A Detailed Review Of The Benefits Of The ClassDojo App

Today, parents, kids and teachers are widely using laptops and smartphones to communicate. Among the many communication apps that have been developed, ClassDojo has proved to be an important tool to students, parents and teachers. The app enables parents to get periodic updates about their kid’s activities, academic, social and general conduct at school. Parents and teachers have embraced ClassDojo as a crucial classroom management tool because of various reasons.

Teachers love the app because it saves their time in classrooms as they are only required to record students’ accomplishment and conduct in class by a click. In addition, it is easy to use the app. Notably, teachers and parents have embraced the ClassDojo app because it allows for data sharing. Often, tutors set report behaviors of the pupils and later email them to their parents. Parents who are connected to the app receive periodic reports about their children’s performance. This way, parents are always in the loop. Through the app, teachers are able to note what works for or against the students in classroom.

Notably, the ClassDojo app enables teachers to organize and set up classes. Through the avatars that are assigned to the students, the teacher is able to award negative or positive points to a group or an individual student. Teachers reward students with accumulated dojo points considering that the latter enjoy such recognition. Parents have continued to use the app to keep track of their children’s conduct at school. The objective of such updates is to enable parents to know the conversations that they will have with their children for purposes of enhancing their development and learning in school. Teachers inform parents about the activities of children through videos or photos.

The ClassDojo app has enabled parents to calm the various concerns of their children. By posting videos about students’ participation in class, teachers boost the confidence of such children. If used sensitively and carefully, ClassDojo can encourage learning at emotional and social level.

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