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Larkin and Lacey vs. Jose Arpaio

Deputies from the Maricopa County Sheriffs Office of Arizona arrested journalists Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey on the night of October 18th, 2007. The charges were interfering with a Grand Jury investigation.

The two, co-owners of Village Voice, which owned the newspaper Phoenix New Times, which ran a story about a secret Grand Jury convened at the request of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, had been critical of the sheriff’s office for some time.

Larkin and Lacey were trying to bring national attention to the many violations committed by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s office on the orders of Arpaio. Illegal activities such as search without cause, allowing inmates to die or be injured in custody, illegal detention, racial profiling and more.

Arpaio had indeed formed a secret Grand Jury with the goal of investigating Larkin and Lacey due to their reporting of his violations. The journalists did not know this was the Grand Jury’s purpose; they had only learned that of its existence. But it was formed by Arpaio to target the two in an effort to silence the press in violation of the First Amendment.

The men were taken to different jails and imprisoned for 24 days, causing a national outrage against Arpaio and his department. Eventually a judge threw the charges out and freed the men while also putting an end to the illegally formed Grand Jury. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

Larkin and Lacey filed suit against the county and won $3.7 million. This money was then used to start the Frontera Fund, a civil rights organization aimed at defending the civil rights of all Americans, but especially the Latino population which was the biggest of Arpaio’s targets as a group.

Arpaio was soon brought up on charges of his own. He was declared guilty after losing his 2016 re-election bid for a seventh term as sheriff. In office since 1992, the people of Maricopa County didn’t want any more of his brand of enforcing the law.

Unlike Larkin and Lacey, Arpaio was declared guilty of the charges against him but then President Trump stepped in and used his first presidential pardon to get Arpaio out of jail. Arpaio, who was one of the first figures to endorse Trump’s run for the Presidency even before the primaries, has since announced his intention to run for the U.S. Senate from Arizona. He has in turn been endorsed by Trump for this elected position.

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Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Have Been Arrested On Charges That May Have Violated Their First Amendment Rights

The story of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin began in Maricopa County in 2017 when they exposed Sheriff Joe Arpaio for his severe misconduct regarding his profiling of Latinos. They were arrested in the middle of the night and placed in jail. They were released, filed a lawsuit and won. The duo used the $3.75 million to start the Frontera Fund to protect the rights of Latinos and migrant workers.

Currently, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have been arrested and has been seized. Several of the companies executives were indicted. The defendants include John Brunst and Scott Spear. The charge is money laundering and Spear and Larkin were also charged with facilitating prostitution and conspiracy. The men pleaded not guilty.

Spear and Brunst have been released and Larkin is waiting for a detention hearing. The FBI invaded Michael Lacey’s home during a celebration with his wife and carried away his possessions. Jim Larkin’s home was also raided. The pair once owned the flagship Phoenix New Times and seventeen alternative weeklies.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin sold the chain in 2012. They retained The company is fighting allegations of being an online brothel. Carl Ferrer was sold the pairs interest in in 2015. The indictment is reported to have 93 counts and involve seven people. Pimping allegations were dismissed agains Michael Lacy and Jim Larkin in 2017. Paul Cambria is Michael Lacey’s criminal defense attorney. He stated seizing Backpage was a direct act of censorship by the FBI. He does not believe the governments actions were constitutional.

Cindy McCain is a volunteer for the Human Trafficking Council in Arizona. She has made claims for years that Backpage has been selling children for sex and was in the business of sex trafficking but had no evidence. New felonies have been created by FOSTA for any individual involved with prostituting another person. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

This charge carries a sentence of up to ten years in prison. If Five or more individuals are involved this increases to 25 years. The FOSTA bill received approval from both houses of Congress. The bill is still waiting for the signature of President Trump. He is allegedly signing the bill the day of Lacey’s arraignment.

When Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin owned the New Times they exposed Senator McCain’s hypocrisy several times and the McCain’s were left with bitter feelings for the men. Michael and Jim were also arrested in 2016 for pimping charges. They were released on bond and the charges were dismissed.

The AG’s office was accused of an abuse of power. The prohibition of unlawful search and seizure through the Constitution’s Fourth Amendment was also abused. Their most famous arrest remains that of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio on false charges.

Many individuals believe the censorship of Backpage is a violation of the First Amendment. Paul Cambria is a formidable opponent and has fought many battles during his career. He stated he has seen cases like this before and intends to continue fighting for the rights of his client.

How NGP VAN Is Enhancing Campaign Financing

Most political campaigns experiencing many challenges before it can turn successful. It requires funds as well as strategies. In addition, successful fundraising for a campaign requires well-orchestrated coordination at all levels whether local or national levels. Fundraising generates many data, which is not only time consuming but also complicated. The data require high tech and other tools for useful analysis. In case the campaign team lacks the proper equipment for analysis, then it will have information overload, which might create a backlog and distract success of the campaign.

In a recent report compiled by Federal Election Commission in 2016, on the average, a Senate candidate needs to spend around $10.4 million to win during an electioneering period. The candidate for the House of Representatives uses at least $1.5 million during the campaigns. At all levels, the price of winning are high and cost as well strategies of running a winning campaign are complex.

