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Successful and Talented, Todd Levine Combines Legal Acumen and Artistic Flair

Todd Levine is an attorney who practices at the Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman. Katzen, and Levine law firm located in Miami, Florida. He is renowned for his analytical skills while representing clients in land disputes and real estate litigation. He also has a creative side and enjoys playing the guitar and bass. Todd Levine appreciates art and is himself an accomplished artist.

Todd Levine is an expert and experienced attorney who represents clients in cases relating to real estate disputes, land disputes, class actions and, mass tort defense. He received his law degree from the University of Florida Levin College of Law. He received his license to practice in the year 1991. He co-founded the law firm, Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman. Katzen, and Levine in the year 2009. The firm has offices in Miami and Boca Raton in Florida and Minneapolis in Minnesota. The Best Lawyers in America in their 2019 edition recognized the services provided by the firm in the area of real estate litigation and the ethical practices adopted by the firm while serving clients.

Todd Levine says that his secret to being a successful litigator is his ability to simplify issues and arguments to make it easy for judges and juries to understand the case. He also arranges his work correctly by making to-do lists of priority tasks. He believes that thorough preparation is required to succeed in a lawsuit. He asks young lawyers to choose and specialty and to become the best in that specialty. He says that he has grown successfully in the legal profession because of his client-focused approach. He is an attorney woo takes time to understand the needs of his clients carefully and responds to any doubts they may have within 24 hours. He enjoys playing musical instruments and encourages his children to develop their musical talents.

Todd Levine is an excellent attorney who combines analytical acuity and creative talent in providing the best possible representation of the case of his clients before judges, juries and arbitrators. This is why he is one of the most sought-after attorneys in the area of real estate litigation and land disputes.

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Why You May Need Agera Energy

With a lot of energy companies available, it’s never been easier for you to make use of Agera Energy and know just how beneficial this company actually is. Not only is it effortless for you to sign up for a brand new account with their service programs, but they are committed to offering affordable rates that you will find to be incredibly beneficial for your needs. Learn more about Agera Energy at Linkedin.

This is a good time for you to think about choosing Agera Energy and knowing just why this is such a great choice. Make sure that you take a look at their program availability and see how simple it is for you to save money. Read more about Agera Energy at

You can get involved with this type of option and know that Agera Energy is there to help in planning the services that you need. It is a good time for you to think about what Agera Energy can do for you and why they are a trusted option for both office and home owners who are going to be switching to a provider they can rely on day after day. With a lot of people choosing Agera Energy and knowing it’s essential for their needs, it’s a great company to trust.


Investor Ara Chackerian Explains How Unhealthy The Tech Sector Is For Its Workers

Ara Chackerian is a San Francisco-based businessman and investor. He invests in companies in the healthcare sector. He is an active investor who lends his knowledge and experience to the companies he helps build. Companies he has taken an active role in include BMC Diagnostics, TMS Health Solutions, Embion/Provider Links, and PipelineRx.

Along with his business partner, Ara Chackerian built a chain of out-patient diagnostic radiology centers. They used this experience to build TMS Health Solutions. This company, which operates across the Bay Area, uses transcranial magnetic stimulation to help people who have a major depressive disorder that has not been helped by traditional therapies.

He came up with the idea of this company during a meeting with Dr. Richard Bermudas. Dr. Bermudas had been using TMS to treat patients for years but had run into numerous issues. Many health plans wouldn’t cover TMS, even though it is an FDA approved treatment, and he had a hard time hiring good technicians. By teaming up with Ara Chackerian and Brad Hummel, he was able to straighten these issues out.

As someone who works with people in Silicon Valley, Ara Chackerian says that many people in the tech industry have depression. It’s usually people who have just entered the industry and must work very long hours and/or multiple jobs. There’s even a term called “founders blues” for people who work at technology startups and have depression.

Research into depression in the tech industry revealed that 72 percent of workers reported having some form of mental illness. These were bipolar disorder, ADHD, depression, anxiety, ADD, and addiction. Ara Chackerian says that the workplace environment needs to change and provide people with a healthy work-life balance. How the technology sector now operates isn’t healthy for anybody. He said that people need to be allowed to take breaks and work a reasonable number of hours.

