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“Advice on Burnout from James River Capital’s Paul Saunders “

Work life can be stressful, as can home life. Being overloaded by one or the combination of both of the stresses is known as burnout, and it’s dangerous. Burnout is a major problem among working people in the United States. It’s important to recognize the signs of burnout among your employees, and to know how to combat the negative affects having the condition brings. Paul Saunders, the CEO of James River Capital, has some pointers on how to spot the signs of it.

Employees may be feeling a loss of control. If they think that they can’t keep up with schedules or that their time isn’t managed wisely they may feel hopeless and begin to suffer burnout. To help combat this, Saunders recommends having schedules and policies that are flexible and accommodating. It’s also wise to encourage employees to begin their day by outlining goals they’d like accomplish during the day. This helps to give control back to them.

When employees feel like they’re out of the loop, it leads to negative feelings and an abundance of stress. Saunders recommends being completely open and honest with your employees. For any decision that’s made, make sure your employees fully understand the decision and it’s consequences. They should also comprehend your reasoning for making such a decision and – even if they don’t agree with it – be able to understand it from your perspective. This lets them feel like they’re part of the team, and trusted.

Workers need to feel that they can relax and detach from the job. Make sure your employees have the right attitudes: Their job is merely a job – not their life. Their stress can lead to extreme anger or sadness, so make sure that the workplace is a comfortable and relaxed environment where employees can feel at ease while they work.

The major cause of burnout and stress among employees is just an overall lack of confidence. Make it a major point in your work to check in with your employees and reassure them that they’re doing well, and that their work is fine. Helping them to set reasonable personal goals is also a good idea. In addition to that, setting achievable goals in their work will help them to feel more valuable and to avoid having burnout and stress. An engaged employee with something to conquer is an employee that’s happy!

Burnout is a major problem in offices all across America, especially since the advent of smartphones and social media services. Luckily, this advice will help you combat burnout and employee stress very effectively. Since James River Capital has become one of the country’s premier investment advisory services, it’s safe to say that CEO Paul Saunders knows what he’s talking about!


Some Insights on Cyber Security by Unroll Me

With the increase in the internet penetration rate and the adoption of technology by many people around the world, the focus has now shifted to the safety of personal data and devices. The number of cybersecurity cases have increased significantly with time and some firms such as Unroll.Me have developed solutions to curb the menace. The organization was formed to help its clients to have control over their emails.

One is required to subscribe for the service for free to enable them to easily unsubscribe from unwanted subscriptions. A daily list of the subscriptions is automatically prepared and sent to the subscribers. Through the Unroll.Me service, you are guaranteed a clean inbox. Unroll.Me recommends internet users to adopt several measures to curb cybersecurity threats and hence improve their experience.

One of the common practices is ensuring regular software update. Recently, many internet users were threatened by cybercriminals through ransomware. In such a case, one is required to pay a ransom to avoid the destruction of their personal data. In early 2017, hundreds of thousands of people from 150 countries were affected by ransomware. The emails are one of the main platforms where ransomware are used.

Experts urge email users to avoid downloading software from unknown sources to avoid such attacks. Some of the institutions that were affected by the 2017 cybersecurity incident include hospitals and educational institutions. It was a lesson to many people that they should always ensure that all their software are up to date.

Many people don’t like going through privacy policies as they consider them to be boring. However, it is necessary to do so as they contain crucial information about what to expect from a company. One of the privacy policies for Unroll.Me is that the company may collect, use and sell your data provided it’s not of personal nature. One of the incidents that made people realize the need for this practice involved Uber and its rival company. Many people were surprised due to that policy by Unroll.Me. The other way that your personal information may get compromised and exposed to third parties is through the use of some third-party applications.

Heather Parry Expands Target Audience

Blair Rich, Warnér Photos leader of worldwide advertising, says, “Heather ánd Live Nation wére instrumental in éxpanding the global target audience, supporting all of us get thé film into the hands of music followers across the world. The lady activated Livé Nation’s vénues around the world and tapped to their powerful data ánd interpersonal press. The dynamic advertising partnership proceeded to go considerably over and above their expenditure in the film. ”

A Star is Born

And more than thé previous 3 years, Live Nation itself has turned into a tale creator for Párry’s division: Bécause its offices also home Maverick Administration, many of Parry’s tasks had been hatched without her needing to leave the business grounds. “Thát’s how ‘Cán’t End ’ started — [Live Nation CEO] Michael Jordan Rapino was known as and stated, ‘Hey, are yóu at work? We’re working with a Poor Guy tour méeting, ’ therefore I walked as well as jumped in, ” the girl recalls. “That’s also just how ‘Believer’ occurred – these were in a méeting nearby. Like Gaga, I actually sit down following to hér supervisor, Bobby Campbell. Noah Cyrus’ supervisor, Adam Leber, is normally to my still left. 1 day, I had been burning up a candle within my workplace and she walked in and stated, ‘Hey, it scents excellent in right here, I am Nóah! ’ and we began talking as well as the task created from thére.

