Aaron Lupuloff’s Invaluable Contribution to Gwinnett County Public Schools

Education is arguably one of the most critical sectors in any society. Over the past few years, many individuals and organizations have invested heavily in the education sector. One such organization that has revolutionized the education sector in Gwinnett County is Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation.

Gwinnett County Public Schools, under the leadership of Aaron Lupuloff, has made significant milestones in recent years. The programs offered at Gwinnett county public schools ensure that students are adequately equipped with the requisite skills to cope in the outside world. These programs, however, would have been elusive had it not been for the support of GCPS foundation.

Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation, often referred to as GCPS foundation, was established to help bridge the gap between affluent students and their poor counterparts. This is usually done by carrying out fundraisers during sports day. Available data show that this year alone the foundation has donated a staggering $ 456, 000 to over one hundred schools in the county.

Aaron Lupuloff took over the position of Senior Executive Director in 2011. Since he stepped to the position, the foundation and the county at large has made significant milestones. The foundation has not only been able to raise more funds, but the gap between students from affluent neighborhoods and those from inner cities has reduced significantly. Aaron Lupuloff and his wife were admitted into Gwinnett County Sports Hall of fame in 2011.

Educational Background and Career

Aaron Lupuloff is married with four children. He graduated with a Business Administration degree from the University of Alabama and proceeded to work in the financial sector. He worked with major commercial companies such as JP Morgan and Bear Stearns. While serving in these firms, he served in various positions such as managing director and as a board member.

Aaron Lupuloff has an in-depth understanding of education matters having served as a treasurer and consequently as a vice president of the Norcross High School Foundation. Aaron’s experience from his career in finance and educational based leadership was critical to his appointment as GCPS senior director. Moreover, he has shown that he is committed to improving not only the lives of students but local communities as well.

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