Assiduous Efforts of CEO Sheldon Lavin in Enhancing the Growth and Sustainability of the OSI Group

In terms of growth, OSI Group is one of the world’s top-tier food provider with more than 65 subsidiaries in 17 countries. Following the impressive leadership skills, and staunch efforts of is CEO Sheldon Lavin, the firm have remarkably succeeded in earning and retaining its status as a multi billion-dollar company, readily dedicated to delivering quality, and efficient services at favorable prices.

Born in 1932, Mr. Sheldon Lavin was honored with a bachelor of science in Business at Roosevelt University, Chicago, Illinois. Additionally, he also did Accounting and Finance from Northwestern University; skills he has been actively employing throughout his entrepreneurial career in building and managing corporates productively. Including Sheldon Lavin and Associates, Inc., – a financial consultancy he had established prior to joining OSI Group.

Currently serving as the Chairman and CEO of OSI Group, Mr. Sheldon has remarkably supported the firm in the sustenance of its innovative food solutions. Since his joining in 1970 (ideally Otto & Sons, Inc. – the predecessor of OSI Group, he has dearly guided the firm in the induction and orientation to new strategies and technologies that help enhance company’s efficiency, and effectiveness.

In one of the breakthroughs, Mr. Lavin enabled Otto & Sons, Inc. adopt to liquid nitrogen cryogenic freezing, which came to boost the firm’s productivity immensely. With the technology, the firm was presented with new opportunities for expanding brand, as well as the reduction of the cost of production, including in storage and transportation.

Following his exceptional experience in investment, and finance management, CEO Sheldon Lavin helped facilitate the extensive expansion of the ISO Group into the global markets, plus the sophisticated capitalization it required. This attribute affected the firm’s development and growth, enabling it to earn the status as one of the largest private companies in the US, with a ranking of #63 in Forbes’ 2018 list, following its revenue of $6.1 billion.

Since his association with the OSI Group, the efforts presented by Mr. Sheldon Lavin have been visibly noticed, with some even leading to prestigious recognition of the company, as well as him personally. In 2012, for instance, four OSI branches were highlighted by the McDonald’s (OSI’s primary Client) for their sustainability efforts. Furthermore, in 2016 Mr. Lavin was honored with NAMI’s Edward C. Jones Community Service Award for his philanthropic efforts and support in Chicago, and the rest of the regions OSI operates.

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