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Lincolnshire Management and TJ Maloney sell Holley Performance Automotive in Private Transaction

Lincolnshire Management, a private equity firm that specializes in the investment and acquisition of growing middle market companies, just announced that it had sold one of its iconic companies, Holley Performance Products. Holley is a market leader in the provision of branded performance products for the automotive enthusiasts. The branded performance products company was bought by Sentinel Capital Partners, a private equity company that focuses on making investments in promising lower midmarket companies. The private equity firm, Sentinel pointed out during the announcement that it will be combining Holley Performance Products with its Driven Performance Brands.

A market leader

Under Lincolnshire Management’s Holley Performance products which has been in business since 1903 when it was founded, rose the ranks in its sector to become the market leader. In its more than 100 years in the performance automotive aftermarket sector, the most prosperous years of Holley were with Lincolnshire. Lincolnshire Management, a manufacturer and marketer of branded aftermarket performance products is expected to continue with its good run under its new owner, Sentinel. Lincolnshire Management pointed out that under Sentinel Capital Partners, they hope that Holley Performance Products can be able to reach new higher goals TJ Maloney is the CEO of Lincolnshire Management and has dedicated hard work and energy to his company throughout the years.

Unlocking new possibilities

Though the terms of Lincolnshire Management’s sell of Holley Performance Products were not disclosed, given its admirable market run of late, it’s rumored that it was very lucrative. Sentinel Capital Partners move to merge Driven Performance Brands with Holley is expected to strengthen the company’s position in its market. Under this merger, Holley can not only reach a wide market but benefit from the strength it will would have as bigger company.

About Lincolnshire Management

Lincolnshire Management was founded in 1986 and has its headquarters in New York. Lincolnshire Management private equity firm is one of the top in investing and acquiring fast-growing middle-market companies. Lincolnshire Management has specialized in the acquisition of private companies, management buyouts, recapitalizations, corporate diversities, and growth equity for public and private companies. Currently, Lincolnshire Management has more than $1.7 billion of private equity capital under its management. Of late the firm has been strategizing to make major moves that will see it grow expansively.

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Maarten De Jeu Has Sound And Well Researched Advice Regarding The Considerations That Must Be Made Before Taking A Business Global

Strategic business advisement expert Maarten de Jeu has an impressive reputation in his field. He is the founder of the SVM Business Advisory which he opened in 2012. His impressive educational background includes a course of study at Oxford University. He obtained his MBA from a prestigious university and ranked as first in his class. Since that time he has worked hard to cultivate a respected career in the realms of finance, real estate and business on an international level. With an impressive background that has seen him develop both skills of a technical nature and deep levels of knowledge in his industry, Maarten de Jeu continues to attain success as an advisor to executives from some of the world’s most prestigious business firms. 

The career of Maarten de Jeu before his formation of SVM Business Advisory was an impressive one. Before this period, Maarten was the Director of Corporate Development and Strategy with Aviva. He also served Aviva as its International Strategy Manager when he was working at the firm’s offices in London, UK. Throughout these previous postings, Maarten de Jeu has worked with some of the most prestigious business clientele in the world today. Though he is a busy individual, Maarten de Jeu also reserves a good deal of time to spend with his family as well. He is also active in his local community as well as being a tennis enthusiast. His community activities include serving with associations such as the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and the Economic Club of Chicago.

Maarten de Jeu has some strong professional opinions on what entrepreneurs need to do when they seek to take their businesses to the global level. One point that he notes is the fact that going global with a business is not as simple a task as just doing the same thing that you did when you were operating on a domestic basis. Maarten de Jeu notes that there are several serious considerations to make before choosing to take a business to the global level. Learn more: http://

One of the first points that Maarten de Jeu illustrates regarding taking a business model to the global level is that of market demand. To put it simply, an entrepreneur needs to make sure that the market demand that was there domestically is also going to be there when dealing with taking the business globally. Another major point of consideration that Maarten de Jeu councils his clients on is the concept of laws and regulations. The fact is that laws and regulations can vary a great deal in different global markets. To excel at the global level, an entrepreneur must be aware of the laws and regulations that govern the markets that global expansion is planned in. 