“It’s á place exactly where items are constantly occurring, ” the girl concludes. “ Discuss synergy: You light a candlestick and an artist shows up! ”

Jojo Hedaya and make it easy to reduce your inbox

Jojo Hedaya was recently featured in an article on the WeWork website titled “Meet the 24-year-old Founders Winning the Battle Against Junk Mail.” The article, written by Danielle Renton, reveals how easy it is to become distracted by the constant notifications of emails. This severe problem led Jojo Hedaya and his business partner Josh Rosenwald to create a unique product called The function of the tool is to organize all the emails, particularly since 80% of the emails are simply updates, subscriptions or newsletters. The personal frustration led them to make a product that will compile all the subscriptions into a single email, allowing you to scroll through the emails without making you sift through every single one. It streamlines the unsubscribing process as well, allowing you to unsubscribe from any newsletters you aren’t interested in anymore with a single click.

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Another benefit of the creation by Jojo Hedaya is the ability to choose what time the Rollup is sent to your email. This allows the subscribers to go through their subscriptions during their lunch break or after work without being constantly interrupted. The two met when they traveled to Israel to study while they were both in college. They created the first version of the product within two months. However, the early release did not work very well. They revealed the secret to standing out from their competitors is the simplification. They wanted to help users have a simple experience with a product that was easy to use. With the app, you can see all of the subscriptions and unsubscribe from them with a single click.

The product was also featured in the Tech Crunch article titled “Post Rakuten Acquisition, Slice Buys Unroll.Me to Add Email List Control to its Shopping App.” The article reveals Slice purchased the app to help people unsubscribe from mass-emails and spam. The bootstrap startup began in 2011 and gained 1.3 million different users without any outside investors. The article reveals that companies are gaining an edge when they are able to have a great customer experience. Consumers want apps and technology companies to run smoothly while also getting discounts if they can.

Entrepreneur Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos has been working with the FAA for the past year. He was nominated to the Management Advisory Council in September 2017 and has continued to help the agency throughout 2018. His nomination wasn’t a surprise to those who know him, but others who didn’t peg him for the aviation leader type found out that he has been in aviation business for many years.


In fact, DeVos started working in aviation long before his appointment to the special council for the FAA. He now works alongside transportation authorities and airline executives in the Management Advisory Council, but before that, he was working in philanthropy and with his own private equity firm The Windquest Group.


For people like the CEO of Southwest and the CEO of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport, Dick DeVos has shown his business acumen by putting the Grand Rapids airport on the map. In the early 1990s, there was nothing happening in Grand Rapids. It was the hometown of the DeVos family, but there was little to no business economy in downtown Grand Rapids.


So, DeVos started to do something about that. He wanted to work with city leaders and businesses to build a better future for the city. What he did allowed the city to grow rapidly for the past few decades, leading to a bigger airport as well and more travelers heading through the Grand Rapids area.


How did DeVos achieve this? He started by working with the business owners in downtown and funding the building of several new areas around the business district. He developed the DeVos Place Convention Center and DeVos Performance Hall. Then, he looked to the airport as the next place for growth. He wanted to help the CEO do something more with the airport.


He started by making a phone call to Air Tran Airways CEO in the early 2000s. He asked if the CEO would be willing to open up new destinations at the Grand Rapids location. DeVos had a plan to bring in more business travelers, which he felt was a popular niche market that could change things around for the small airport. DeVos was right. In just a year, the airport managed to bring in more business than ever. New ticket sales flew threw the roof.


By 2018, the airport would have to expand as well. A $45 million expansion went through allowing for new areas of the airport to be built, such as the business traveler center and new food court area.


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Why OSI Industries Is A Successful Firm

Many years ago, an immigrant who was in search of a better life settled in Chicago in the United States. The immigrant had little in his pockets, and he wanted to find a source of living in his new country. The businessman decided to open a butcher shop at one of the small buildings close to him. At first, his business goal was to earn some profits when serving the other immigrants who were living in Chicago. What this immigrant didn’t know is that this was going to become one of the largest independent food companies in the international market. Although the store was small in size, it grew its reputation because it served quality products to clients.

