A vision and beyond for Ara Chackerian

With efforts running through Armenia, Nicaragua and the United States in terms of charity, Ara Chackerian is a Florida State University graduate with B.S. in marketing. Giving back to the society is one of the philanthropists’ strengths. Driven by passion in health care and technology plus an experience of more than two decades, he has co-founded several companies. In inclusion to the companies he has co-founded is BMC Diagnostics, a leading provider of diagnostic imaging services and TMS health solutions which is a California based integrated provider of behavioral health. The TMS health solutions directors’ life experiences have jogged his mind from time to time and created ideas for him. He has had an appreciation for different views and opinions; this has made him go into business with a number of people. His passion has well expanded beyond just technology into forestry. For more details you can visit angel.co



He has a vision that extends past leaving the wilderness into waste. He has pioneered this course by providing necessary tools and techniques to clients, partners and nature enthusiasts. It is definitely not everyone that can have ideas on what to do at certain areas and this is where the experts of forestry like Mr. Ara come in. Through using the care and caution needed in the curation of trees and wildlife population, great benefits are likely to be harvested. Forests are being depleted and this is probably due the fact that the public might be uninformed. Ara Chackerian therefore believes in sharing information with the public. You can checkout about.me for more info.




He believes that calculated measures and policies should be put into place and equipping the public is one of them. Income generating methods have also targeted to minimize disease and encourage rapid increase in animals. The State of Michigan has already put in place a number of measures that have impacted it positively. Such achievements should encourage other states and countries to adopt such measures. A wide range of benefits can be seen from economic boost to healthy trees and purified air, if Michigan should be used as a model. Ara and other forestry experts’ positive impact to the society will probably benefit the generation that will follow.



Visit: http://californiablog.org/content/exploring-tms-ara-chackerian-non-invasive-mental-health-treatment-targets-brain

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