Raffaele Riva Feels One Needs To Do What They Like To Be Successful

Raffaele Riva is the founder and co-owner of AUREA Family Office. He founded this business more than a decade ago and he is still a partner in it and someone who is concerned about how it is doing. There were other jobs that this man took on before he founded AUREA Family Office, and there were other businesses that he founded. He put together advisory businesses and helped them do good work. Raffaele Riva has shared that there is no typical day for him and that every day is filled with a variety of work that he has to get done.

There are some who are excited about life, and Raffaele Riva is someone who finds it exciting to try to be successful. He has shared that he is excited to try to succeed in both his work life and his personal life. This man has also shared that he takes the experiences that he has in his life and he uses those to help guide him as he works on new ideas that he has. He uses what he knows to help him as he figures out what will and will not work with the plans that he has.

When asked to share advice with those who want to find success like he has, Raffaele Riva shared that it is important for a person to do what they like to do. He shared that the one who is working a job should find something that they believe in and take that on. When asked about how a person can do well with their life, he also shared that it is important for a person to help others out while still putting their own needs first. Raffaele Riva believes that a person needs to focus on their own self before focusing on others.

American Addiction Centers: They Have Their Affairs In Order

The American Addiction Centers is the kind of group that truly makes the world feel good inside. It is because of the work they are doing with addicts. They are putting a lot of time and commitment into them. It is a full-time job for them, and it is one of great importance to them. They have gone into this business for the right reason: to help people.

They are not in this for the money like so many other companies out there. They are in this to help addicts recover from whatever type of addiction that is plaguing them at the moment. There are many addictions out there, but they are paying special attention to alcoholism. They have seen the toll it has taken on so many people’s lives. Read more: American Addiction Centers Reviews | Glassdoor and American Addiction Centers Offers Insight Stages Alchoholism | AliveNewspapar

As a matter of fact, it was Fourth of July not too long ago, and they saw how many people were drinking on that holiday. It was an alarming number to say the least. They wanted to do something about it, and they did some research. The research they did really helped them understand what people were doing and why they were doing it.

They are talking right now about alcohol use disorder (AUD). They have two goals with it. The first goal is the most important goal, and it is to help people out there that are dealing with it and struggling with it. They want them to know they don’t have to suffer anymore. They don’t have to live this kind of lifestyle anymore. The AAC wants them to know they are stronger than the disease.

That plays into part two: the stereotypes that come with addiction. Many people assume someone that is drunk and drinking too much wants to live their life this way. They don’t realize the person does not have a choice. It has consumed them, and it has become an obsession.

If they were able to stop it or they knew how to stop it, they would have stopped it by now. It is not that easy. The AAC does not want them to feel ashamed of what they are going through and what they are facing on a daily basis. They want them to be a survivor and look back on this as a moment where they turned their life around once and for all. They finally took it back after they had lost it for a period of time.

They are looking to raise awareness on the subject, as mentioned, and they want to help people get it out of their lives for good. With the group of men and women working at the AAC, those are two goals they can achieve.

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Best Marine Deck Light – Sea Marine Enterprise

Regularly known as deck prism, send deck lights usually are usually apparatuses embedded directly into the particular deck of a ship to become able to offer lighting underneath decks. For any lengthy moment, cruising boats exploited these types of installs as wellspring regarding typical light for enlightening the region underneath the decks. At the point any moment getting used, the prism balances just underneath typically the particular overhead while scattering the particular light sideways. At very first, the glass useful for producing boat deck lights had been made dismal by which includes manganese oxide. For cruising boats, the significance of ship deck lights cannot turn out to be overemphasized.

On typically the point whenever the financial existence of any ship is done and various items associated with the send dismantled, the particular send deck lights can end up being recouped and recovered regarding individual use. Dependent after your requirements and inclinations, you can use these lighting in various nautical areas.