One hundred years later, OSI Industries is prominent in the world, giving customers food products that are of the best quality in the market. The organization is proud to be the employer of more than twenty thousand professionals who have specialized in different areas. These individuals are based in seventeen nations, and they take care of the sixty-five facilities that are owned by OSI Group.

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OSI Industries was operating under the name Otto and Sons for a long time. The company got its first major customer many years ago. McDonalds signed a contract with this food company, and this marked a new start for both companies. McDonald’s officials realized that the products they were getting from OSI Industries were the best. In the 1970s, Otto and Sons was interested in expansion initiatives, and so it sought for funds from one of the financial consultants in the United States, Sheldon Lavin. This executive had helped so many companies in the past, and they knew that they were going to benefit from his services. Sheldon Lavin brought OSI Industries the best achievements. Apart from helping the company get into new markets, the businessman changed the name of the firm. Numerous acquisitions were made under Sheldon Lavin, making the company presence increase even in the United States. The numbers of customers who depend on the products from this firm have increased each day. The review from this firm can tell that the customers are always satisfied.

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Peter Briger: An Expert In All-Things Finance

A stalwart in the financial realm, Peter Briger grasps the intricacies of his domain that others grapple with. Touted as one of the top business professionals worldwide, Briger’s been recognized by Forbes for his tremendous accomplishments. These days, Peter Briger is most prominently known for his role at Fortress Investment Group, an investment management company. Briger’s years of industry experience primed him for success in this pursuit. When he was appointed Co-CEO in 2002, his eminence became obvious. Upon receiving this title, Peter Briger vowed to put his prowess as a leader to good use. Read the article at Wikipedia to learn more.

In addition to co-managing Fortress, Briger also serves as Co-Chairman on the company’s Board of Directors. While these roles are impressive, perhaps Briger’s most notable feat is helping take Fortress public. Alongside his astute colleagues, Peter Briger brought Fortress into the limelight, subsequently arming the company with enduring success. Briger attributes these achievements to the knowledge he gleaned from Goldman Sachs, an investment banking company. During his stint at Goldman Sachs, Peter Briger developed a vast skill set. After 15 years with the company, Briger gained insight into the following fields: foreign investments, distressed debt, trading, and real estate.

After bidding Goldman Sachs a fond farewell, Briger found himself at the helm of Fortress. Under his sage counsel, Fortress has exponentially grown. In fact, the company is reported to be worth $65 billion. These days, Peter Briger is committed to elevating Fortress to unprecedented heights. Given the company’s renown, Briger’s efforts have undoubtedly paid off. Regarding his duties, Briger seeks to help unprofitable companies evolve into thriving organizations. He does so via his tried-and-true methods, custom-tailored solutions, and financial savvy. What disheartens Briger most is the seemingly endless economic crisis that’s plaguing the companies he partners with. Briger forecasts a positive shift in the economy within the foreseeable future.

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The Educational and Professional Trajectory of the Industries Best Deirdre Baggot

Residing in the State of Colorado with residence in the city of Denver. Deirdre Baggot is considered one of the healthcare industries most respected and renowned executives. With a PhD in philosophy from the University of Denver, Colorado. A master’s in business administration and management, a Bachelor of Science in nursing (BSN), and a certificate from the Wharton School in Health Care leadership. Learn more about her career in healthcare on CrunchBase

Deirdre Baggot began her business career in 1997 in Chicago IL as a resource coordinator, staff nurse a manager of the Northwestern Memorial Hospital up until 2003. After concluding her work with Northwestern Memorial Hospital, she continued as an Administrative Manager and Business Analyst in the University of Michigan Health System in the city of Ann Arbor, MI from 2003 to 2006. The Cardiac and Vascular Institute, SCL Health, hired Deirdre Baggot as the Senior Administrator in 2006. She continued with this nonprofit healthcare organization until 2010. SCL is a $2.6 billion health network with 8 hospitals and over 18,000 employees. By the year 2010 she was named Senior Vice President of the healthcare payment innovation practice leader of GE Healthcare Partners, located in Los Angeles, California. By 2016 she became Partner in ECG Management Consultants in the Greater Denver Area in Colorado. Bye January 2018 Deirdre created The Group; a consulting company that centers on bundled payments and alternative payment models. She has led as President of the consulting practice focused on bundle payments and payment innovation.