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Helping Managers with Better OKR Practices

Betterworks is a software companied that is dedicated to creating tools for business. Their continuous performance management solutions help managers and supervisors create analytical reports about the performance of employees. These analytics can help a company’s overall efficiency and help identify problem areas in the pattern of workflow. 

There are four main ways that Betterworks software can help managers reach objectives and key results (OKRs). Setting priorities with your team is a great way to do this. At regular intervals it would be beneficial to cover the company’s objectives with your employees and develop a plan, as a team, on how to reach that goal.

Another great way to keep everyone on task is to monitor the progress on this plan often. Betterworks software allows you to quickly and easily check in with your team and view progress. This oversight can also be used to make sure that nothing important slips through the cracks. 

Check in with your team in person as well. The Betterworks software provides a fantastic look in the progress on most projects, but it cannot replace interactions that happen in-person. Take the time to develop a connection with your employees and check in verbally as well as online.

Finally, provide feedback and recognition when needed. If employees perform well, make sure that they get the praise they deserve, and vice-versa. This will help keep the team motivated, which is critical to cohesion and performance over time. Remember to always communicate effectively with your employees regardless of project success.

Why You Need Agera Energy

With the help of the Agera Energy professionals, you can finally switch to a quality service that you can trust. Follow Agera Energy on Twitter.

Not only does Agera Energy offer electricity, but they offer fuel options and packages as well. This gives homeowners as well as business owners the ability to switch to Agera Energy at a price that is affordable and effortless on their own budget. You can feel good in knowing that Agera Energy is there to help in any way they possibly can. You can get to know the Agera Energy company by visiting their main Twitter page or taking a look at some of their other social media accounts.


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Todd Levine and Fellow Lawyers Honored by the Best Lawyers in America

In the 2019 edition of ‘The Best Lawyers in America,’ Miami’s law firm Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, P.L was once again recognized for its professionalism, prowess in legal expertise and its constant dedication to meet its client’s needs. The firm boasts of highly skilled and talented lawyers, many of whom received recognition for their services in different categories. It has also been recognized among the top firms in many listings such as Chambers USA and South Florida Legal Guide.

Todd Levine and his fellow lawyers Abbey Kaplan and Alan Kluger received an honorary recognition in the Real Estate Litigation sector. The firm’s equity partners were also recognized for achievements in Family Law. The firm stated their joy for the various recognitions and noted that it was a testament of their continued dedication towards the provision of highly professional services to their clients.

One of the founding members of the firm is Todd Levine. He is an expert in the handling of business disputes of all types. He has appeared in court representing all manner of clients ranging from real estate brokers to property owners and contractors. He is also a devoted musician who enjoys science and art as well. Todd Levine graduated with his bachelors from the University of Florida in 1988 and then joined the Florida Levin College of Law for his doctor Degree in 1991.

Kluger is a trial attorney and was recognized his achievements in Family Law and Banking and Finance Litigation sector. He has represented high profile individuals and businesses and is also the founder of Dean-Kluger Charitable Foundation.

Abbey Kaplan tackles complicated legal issues in commercial cases, liability disputes, and intellectual property. Silverman is an expert of litigating cases with many disputing parties. Moreover, he is a skilled appellate lawyer.

Bruce Katzen is the Chairperson of Kluger Kaplan’s Trust and Estate Litigation Group. He is a seasoned lawyer in matters of trust disputes, litigation of probate as well as commercial litigation.

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HGGC: Born to Manage an Industry

HGGC’s presence within the middle market private equity firm has been appreciated for as long as it has existed. Because of all they have done for their industry, businesses around the country finally feel as though they have the capacity to flourish. To HGGC, this is something that is of utmost importance.

