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ViSalus: Health for You, Health for the World

ViSalus is a healthy lifestyle company based out of both Los Angeles, CA and Italy, and has a global mission for health, life, and prosperity. ViSalus’ goal is to create connections and life experiences that are meaningful while helping others transform physically with the right products and services and create financial transformations from entrepreneurship, leadership, and contribution.

The Body by Vi 90-day Challenge has helped people around the world reach their health goals. To help reach those goals, ViSalus’ website contains a complete list of healthy products, such as nutritious meals, drinks, snacks, and supplements, that can be purchased and shipped right to your door. There is also a rewards program that allows you and your friends to earn points that can go towards free monthly deliver orders! When you sign up with Vi, you’ll find that you’re part of a community.

You can stay up to date with all news and updates, promotions, and read the many success stories! Upon completing the 90 Day Challenge, you, too, can submit your own success story! The rewards do not stop there! Members of the Vi community have won tropical vacations, exclusive experiences, and appeared in promotional features for brand marketing specials. Visit This Page to learn more.

ViSalus also has ViCares, which partners Body by Vi promoters, customers, and employees to fulfill their health objectives and goals through charitable work by paying it forward. When somebody achieves a 90 day goal, all the meals, drinks, and snacks consumed for those 90 days will be matched and donated to a family in need. Additionally, anyone who dates Vi meals to a charitable event or organization, they will match that donation! ViSalus has already donated over million meals and holds a Guinness World Record for baked goods donations.

However, their charity is not only limited to food and drink. ViSalus has a strong community outreach program, connecting those who want to help in their communities. They’ve also physically assisted in helping build shelters and with natural disaster relief efforts. ViSalus also have partnered with churches, charities, non-profit foundations and volunteer organizations to expand their mission and have a larger impact.

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Carsten ThielCarsten Thiel On The Future Of His Career On The Future Of His Career

Carsten Thiel has done pretty well for himself in the biotech industry but he still has further aspirations. So how does he plan to continue moving forward in his career without losing sight of his roots?

Carsten Thiel recently sat down to talk about how he became one of the leaders in the biotech industry and where he sees himself in ten years. One of Carsten Thiel’s most recent projects entails promoting a new colorectal cancer drug known as Vectibix.

As he began working on this new campaign, he discovered that this particular product contains a biomarker which would allow doctors and other medical experts to determine whether the drug would have positive or negative effects depending on their genetics. As the campaign continued, it became clear they had no intention of divulging this.

As such, Thiel endeavored to expose the truth behind this drug before it ever made it to the local pharmacies and he emerged victorious. Prior to that, he had been spearheading the launch of this new weight loss drug which became known as Xenical. While in the middle of this new project, he found the pharmaceutical companies were attempting to lie to consumers about the true effectiveness of this new product.

As such, he made sure to expose the truth about this new drug before it became readily available while still maintaining their own integrity. In the future, he hopes to continue helping as many people as he can, especially patients and consumers. Visit This Page for related information.

His humble roots began in Berlin where he was born and raised before matriculating at the University of Bristol in England. After excelling academically during his college years, Carsten Thiel was accepted into the Max Planck Institute where he went on to receive his Phd. So we wish him the best of luck in his future.

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James River Capital Founder Advises Companies To Think About Funding

James River Capital

An entrepreneur will need some source of money when trying to get a fledgling business off the ground and moving forward. Paul Saunders of James River Capital has advice for various funding options. The first viable source of business funds will begin with the entrepreneur looking at their own money sources. A new business owner can utilize savings, credit cards or close friends and family. This method of providing cash to a new business is called Bootstrapping. Mr. Saunders thinks this is a great way to start and may attract investors who see that the owner is contributing to their own enterprise.

Paul Saunders knows about start-ups since he is the co-founder of James River Capital. He co-founded this independent investment firm in 1995. He currently is the Chairman/CEO of this business. The company provides clients with experienced investment advisory services. This extensive background in finance means that he is aware of different ways to raise capital for a new company. He also recommends that start-ups look at Crowdfunding as a way to raise the needed money. These online platforms allow users to pledge funds to different projects, and the user receives some value in return.