Wonderful presentation with consider to your family room

Send deck lights are remarkable in nature. Their prism configuration justifies itself together with real evidence. In typically the point whenever utilized in the shop like a component of within home stylistic theme, these kinds of lights an incredible feeling associated with excellence to your living area. For the particular people who have invested an exceptional piece of their particular live moving in oceans or working in boats, there is an incredible connection with association that occurs with carrying these light inside order to your residing space. Our Sea Marine Enterprise professionals see exactly how stunning these lights are typically. That is the cause we go for top quality ship deck lighting within great condition in addition to be able to reconfigure them, thus, making them progressively appropriate for personal use.


Various accumulations within inventory

In spite associated along with the fact that most of the structure of ship veranda lights may show upwards exactly the same, the fittings plus completing frequently vary through one installation to typically the particular next. A big section of antique deck lamps accessible are huge plus either made associated with copper or perhaps metallic. Such lighting device may weigh up to 25kgs or more. Here, we have a broad build upwards of deck lights together with varieties in proportions as well as materials. On the away possibility that you need a new lighting set up that will be later for your modern day home, you can find dating aluminum ship deck lamps. They include present day plans which can blend with additional nautical items in your room. From your site, an individual could see different accumulating plus make your requests. When you make your inquire for and procedure the particular payments, our solid group may proceed with almost all the transportation systems.


 Top quality made certain

When you visit nearby gentle shop that are not actually marine rescue shops, an individual will discover installation of which resemble ship deck lighting. As the structure may perhaps appear to become similar, such things can’t coordinate the class and solidness regarding genuine ship outdoor patio lighting. It isn’t insightful shelling out your money on something of which will bring laments a couple of months after the truth. From Sea Marine Enterprise, we go with regard to extraordinarily selected lights. Every single a single of them offers recently been cleaned, re-built plus called fit for individual use. All things regarded as, you can utilize them all to enhance your nautical space or cafe. Coming from our broad gathering regarding various deliver deck lights, you can appear in addition to pick the greatest installation that address your concerns.

Stratford Shields

Stratford Shields has 20 years in the field of municipal finance and he is well-known throughout the industry. He is currently the managing director of a company called Loop Capital Markets. Stratford Shields currently has three degrees. He has a business administration degree from the Ohio State University, he has a masters of arts degree in political science from Columbia University, and he also has an MBA from Columbia University. Stratford Shields has done some great things in the world of finance. He was responsible for stopping pay to play when it comes to bond ballet elections. He has he played a big role as an investment banker for some big deals. He was a part of the landmark transactions deal for Ohio State University parking systems. Over his 20-year municipal finance career he was the lead investment banker for over thirty billion dollars in transactions. These transactions included states, universities, cities, student loan agencies, hospital systems, and many other industries as well.

When Stratford Shields is assisting different municipals he is helping with credit strategies and transaction structuring so they can receive optimal funding results. Mr. Shields also has an excellent work history. He has been the head of public finances for Morgan Stanley for five years. Before he was even a finance banker he work in the field of politics and government. He held two government positions one was President of the State Controlling Board and the second position was the Deputy Director of the Ohio Office of Management and Budget. The deal that he did with Ohio State University when he privatized there parking system and the school received 483 million dollars up front was very impressive. This deal also paved the way for many other universities to do the same thing.

When Mr. Shields first arrives to his office he begins his day by meditating on how he can get his clients the best financing available. He works for many different types of clients, in many different states, and across many different industries. He likes working across many different sectors because he learned from each deal and he can implement what he learns in another sector for another deal. Stratford Shields is an excellent money manager and a municipal finance investment banker. He has a work history that includes working for the government. Some of the deals that he is a part of are in the realms of hundreds of millions of dollars and he gets this for the clients through profits or usually upfront. When it comes to municipal investment banking Stratford Shields is definitely one of the best.

Matt Fleeger and Persistence

Matt Fleeger and others are interested in innovation to do better business. VR provides a tremendous medium to carry out forms of therapy and possible value for oil and gas and other industries.

It’s because it allows therapists to expose their patients to a variety of situations relating to their mental illness. But since they are able to do so in a virtual environment, they can monitor their patients in real time while also keeping them safe from unnecessary risks.