They believe that making sure everyone in the country has an equal chance to succeed is very important, and this is why they have tried to do everything they can to bring about this reality. Besides their involvement in corporations to become one of the most significant private equity firms in the country, they have also contributed much to charitable events outside of work. This amount of dedication their employees demonstrate shows how passionate they are about expanding their industry, and it would seem to indicate that they do not plan on stopping soon.

Because of this, HGGC is becoming known for being one of the most prolific companies within the country not just for their natural intuition for handling private equity but also for their ability to control the way they manage their resources so effectively. This is a gift that many businesses envy, and they probably would benefit from trying to imitate it. Unfortunately, it is not everyone that is so capable of doing this, as much of it simply comes down to the talent of the people within the company in question. It is, therefore, quite lucky that HGGC has such a great amount of talent, as it shows that they are capable of being high in morality without giving up the natural skill that is required to flourish in business.

While they do not believe that an employee needs to have all the skills he can possibly have with regards to business when he is hired, it is pretty well recognized by them that it is important to ensure that the people they hire are naturally gifted in some way. The fact that they have been able to maintain this level of talent within their corporation is quite telling of their ability to manage an industry.

Alastair Borthwick’s Unique Take On Scotland

Alastair Borthwick’s takes on Scotland are some of the best things that you will ever see. He makes the Undiscovered Scotland series in Britain, and he has created a following around finding the untouched and unseen spots in one of the most lovely countries in the whole world. Alastair loves to travel, and he wants people to fall back in love with the places that he has found in this TV series. Look deeper at what Alastair has found as he has searched Scotland.

1. What Is Undiscovered Scotland?

Undiscovered Scotland is a series that Alastair makes, and he has been doing a lot of work to help people make sure that they can find fun places to go in Scotland. Scotland has all the most beautiful lakes, low mountains that you could climb yourself, and roads that are glorious to drive. When you are watching Alastair’s show, you will find that you want to go to some of these locations because you can plan your trip around them.

2. The Films Show The Beauty Of Scotland

The films show the beauty of Scotland, and they show all the locations that people might like to go to on their own. It is very interesting for people to come to Scotland having seen these things on TV because they can try to drive to those exact locations. Alastair wants people to see the main roads that go to the backroads, and he wants to dive deep not these backroads because that could reveal some villages that people will fall in love with. 

Plus, Alastair knows that he can give people a look at the people that he meets along the way. There are lovely dirt tracks that will go up little mountains that you can hike yourself. Plus, there are special pubs and taverns that people will want to visit so that they can stay the night after having a nice meal. Staying in places like this can be the most fun that people have had on a holiday, and they can make a whole itinerary from the locations Alastair visits.

Will Sergey Petrossov Take the Skies By Storm?

America is a country that attracts and incubates talented people similar to the great Elon Musk. However, who will be the next leader and innovative persona with great ideas? Sergey Petrossov is a founder, entrepreneur, businessman, and Chief Executive Officer of JetSmarter. He is also the co-founder of a distance-education software program for Russian speaking individuals. Petrossov is a graduate of the University of Florida who co-created this software while in school. In high school, Petrossov opened an import business that sold rims for vehicles. This was the first of his successful business projects. In 2009 shortly after graduation, he began to find funding for his idea to start JetSmarter.

JetSmarter is an app similar to Uber except it is for private flights. He came up with the concept after a bad experience of booking a private jet. As Sergey explains that his platform is about more efficient travel, not exclusivity. Around the age of 21, Petrossov launched the beta version of the JetSmarter app in 2012 and later the full version in 2013. JetSmarter is now backed by Saudi Arabian royalty and superstar rap mogul Jay-Z.

Sergey Petrossov began his life in this country as a young child who immigrated to the United States from Russia with his family. His strong work ethic and skillful adaptation for marketing technology are instrumental to his success. He also has the uncanny ability to quickly recognize how to improve on existing technology systems. Before Petrossov began the JetSmarter app he gained his experience in the aviation service market as a board advisor for a company that operates a large fleet of charter jets. Next, he gathered top professionals from NASA, Uber, BMW, Nokia, and other major organizations to begin working on his app.

