Aaron Lupuloff Helps Educate America’s Youth

Leaders like Aaron Lupuloff of the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation is taking a stance to improve the overall performance and thirst for knowledge through out America. They will do this by taking a stronger approach that brings together multiple strategies to make sure that students remain encouraged and interesting in progression. They will most definitely take full advantage of the benefits of standardized testing. Here are some of the perceived benefits of using standardized tests.

  • Ability to observe the performance of lower performing students to the rest of the population.
  • An increased discouragement to favoritism.
  • The ability to observe students’ progress over time so that they can continually aspire to improve themselves.
  • Encourage teachers to teach students in a way that is helps them to love learning instead of performing well on the tests.

Based on weeklyopinion.com, these results will be achieved by changing the schedule and contents on standardized tests according to what teacher, and other educators believe will reflect what needs to be revealed for more effective progression. The teaching systems of Gwinnett County Public Schools will also strive to stress the importance of soft skills like critical thinking, proper processing , and value analysis will also be encouraged and highlighted through their new and improved approach.

Aaron Lupuloff and The Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation Fund, Inc. has realized that America’s students perform at an average level compared to some of the leading countries like Germany, China, Canada, Estonia. This is highly disappointing especially because of the fact that America has spent more money on their education systems than these other countries. This is a fact that they feel the entire community needs to help fix and dedicate themselves to. Therefore, they will also take on a bigger effort to increase community interaction , and hands on involvement from role models and influential members of the community so that they can encourage students to strive for better.  To see more about Aaron visit youngupstarts.com

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