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Repton School Engineering Students Win Scholarshps

Recently, three teenage students at Repton School, a private school in rural England, were awarded Arkwright Engineering Scholarships. As Arkwright scholars, they will receive financial support and mentoring throughout their time in prep school. This is a national scholarship program, and 400 recipients were selected. The three Repton School students, Henry Dunn, Phoebe Plant and Harry Scutt, were honored at a day-long festival in London and were accompanied by Repton School engineering and design instructor Mr Robert Kirkland.

Motivated by having so many of their students win Arkwright scholarships, the staff in the Repton School are now working with their classes to get ready applications for the 2020 scholarship year. Arkwright scholars are selected not only the basis of their engineering work and aptitudes but also on their leadership abilities. At this time, six Repton School students are preparing applications.

Centuries of excellence

Repton School was founded in the Sixteenth Century and has a long history of academic excellence, and the achievements of these Awkwright Scholars are very much in that tradition. Not only does the school produce many graduates that go on to successful careers in science, engineering and technology, it is also known for producing some of England’s greatest writers, politicians, journalists and entertainers.

The Repton Scholarship

In order to make its programs accessible, Repton School itself awards scholarships to deserving students to support their Repton experience. Perhaps the best known of these is the Repton Scholarship, which is awarded to students entering the school in year nine; all Repton students in this class are eligible to apply. A minimum of 13 scholarships are awarded every year.

The application process is very rigorous. Students who apply take a number of written tests in different subject areas and also sit for at least one interview. There are optional assessments in both Greek and Latin. Decisions are based on the applicants’ intellectual curiosity, independence of thought and also subject-matter skills. All applicants must take a standardized online test, and some applicants do a science practical.

Scholarships are granted within specific academic areas including design technology, drama, music and other disciplines. Scholarships are meant to award academic achievement and also to encourage recipients to continue down a road of lifelong learning. Students entering to Repton School who wish to apply for a Repton Scholarship may receive materials that explain the process in detail. They are encouraged to indicate their interest as soon as possible. Find out more about Repton School:

Oren Frank: Co-founder and Chief Executive of TalkSpace

Oren Frank is the co-founder of Talkspace, where he also acts as the Chief Executive. Talkspace is a leading online therapy platform that helps clients connect directly with qualified and licensed therapists. It has enabled people to access therapy services conveniently and at affordable prices across the world. At a time when mental health is known to be on the rise, Talkspace has been of great benefit to individuals seeking to better their mental health. The platform is popular in offering world-class mental health services and has considerably improved convenience and effectiveness. To date, under Oren Frank’s leadership, the company has assisted over 500,000 people in connecting with authorized therapists.

In an interview, when Franked asked about the backstory that inspired Talkspace, he said it was an inspiration after they had a relationship crisis with his spouse. They visited a couple of therapists where they had a life-changing experiencing. Their relationship was healed, and after that, they married, and together, they have two daughters. He was motivated and continued with providing therapy services; later, his wife quit her career to study a psychology course. Previously, Frank worked at an advertising and marketing company. However, he left because he was searching for something that could align with his beliefs, which was therapy accessibility.

Frank said he needed a career that was more valuable and meaningful. Before establishing Talkspace, Oren served many subsidiaries in different capacities, at McCann Worldgroup, which is an international marketing company. In November 2001 – November 2007, he worked at McCann Erickson. He later joined EMEA, in London where he served as the regional director for creativity. Later in 2003, Frank received a promotion to work as the CEO, Worldgroup in Israel, which saw him move to Tel Aviv in Israel. While working at Worldgroup as CEO, he also acted as the chairman at McCann Digital.

In 2008, Oren relocated to New York to work for MRM Worldwide as the Chief International Creative Officer. Frank has also contributed to HuffPost, which is an American blog that focuses on opinions and news that provide both local and global news. One of the articles he did included The Worlds’ Destroyer, which was published in November 2017. Frank has also written articles for the Talkspace blog, most of which are geared towards addressing the issue of mental health. Oren Frank has been very instrumental in ensuring that individuals maintain high levels of mental health at all times. Connect:

Talking About TalkSpace: What Do The Reviewers Say?

What do people who have actually used the TalkSpace service have to say about it? This is something that we wanted to know. We dug into some of the reviews to see what real customers are thinking about this product.

One individual who has a glowing review is the yoga teacher and mental health awareness advocate Claire Fountain. What she says is that TalkSpace was there for her when she needed it. She says that she was suffering and needed someone to talk to, and TalkSpace Reviews was there for her. She got paired up with a therapist quickly, and she went through two years of therapy with that person to help get herself into a better place. She says that it changed her whole outlook on life.

Other people who have used the service have noted how personalized and thoughtful the responses they get from their therapists are. They know that it would be easy for the company to push out whatever they wanted in generic responses to people seeking real help, but that is not what TalkSpace does. Instead, they clearly have therapists who are real professionals who want to provide help to their patients and do so very well.

Finally, a number of people have mentioned the fact that TalkSpace fits in well with the rest of what they have going on in life. This is a very big deal given that so many of us have jam-packed schedules that are difficult to get through. Luckily, TalkSpace meets us where we are, and it is always there when we need it. Today’s on-the-go world demands that we have the ability to get help with ease and wherever we happen to be. TalkSpace saw the need for this in the market and has fulfilled that promise with the products that they have on offer.

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