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A new type of geek has emerged around the aviation industry.  My friend Dan Newlin sent me the link to the Slide Share and it’s pretty freaking cool. These plane spotters follow the movement of commercial and private jets and post information on the planes on blogs and social media sites. This type of behavior is common among transportation enthusiasts and most of them specialize in a certain segment of the industry. The plane spotters outside Brisbane Australia’s Airport are in their late twenties and keep busy taking pictures of jets landing at the second busiest single airport runway in the world outside of London’s Gatwick Airport.
These two young aviation enthusiasts are sitting in their car at the end of this runway to take a picture of Obama’s plane which is planning to land in Brisbane for an upcoming G20 summit in November. Neither one of these two are interested in the president or his foreign policy, they are just interested in getting a photo of Air Force One to post on their Brisbane Airport Movements blog. They have both invested tens of thousands of dollars and over a year of their time to construct this blog in the hopes of being competitive with other plane spotting sites. They have documented every flight they’ve ever taken and most of their time is spent researching topics associated with aviation.

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    Maryam Oakley May 25, 2017

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