VR also makes it possible for these experts to push the envelope like never before.

Here’s an example.

PTSD is often the leading cause of mental illness in war veterans. These individuals cannot help but relive the horrors that they have seen, only for them to affect their mental health with anxiety, depression, or panic disorders, while also causing other symptoms such as stress, paranoia and insomnia.

It is one of the most pressing issues towards the welfare of vets, who are rendered unable to serve after coming back home. But even more worryingly, they are unable to function like they used to do before, which affects their professional opportunities in everyday jobs. And to add to the unfortunate consequences of the illness, their personal relationships also get affected.

But through VR, psychotherapy professionals could now have these individuals placed in a virtual environment that sends them back into memories of war, so they could peer into what’s affecting them but under a controlled environment. This helps improve the treatment options for such individuals, and opens door to new ways of treatment.

The program is not just hypothetical, but it has been tried in real time to great results. More programs like this are either being developed or tested, and would soon be available for mental health professionals to help their patients.

Matt Fleeger has realized that when one is able to become thorough in their work then they are able to do well.

Academy of Art University’s Network Building Focus

Academy of Art University displayed art from its Annual Spring Show this year at 2225 Jerrold Avenue, San Francisco. The school offers this opportunity to graduating students because the event is attended by alumni, family, friends, and people from the industry. All of these people could contribute to the social-networking pool of the graduate. Advertising is a field in which a professional will reach a level of knowing most other players in the industry, and so it is important for a student to develop relationships as soon as possible.

San Francisco is a community known for art, and Academy of Art University has been a part of that community since 1929. The school’s founder, Richard S. Stephens, was passionate about helping art students achieve. To that end, he created a community of teachers that were themselves creatives who were active participants in the art economy. Because of this, a student is exposed to human links to the industry from the very first day that she or he attends class. Not only can the student gain vicarious experience in the professional world from teachers, he or she can also look forward to the chance to join a community of alumni who have put art education to work.

The university is founded on the principle that students don’t need a portfolio to study. All a student needs is dedication to learning the craft. With tenacity, any art student should be able to learn from a professional.

Today, Academy of Art University offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in 40 different areas of study. Students can learn to be photographers, designers, and moviemakers. Many forms of art and marketing contribute to the extended network of the school as represented at the Annual Spring Show. Important industry leaders such as Industrial Light & Magic and Double Negative visit the show, demonstrating the quality of reputation that the school has earned.


Todd Levine: Super Attorney of the Year

An attorney usually don’t get much attention for their efforts unless they’re representing a major client; and even in those cases, the client(s) receives much of the attention. Once delved into the world of litigation, attorneys are more acknowledged by one another. The most recognized business attorney in Florida is Todd Levine.

Todd Levine is a founding member of one of the most respected law firms in Florida; Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen and Levine, P.L. Levine specializes in commercial real estate litigation, though he also occasionally handles cases dealing with sports and entertainment and investment partnerships and finance arrangements.

His real estate representations usually include clients who are real estate brokers, property managers, buyers and sellers, investors, and contractors. Many of those cases deal with disputes concerning projects and transactions. His creative process also him to develop winning strategies that have made him the go-to specialist for many Florida-based real estate clients.

In 1988, he earned a Bachelor’s in Finance from the University of Floridaand went to earn a law degree from Florida Levin College of Law in 1991. Outside of law, he enjoys playing his own music and art and science. He utilizes that unique combination of passions to see things differently.

His ability to see things differently is only complemented by his ability to simplify the intricate. One reason people struggle to understand the ins and outs of litigation is that it’s naturally confusing to someone without a law degree.

Todd Levine has a natural talent for taking complex issues and litigation and making it easier for a judge and jury to understand. He discovered that talent early in his career when he was put on an extremely complex case. He quickly figured out how to explain things in such a way that he settled the case in his client’s favor.

Since then, Todd Levine has continued seeking out complex cases. Successfully settling and winning those cases is why he’s the most referred attorney by numerous clients who come to him for help.

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