Altium and Jacob Gottlieb Bringing Big Things to Healthcare Investment

Investors Jacob Gottlieb and Stuart Weisbrod have worked together previously at Merlin BioMed Group where they worked with diverse portfolios in almost every sector of medicine. While the two may have taken their own professional paths for the last almost 2 decades, the 2 have reunited for a new business venture. This company is known as Altium Capital and will once again bring the 2 together in the world of medical investing.

Altium is a hedge fund that is already hitting the ground running with a considerable investment into a company that has the potential to change the way diabetes is treated forever. Jacob Gottlieb has a long history of investing in the healthcare field and with their knowledge and experience combined Altium has the potential for considerable success for both the company and their clients. This first major investment is in a company based out of Jerusalem known as Oramed.

Prior to the founding of Altium, Jacob Gottlieb was working on finalizing the closing of his previous business Visium Asset Management. Jacob Gottlieb’s Visium had seen around a decade of prosperity that came to an end after 3 employees were alleged to have participated in insider trading. While Jacob Gottlieb was completely cleared of all charges related to the crimes, the company agreed to pay the related fines that were levied and shut their doors. Before closing down, the company managed around $8 billion of assets. Jacob Gottlieb agreed to stay on with the company until his clients were returned their assets as the chief executive officer.

Altium is a new business opportunity for Jacob Gottlieb and he believes in his newest investment. While previously patients with diabetes could only administer their frequent insulin doses through injection, Oramed’s new proprietary technology will allow these millions of people to take their medication in the form of a capsule. Both painless and less likely to cause an infection, this capsule is currently in the process of receiving approval by the FDA in the United States.

With Jacob Gottlieb and Weisbrod working together again at Altium, the healthcare investment industry is going to see some interesting opportunities that could bring big changes. Oramed has already seen a lot of interest in their new technology in Asian markets such as China where they accepted a $50 million offer for their product. This is the first time that insulin has been able to be taken orally for diabetes.

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