Another funding source will be business loans. These may be provided by a local bank or through the Small Business Administration. An entrepreneur will need to have a solid business plan, and these loans require a significant amount of paperwork. The loan approval process may also take a long time. The SBA loan can be qualified for more easily, but any loan will require a good credit score. Mr. Saunders also recommends going to a local Chamber of Commerce to see if there are local funding sources available. Investors are also a source of money for new businesses. These may be angel investors or venture capitalists. A detailed presentation of the business idea and anticipated revenues will be required when working with investors. Venture capitalists will also expect a larger return on their investment in a few years. A company may also trade equity by offering stock in the business. Equity will prevent the business owner from taking on new debt, but they will receive the money needed to run the company.

Kisling Nestico & Redick – Ohio’s Fastest Growling Law Firm

Kisling, Nestico & Redick is on of Ohio’s fastest growing law firms. They are often recognized by they slogan “Hurt in a car? Call KNR” They have about 30 attorneys and over 100 support staff through out their 10 locations in the state. Kisling, Nestico & Redick has helped hundreds of thousands of people get justice by recovering more than $450 million in settlements and verdicts for their clients since their inception in 2005. 

They have a drive to stand against the typical practices of your large insurance companies that stems from a personal story. When Rob Nestico was only 15 he was a passenger in a car that was hit by a driver who had failed to stop at a stop sign. He suffered a hematoma on his head, two broke arms, and two broke knee caps. To repair his arms they had to place steel rods in his forearms.

Kisling Nestico & Redick Give Back to Ohio Communities –

Nestico ended up spending the following three month in the hospital to recover from all his injuries. Since his parents were Italian immigrants and didn’t speak English the insurance decided to take full advantage of them when it came to handling his claim. He learned that corporations are not afraid to take advantage of people who are not able to fight back so this fueled his determination to be there for the families that are not able to fight for themselves. 

Many of your leading organizations quickly recognized the skills and experience it takes to achieve the impressive results that Kisling, Nestico & Redick have. If you just go and look through their website you will see that many of their attorneys are included in huge organizations like Super Lawyers and the Million and Multi- Million Dollar Advocates Forum. Recently Kisling, Nestico & Redick made headlines not only for receiving verdicts and settlements for their clients, but also for making the changes to establish their rules. 

Steve Ritchie on Building Our Future

Those who have had the opportunity to work with Steve Ritchie have reported that it is truly a life-changing experience. Being able to be in the same field as someone with so much experience and wisdom within business allows you to glean quite a bit of information from their personal experiences. As far as personal experiences go, Steve Ritchie has had quite a few that make working with him a stand-out experience. He believes that your chances of success in building yourself a career are largely dependent on how well you are able to cultivate knowledge from the day-to-day experiences in your life.

A man like him sees business in every aspect of living. This is due to the fact that it is truly present wherever you go. The entire world operates on the principles of business, and Steve Ritchie is certainly not the first person to make this observation, but he has used it to his best advantage over the course of his career. He believes that in such an unstable field, it is necessary to take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. In a nutshell, this is the type of environment he has built for Papa John’s ever since he first started working there.

This is largely why the company has been doing so well since he was appointed the position of CEO. When you have a leader who is open to learning new things, there is no limit to how far your company can go. While many other leaders within the world of business sit smugly on their thrones, Steve Ritchie has always believed that he can learn something from everyone, and it is due to this that he treats everyone he ever meets with nothing but the utmost level of respect. To him, it is not only necessary to do this in order to build up a vast quantity of information, but it is a matter of moral principle. The moment you begin to falter and treat people indifferently or wrongly is the moment your integrity drops, and since he is the representative of such a massive corporate entity, he knows that he cannot allow this to happen for even a second.

Of course, he does not have to take such a high level of responsibility. He certainly goes above and beyond the job description that was initially presented to him, but he has no problem in doing this. He never has had a problem in reaching for the stars, as he was taught as a young child that only those who are willing to dream big will ultimately end up seeing the fruits of their labor later on in life. It is because of the influence the people who have raised him have had on his life that he has been able to push past any difficulties that stand in his way. He credits his parents for the great inspiration they have had on him, and he is deeply thankful that he was able to be raised in a family that truly cares.

He believes that the household you grow up in is one of the most influential aspects of your life, as when you are developing, your brain is most pliable. This is why he believes he has been able to make it so far through his career, but it is certainly also due to his sheer level of drive. However, he still recognizes that some children are not as fortunate as himself and do not have the opportunity to be raised in a household of people who truly care about their future. It is because of this that he has focused his philanthropic efforts on helping these underprivileged children; after all, he believes we must build up our future generations if we expect them to succeed.