In 2016 Sergey Petrossov was listed in Forbes Magazine “30 Under 30” for his success in business. Petrossov has set a standard for travel early in the game and I am interested in seeing his next project.

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Jeunesse Global Pushes Anti-Aging Products Forward

Jeunesse Global has been very inspirational for a vast group of people in business. For all the individuals who claim that beauty is their passion, this is one company that they may be able to relate to. That being said, the amount of passion they exude within their careers even just in one day is quite overwhelming. Some people would have thought that for a businessperson to be as interested in what they are working on as those involved in Jeunesse Global is somewhat unnatural, but to that, they would say that caring for the world is the only natural part about life. 

After all, they believe that we were given this world as a gift, and they want to do everything they can to treat this gift properly. Because of this, they have been working with consistency to deliver the best content available to a large demographic of beauty consumers. It is not only the beauty consumers they are targeting, either; in fact, most of their efforts are centered in trying to counteract aging. Of course, this seems like an impossible feat, but what Jeunesse Global means when they say this is not that they are trying to compose some sort of fountain of youth; they are simply focused on decreasing the amount of cosmetic wear that happens over the course of our years. There has been a lot of criticism about the legitimacy of such a practice, but with Jeunesse Global’s results, the naysayers, it is safe to say, have been shut down. 

Jeunesse Global is truly more interested in pushing the field forward than proving anyone wrong, but it does frustrate them when they are lumped into the rest of the faux beauty businesses out there simply by association. People who have been cheated by the rest of the industry should not give up on it just yet, for there are certainly still companies out there that value their interests, and Jeunesse Global is perhaps one of the most reliable ones out there. They hope to give their services to everyone who has had a bad experience with anti-aging products before.,19.htm

Smita Shah’s Views on Technology and Research in the World of Engineering

Chicago is home to some of the best technology and management firms in the USA. One of the companies in this location that have illustrated unmatched growth in terms of structural and revenue growth is — Spaan Technology. With over $10 million worth of revenue every year, it is correct to state that the company is one of the best performing entities in the last five years. The success of the company is a product of its progressive policies and more importantly, its management. Smita Shah — one of the management members and the senior-most executive of this company — believes that the two decades have been instrumental for them as a company.

The president of this company is a firm believer in creating solutions, even in the renovation industry. Smita Shah points out that her approach to renovations has given her and her company access to a huge market. For example, the company was fortunate to work with Obama when he was a senator — in renovating his office. Smita Shah points out that the project was beneficial for her and the company in the following ways. First, it was the first significant project, and the company saw it an opportunity to show the world what his company can offer.

Second, working with the Obama office was critical for the company in the sense that it opened doors to other high profile clients. Smita Shah confesses that after this renovation project, her company received many offers — especially from United Nations-affiliated entities. Thanks to her passion and her vast understanding of factors in this sector, different federal agencies have consulted her on various projects. In the last decade, for example, she has worked with different political figures on creating policies for engineering projects. 

Her job also involves a lot of administrative decisions and in some cases — working with other companies. Smita Shah confesses that the last 15 years have been a period of relearning negotiation skills. Since the industry has no standard charges, and most of the renovations are unique, she negotiates most of her deals with other entities. According to a report by a New York-based journal on Smita Shah’s negotiating skills, the author pointed out that her ability to negotiate better deals for her company has made her company progressive. Better deals for her company means better remuneration for her employees and therefore, a positive spiral effect. Lern more:

Lastly, she is committed to mentorship programs — especially involving business and engineering. Smita Shah believes that the future of these two niches depends on how well prepared future professionals are in regards to understanding the business aspects. She has two approaches to mentorships. First, she believes that working with her is an eye opener for young professionals. Second, she invests in young people through different conferences around the USA. F

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