting something more daring and adventurous.

The resort has a host of activities to keep you busy while on your vacation. Wellness is important to Chris Burch’s resort. Yoga and exercises are at the core of the resort. The spa safari is perfect for relaxing and healing. Excursions are planned on a daily basis. The Sumba culture invites all visitors to experience their society, as posted on

A Look At Young Entrepreneur Milan Kordestani

Milan Kordestani is a young man who got an early start as an entrepreneur. He was still attending high school at Sacred Heart Preparatory in Atherton, California, when he launched Milan Farms. This is a company that supports local farmers by selling their products under one brand name. The goal is to ultimately have a national brand that distributes smaller farmers products that will be sold in major grocery chains. He is the chief executive officer of Milan Farms.

While in high school Milan Kordestani was the president of the Persian Club and was also the dean’s ambassador. His favorite hobby was competing as an equestrian. He has competed nationally including at the World’s Championship Horse Show where he earned fourth place. Later on he competed at the American Royal as earned a bronze medal. He also competed in the Five Gaited Show Pleasure division and just missed out on winning by coming in second place. After graduating from high school Milan Kordestani started attending Colorado College. He is in his first year there and is working towards earning a degree in agricultural economics.

Milan Kordestani started engaging in philanthropy early in his life as well. In 2014 he started sponsoring a child in Uganda through World Vision. He is pen pals with this child and also supplies him with things he needs for school. presents, and a monthly donation of cash to help him and his family. Additionally, he volunteers as a tutor through Pars Equality Center. The types of students he tutors are immigrant high school-aged children.

The three things he grows at Milan Farms is eggs, saffron, and herbs. His animals and plants are grown only using organic ingredients. He says he wants to offer a pure and honest product that consumers can feel good about buying and eating. His chickens are humanely raised and are able to wander outdoors on his farm. Milan Kordestani trademarked both his brand and logo in 2016 and in that year also expanded to having four farms. He sells eggs up and down the west coast as well as in the state of Colorado.

End Citizens United Case: Rick Scott In Trouble

End Citizens United is a political committee action, and it filed a case with FEC recently. In the complaint, the organization was alleging that Scott used PAC illegally for supporting his senate campaign. According to PAC, a candidate can use these actions so that to get around the limits of the federal that are placed on contributions to campaigns of a candidate directly. At that time, Rick Scott had already raised $78 million towards his campaigns.

A candidate can raise more money possible and then spend as much as he wishes but the funds should not work for his campaign process directly. It is what made End Citizens United accuse Rick Scott because he violated the law. Besides, Rick Scott was working as the chairman of PAC before he announced running the Senate seat where the organization pledged to assist him to get elected in the position.

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Adam Bozzi, the communication director, working at End Citizens United stated that Scott has interest in political ambitions than the law, so he figured out on the way he can bypass the election law by getting soft money into PAC that was supposed to be in use for the United States president. Bozzi also insisted that PAC was in existence so that it could help Rick Scott in sidestepping the campaign finance regulations, settle his campaign bills and evade revelation laws.

When Rick Scott was talking, he denied all the accusations, but Adam Bozii countered his denial by presenting some documents that supported that charge. It claimed that Mr. Scott worked with PAC in the recent months. The End Citizens United indicated that Scott was still listed on PAC’s website as the chairman of the organization in January.

In 2010, there was frustration in a decision made by the supreme court of Citizens United, and this led to the establishment of End Citizens United. It started operating in 2015 where its role was to encourage the campaign finance reform. They aimed at getting Big Money out from the political system by giving support to the candidates that agreed with their agenda. They work together with these candidates such that donations made can no longer become unlimited or disclosed.

Happy People Healthy World- Herbalife Nutrition

Jonathan dos Santos is an LA Galaxy Midfielder as well as a Mexican National Team Member who was recently signed by Herbalife Nutrition which is one of the leading premier nutrition organization. The international company signed the player to an exclusive multi-year deal which is run throughout 2021 MLS season. Herbalife will act as the performance nutrition partner for Jonathan dos Santos. Rick Goudis is the Chief Executive Officer of Herbalife Nutrition, and he said that his group was happy to sign the sportsman and to be his partner. Rich further noted that what Jonathan has portrayed through nutrition in the community, fitness as well as nutrition which is the primary purpose of the company; making the world a happy, and healthy place.