LocationSmarts Offers Benefits To Customers

Geolocation benefits are important to several companies. IP geolocation allows companies to handle many daily professional needs. IP geolocation aids with marketing needs, security needs and being able to locate items. IP geolocation also promotes stronger communication when handling customer service and customer support.

For the business seeking IP geolocation needs, they can turn to LocationSmart. LocationSmart is a location as a service company. Their services include selling a software that allows businesses and individuals to locate what they need.

The specific needs of business vary. The specific IP geolocation needs of businesses very as well. For some businesses, they need geolocation services that comply with the law. Laws in different states and countries require different levels of privacy protection.

LocationSmart has formulated their software to abide by a host of laws in various states and countries. LocationSmart can be used by companies who are in heavily guarded industries like mobile lottery or online gaming.

Fraud is a serious issue for many corporations. With the rise of e-commerce, online fraud has grew as well. Many businesses must face online fraud. LocationSmart knows how to combat fraud with their software. Their software intelligently collects data and can track fraud back to an IP address. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Capterra

This helps when the authorities need to be alerted on a potential fraud case. Their software monitors all IP addresses. Although the software monitors IP addresses it does not invade or overstep the privacy of anyone using their software. The company simply makes sure all users are safe and that no illegal activity is occurring.

Some businesses may not suffer with fraud or have issues with complying with regulations created by the government. Other businesses may simply want some marketing help. Geolocation can be used for marketing purposes.

Geolocation can be used for the needs of advertisers wanting to reach a certain demographic. If an advertiser is aiming to reach a specific person based off of location, Geolocation can be used for that. LocationSmart’s software can help a business identify the market or location their customers live and send out push notifications or personalized phone calls to customers.

LocationSmart is an effective business software. A business should view the company as a tool that can be used to help them generate more geo-specific advertisements. The tool should be viewed as a helper when it comes down to protecting the privacy of users and obeying laws.

Lastly, the tool should be viewed as a means to protect against fraudulent behavior. LocationSmart is a startup that has changed the world of location as a service software. Their software is highly demanded and highly effective for businesses around the globe.

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Why Dr. Sam Jejurikar is the First Choice for the People of Dallas

Many surgeons are passionate about their work. Dr. Sam Jejurikar is no different when it comes to his plastic surgery practice. His work takes place within the confines of the prestigious Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute in Dallas, Texas. Although the focus for this practice is facial, they also focus on the body and breast augmentation as well as reduction.

Dr. Sam Jejurikar is known for his passion for his art form. It is his passion that carries over into each chat with a patient as they discuss their unique case. Whether a patient is seeking help with a procedure for a hair transplant, using the renowned Smart Graft Technique.

The practice now uses 3D imaging to help patients see what a new body or face would look like. The 3D imaging system makes it possible for individuals to see what they will look like with a structural change for the face, body, and breast. It’s never been easier to see what you’ll look like after plastic surgery is done.

One of the best tools the practice uses is the patient portal. This portal allows patients to sign-in and view all of their information regarding their history with the practice, as well as appointments, and all information pertaining to their account.

Last but not least, one of the best things Dr. Jejurikar has done for his patients, is develop his very own medical grade skincare line that his patients can use to address some of the most common concerns women have as they age. Whether you deal with dark circles, fine lines or even wrinkles, the skincare line known as “State of the Art Skin Science“, is available for sale.

Maarten de Jeu’s Wise Counsel on Global Expansion

Maarten de Jeu is a strategic business advisor with experience in corporate development. The successful international businessman has an M.A in Social Science and majored in Public Administration at Leiden University. He received his MBA from Oxford University, where he obtained multilingual skills and graduated at the top of his class.

In 2012, Maarten de Jeu founded his own company, SVM Business Advisory, a boutique, global strategy consulting firm. As the Managing Director of the firm, he helps clients come up with long-lasting solutions that bring about positive results. Through this company, he has headed successful growth projects for various international companies.

As an expert on international business and a trusted advisor in development strategy: he advises business owners to take their time and understand the local markets abroad. According to him, this requires patience and energy for fruitful results. He argues that it is essential for businesses to take into consideration cultural differences in the foreign markets, which determines success or failure. The businessman outlines factors to be considered while looking forward to expanding globally.

