Apple Says Foxconn Can Buy and Sell iPhones

Apple is going to allow Foxconn to buy and sell used iPhones. Foxconn is the company in China that makes the iPhone. The phone is a big money maker in China, and apparently Foxconn wants in on the action. Now it will purchase used iPhones from customers and then resell them to others.

Brian Torchin ( understands that Foxconn is in a particularly unique position to be an iPhone reseller since it has all the parts on hand to appropriate refurbish any iPhones that come its way. It also has an entire staff with the no how to fix a phone, and to know when they’re being sold sub-par goods or an imposter. Unlike Apple, who buys old iPhones and restores them in the United States, Foxconn won’t have its own store front for the sales. Instead, it will sell the refurbished phones on the country’s eBay-like platform.

iPhone prices can get quite high in China. If Foxconn is successful in its attempts, then iPhone reselling could actually become quite lucrative for the company, and help it make quite a tidy sum as a side profit. Foxconn also recently announced plans to get into the autonomous car market, making the company quite the technology powerhouse in China.

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