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Jonathan dos Santos will be the official partner of Herbalife, and he will get the opportunity to use the organization’s sports products which are NSF certified for sports. The products will help him improve his performance in the field. On the other side, Jonathan said how thrilled he was to partner with Herbalife together with their expertise to make sure that he is getting the required nutrition and hydration for his career and ensure that he completes his races as an athlete. The Herbalife Nutrition products were introduced to Dos Santos during the LA Galaxy Lounge, and to begin his day, Mr Santos takes Rebuild Strength. Herbalife together with Dos is working to produce a video which will show how he prepares Banana Shake which is one of his favorite shakes. The partnership between Jonathan and Herbalife will not only benefit the athlete but also the community as they will receive nutrition education.

Jonathan Dos Santos is a Mexican native and was signed to FC Barcelona Academy, and together with his brother, they made their way up in sports. Herbalife Nutrition is an International firm which was created with a primary purpose of changing the world by making it prosperous and healthier. Ever since 1980 when the group was initiated, it has been improving people’s lives through their programs and nutrition products. The nutrition firm has been working hand in hand with their independent distributors who have been offering health solution to the world. Ever since their foundation Herbalife Nutrition has been delivering high quality products which are scientifically supported and manufactured in their facilities. The firm produces products among them weight management, wellness, and fitness, as well as personal care products which are now available in over 90 nations around the world.

The Future of Contactless Payment with PSI Pay

Contactless payment has, increasingly, become the popular form of payment for small purchases. The ability of a customer to use one tap to make a transaction has really sped up the, otherwise, long process that was. A revolution of this kind may be received with a lot of skepticism; however, many stores across the world have embraced this form of payment.

Gone are the days when people would carry around notes and coins. With contactless payments, people use smartcards, credit, and debit cards for purchases. Today, cards are the currencies people carry around. At the forefront of this revolution is PSI Pay, a company that champions contactless payments by providing both people and businesses with quick, private, and secure global transactions.

PSI Pay Ltd is a Principle Member of MasterCard. Its dealings in electronic money are authorized and regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). They provide customized physical or virtual card programs for individuals and companies on a global scale. The company provides its customers with a multi-currency platform which enables the movement of money. They provide people with secure online payment accounts, physical and virtual payment cards.

The contactless payment trend has existed for the past 10 years and more people are jumping at the chance to use it. One notable entity is the Church of England which has championed the use of electronic collection terminals for donation collection in 40 churches. According to PSI Pay, contactless payments will grow to surpass the use of cash.

There are many players in the market for contactless payments such as Android Pay, Apple Pay, and Google Wallet, however, the partnership between PSI Pay and Kerv has made a strong force in the global market. According to the UK cards association, last year 108 million contactless cards were issued in the UK. In addition, there were 500,000 bank-owned terminals present to accommodate these transactions.

The new norm has become the use of contactless payments and customers are calling out to retailers that have not updated their payment methods to do so. Contactless payments cards and rings are widely accepted even by institutions that were considered traditionally cash-based. This really changes the dynamic. PSI Pay continues to be the vehicle that carries contactless payments to its inevitable dominance, the future of all transactions.


Jed McCaleb Working On Cryptocurrency Payment System

Jed McCaleb is an early cryptocurrency innovator. He understands the cryptocurrency industry so well that he can make a projection of what is going to happen in the next few years in the industry. He sees great potential in this industry and has been hoping that it will bring to an end the challenges that the current cryptocurrencies are facing. He is banking on the industry to change the current financial system which he says does not favor all the people.

Jed McCaleb recently appeared on CNBC where he made a prediction about the use of blockchain technology in the stock market, payments, and fundraising. More of this technology will be seen in the financial sectors as the technology supporting the digital currencies is developed.

McCaleb was behind the Mt. Gox, a bitcoin exchange that did very well at the beginning of this decade. He later sold it so that he could concentrate on other projects. He has worked with big crypto organizations meaning that he is not new to this industry. When he talks about the future of the industry, he does so with authority. Jed McCaleb is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Stellar. Stellar is a nonprofit organization which is about to change the banking system by supporting the invention of a cross-border payment system. When he appeared on CNBC, Jed McCaleb said that the future of the blockchain technology is very bright. It will soon be used even for other types of currencies. The good thing about this technology is that it has very low transaction charges and the ledger is public and cannot be altered arbitrarily.

According to Jed, one of the things that he has predicted is that there will be a universal payment system that will be used with other types of currencies. Paying with digital currencies will no longer be a problem as there will be a system in place to facilitate these transactions. The Stellar network is being used by IBM to create this cross-border system. The most important thing in this industry is changing the industry for the better and facilitating technological development. That way, the blockchain technology will still be in effect. For more info, visit

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