Maarten de Jeu presents quality as the first factor. He insists on high-quality goods for a good first impression. He insists on product uniformity, which translates to high quality in markets abroad. Secondly, he advises on learning local languages as a way to try to eliminate cultural differences: This may help in avoiding embarrassing outcomes and also assist in obtaining a rough idea of the local business grasp through interaction. Learn more:

Marten de Jeu insists on the need to develop dedication in the overseas market. Establishing a long term relationship can help in the expansion. This can be met by hiring local employees instead of the distribution of existing ones. According to him, business owners should consider the market conditions in terms of competition, demand for the product, and so on. If the product already exists and at a lower price, then venturing into the market will obtain no results. As expertise in international business, he contends on the importance of following accepted business practices such as having a business plan. Without a business plan, the company is just going blindly into the market with no knowledge whatsoever on what to expect.

While expanding into global markets, Maarten de Jeu emphasizes the importance of seeking the advice of local expertise, to help develop a deeper understanding of the rules and regulations guiding business practices in the country. Another important factor that he thinks needs to be understood is that global expansion is a process that does not take place in one day. It requires investment in both time and funds to achieve successful growth. Lastly, he insists on flexibility, in case of changes and needs to adjust at any point on the market. He terms flexibility as a vital tool in business expansion.

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Luke Lazarus: New Businesses need the Help of a Consultant 

When you are in new in the business world, you will receive all kinds of advice. One thing everyone will tell you is the difficulties of starting and running a successful business. People have done it in the past, and they ended up with losses after saving for years to raise capital.

Luke Lazarus opinions concerning businesses are, however, different. Most of the business ideas he introduced into the market ended up making profits. For his customers, the same has been happening.

The startup consultant focuses on helping newbies in business to solve complex problems that result in losses. Experienced executive like Luke Lazarus can only make navigating the market in modern times easy. When any client is stuck, Luke Lazarus is the professional they contract. Many decisions need the help of a consultant in the market. Read more: Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO | Dougsandler and Luke Lazarus | Business

Luke Lazarus offers the solutions all investors have. Although there are many startup consultants in the market today, the business executive boasts for giving his customers the best.

The process of starting a business for a client is not easy. When people visit Luke Lazarus, they mostly have many expectations. Each customer comes with different ideas in business that needs a unique approach. Luke Lazarus develops business plans for each client differently. The business owners have to create a story for future customers and stakeholders. Many new business owners fail when they lack a story.

Most startup consultants in the global community will tell you that without this story, the company has a dull future. The story created by Luke Lazarus and the client should not be different from the product that is marketed. Successful companies will swear that this strategy worked perfectly for them.

If your business has been in the market for long, yet it is only getting losses; you do not have to lose hope. Luke Lazarus has the solution for businesses that have stuck for long. With his expert help, these startup start market research that leads to a new start.

The executive does his role in researching customer influence. Before proceeding with an investment, the owners of a business must know about the demand for the product in the market. Leaving anything to chance is very dangerous in the competitive market.

Business consultants like Luke Lazarus are gaining popularity in the market today. Times have changed. In the past, only capital was needed for a business to thrive. With complex customer demands and competition in all fields, a consultant is essential in all business processes. Failing to get these expertise skills can be dangerous to new businesses. The consultant in question, however, has to be experienced.

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Local Inspiration Leads Gino Pozzo To International Soccer Club Ownership

The reputation of the Pozzo family in soccer circles is almost unmatched with Gino Pozzo becoming the leader of the family soccer business. The club the family first purchased was the Italian team, Udinese which is based on the home region of the family. Gino Pozzo’s father was the first member of the family to show an interest in purchasing Udinese as he felt the local community would be damaged by the financial meltdown of the club. Gino Pozzo has since led the family to ownership of teams in the Spanish league and now in the English top division.

After leading Udinese to glory in the 2000s with their rise to a place in the prestigious Champion’s League, Gino Pozzo moved his family to the soccer hub of Barcelona to learn more about the sport. While in Barcelona, Pozzo led the move to purchase F.C. Grenada at a time when the club sat outside the elite level of Spain’s La Liga. Pozzo would lead Grenada to promotion to La Liga and stability in the top league of Spanish professional soccer. With a dedicated push towards creating his own model of soccer ownership, Gino Pozzo began to carve his own path through the sporting sector.

After buying the English team, Watford F.C, in 2012, Pozzo moved his family to England to be closer to the club and would eventually move into an office at the historic Vicarage Road stadium. The success achieved at Grenada had led to many interested parties looking to buy the club with Gino Pozzo pushing for players to move between the teams owned by his family. With Premier League status assured, Gino Pozzo oversaw the sale of F.C. Grenada as he sought to put all the focus of the family on Udinese and Watford with even more financial muscle than ever before.