As a healthcare business strategist Baggot has help generate over $5 million in annual revenue for two healthcare advisory firms since her beginning in January 2018. Deirdre’s results are the best in the industry, reducing cost and improving quality and patient experience. She is frequently asked to be a speaker in relation to the acute care episode bundled payment demonstration.

The Fountain House: How Jeremy Goldstein Is Helping Spread Their Message

As an ambitious businessman of immense savvy, much of what Jeremy Goldstein touches turns to gold. Fortunately, he’s actively involved in many facets of business, allowing numerous organizations and programs to reap the benefits of his know-how. After graduating from a prestigious college, Goldstein immersed himself in his line of work, law. Learn more about Jeremiah Goldstein: and

The legal domain suited Goldstein, and he quickly became worth his salt. As a result, many were keen to work with Goldstein and pick his brain. For Goldstein, this provided numerous opportunities to substantially impact burgeoning initiatives. Read more: Exclusive NYC Wine Dinners Hosted by Attorney Jeremy Goldstein | PR Newswire

In the midst of these developments, Goldstein decided to create a boutique law firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. The company seeks to arm CEOs, committees, and management teams with sufficient knowledge on legal affairs. Among a few include corporate governance, compensation, and lawsuit proceedings.

Goldstein attributes his success as an entrepreneur to his stint as a law firm partner. If not for this experience, Goldstein maintains that Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates may have never come to fruition. When he’s not thriving at the helm of his corporation, Goldstein’s using his elite status for good. In fact, he’s become an ongoing contributor to the Fountain House.

The Fountain House is a program dedicated to uplifting those who struggle with mental health. They provide opportunities abound, ranging from educational classes to employment programs. Above all else, the Fountain House seeks to create a harmonious community rooted in acceptance and camaraderie.

Goldstein wholeheartedly supports this mission and hopes to spread their message via fundraisers. It’s for this reason why Goldstein planned an extravagant dinner last May in honor of the Fountain House. 100 percent of the proceeds went to the Fountain House, and tickets were priced at $3,700 each. Goldstein continues to support the Fountain House while simultaneously remaining a successful business owner.

Assiduous Efforts of CEO Sheldon Lavin in Enhancing the Growth and Sustainability of the OSI Group

In terms of growth, OSI Group is one of the world’s top-tier food provider with more than 65 subsidiaries in 17 countries. Following the impressive leadership skills, and staunch efforts of is CEO Sheldon Lavin, the firm have remarkably succeeded in earning and retaining its status as a multi billion-dollar company, readily dedicated to delivering quality, and efficient services at favorable prices.

Born in 1932, Mr. Sheldon Lavin was honored with a bachelor of science in Business at Roosevelt University, Chicago, Illinois. Additionally, he also did Accounting and Finance from Northwestern University; skills he has been actively employing throughout his entrepreneurial career in building and managing corporates productively. Including Sheldon Lavin and Associates, Inc., – a financial consultancy he had established prior to joining OSI Group.

Currently serving as the Chairman and CEO of OSI Group, Mr. Sheldon has remarkably supported the firm in the sustenance of its innovative food solutions. Since his joining in 1970 (ideally Otto & Sons, Inc. – the predecessor of OSI Group, he has dearly guided the firm in the induction and orientation to new strategies and technologies that help enhance company’s efficiency, and effectiveness.

In one of the breakthroughs, Mr. Lavin enabled Otto & Sons, Inc. adopt to liquid nitrogen cryogenic freezing, which came to boost the firm’s productivity immensely. With the technology, the firm was presented with new opportunities for expanding brand, as well as the reduction of the cost of production, including in storage and transportation.

Following his exceptional experience in investment, and finance management, CEO Sheldon Lavin helped facilitate the extensive expansion of the ISO Group into the global markets, plus the sophisticated capitalization it required. This attribute affected the firm’s development and growth, enabling it to earn the status as one of the largest private companies in the US, with a ranking of #63 in Forbes’ 2018 list, following its revenue of $6.1 billion.

Since his association with the OSI Group, the efforts presented by Mr. Sheldon Lavin have been visibly noticed, with some even leading to prestigious recognition of the company, as well as him personally. In 2012, for instance, four OSI branches were highlighted by the McDonald’s (OSI’s primary Client) for their sustainability efforts. Furthermore, in 2016 Mr. Lavin was honored with NAMI’s Edward C. Jones Community Service Award for his philanthropic efforts and support in Chicago, and the rest of the regions OSI operates.

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