Most campaign managers are therefore looking for campaign tech to enhance monitoring of campaign spending as well financed. Technology startups are striving to provide solutions in the political arena. One of such firms is NGP VAN. The institution is a technology provider for non-profit firms, Democratic campaigns as well as Progressive campaigns. VAN and Digital 8 can help campaign managers organize information by utilizing dashboards, which have charts as well as graphs to arrange information from campaigns. NGP VAN software empowers most Democratic campaigns such as Barack Obama fundraising.

Digital Solution

NGP VAN integrates strategies such as email, SMS, and social media platforms to enhance fundraising. The consolidation of donations ensures that even individual donors can contribute consistently until the end of the campaign. Using the platform managers can come with a detailed list of sponsors and use the technology to expand the network. The tech can also help to convey the donation requests to more people.

Additionally, the technology is providing a new outlook to political fundraising. The tech emphasizes that donors contribute to political campaigns based on priorities as well as on political interest not as charity. The donors contribute towards the campaign of a candidate with similar political views. NGP VAN encourages donors to view contributions as an investment towards the achievement of certain goals as well as priorities. NGP VAN employes around 200 employees.

Mobile Fundraising

NGP VAN introduced NGP 8 to enhance compliance as well as fundraising in campaigns. NGP 8, which works seamlessly with ActBlue pages, allows grassroots fundraising via online platforms. Using ActBlue donors can view contributions instantly as well as anywhere while using a mobile device.

Adam Milstein Is Keen on Strengthening Israeli-America Ties

Adam Milstein is a renowned real estate investor who hails from Israel. Also a managing partner at the famous Hagar Pacific Properties, Milstein was born in Haifa, in 1952. As a young boy, he grew up in KiryatMotzkin. He was interested in learning more about his culture hence his focus on joining the Israeli Defense Force at the Yom Kippur War. While there, Mr. Milstein was keen on the state of peace in his country. He developed a special liking for fostering peaceful ties between communities. Shortly after, he enrolled at Technion for a bachelor’s degree in science, economics and, business.

Background Data

In 1974, Adam Milstein fell in love and married Gila Elgabrly. Shortly into the matrimonial union, they were blessed with two daughters. Of course, his life changed for the better as Milstein started out on his career path with a new focus. To pursue better opportunities in life, he relocated to America in 1981. Taking his family along, he was keen on advancing his education. That is why he enrolled for a master’s degree at the prestigious University of Southern California. Right after his graduation, Mr. Milstein pursued commercial real estate.


Adam Milstein’s career revolves around real estate. Currently serving at Hagar Pacific Properties, he oversees the entire management of the firm. In his capacity as the managing partner, he is keen on managing properties. Moreover, his service scope entails acquiring, repositioning, retail and office rehabilitation.

Charity Ventures

Adam Milstein is a renowned philanthropist. He is a massive contributor to charity causes. Closely working with his wife Gila, Milstein established the Gila Family Foundation. All too often, he uses the foundation to advocate for the rights of Jews.

The Times of Israel by Mr. Milstein

In addition to his stated roles, Mr. Milstein is a huge contributor to The Times Of Israel, a blog in which, he uses to disseminate critical information regarding how useful it is for Jews and Israelis to make a peaceful pact even as Americans. In his recent blog, Mr. Milstein discusses the value of fostering peaceful relations among the three parties as in the end, it only contributes to their well-being.

NGP VAN Tips For Organizing a Rally

Stadium style campaign rallies are the way politicians hold rallies these days. You do not have to run for president to have a rally. Rallies are part of any campaign plan because they help present your campaign to the public as well as convert undecided voters to your way of thinking. Supporters can be changed into campaign volunteers while at rallies, in particular, if they are undecided. Press coverage boosts the ability others have to recognize your name. Timing is another important factor in how to hold a good rally. Rallies are often saved for the final two weeks of the campaign.

Planning the details of a rally becomes more important with the factor of pulling off a successful event. Location is what helps gather attendance at the rally. Researching the permit scenario is necessary to do before all rallies. How many people do you expect will attend? Is there good parking or public transit access at the location of the rally? What is the sound system like? How well do you expect to hear the speaker at the location? Visual photographs make or break a campaign along with campaign signs. Field organization of a campaign is extremely important.

The new gold standard of campaign management is fundraising and compliance.
NGP VAN specializes in helping progressive campaigns manage the system. NGP Van was created November 2010 by merging NGP Software, and Voter Activation Network. Other aspects of campaign management involve public speaking at rallies to convey the campaign message. Advertising a rally is part of the job. You have the option of creating a Facebook event in order to ask your contacts to RSVP. Letting the media know of your rally involves contacting television stations, and radio stations via press release. College newspapers are a smaller sort rather than local blogs. Supporters have the energy to engage in grassroots activism. You can sign up new volunteers at rallies where you can foster growing excitement about your campaign. NGP VAN has many software tools that help you manage your campaign and all aspects of holding a rally. Rallies help communicate with your constituents.

Connect with NGP VAN on Facebook for product updates.

Adam Milstein and His Latest Discussion About The Race Issues in American

It can be said that one of the essential edicts of a top leader is to always provide the best services, products, and solutions for the society. Fortunately, this maxim and principle is what the renowned activist writer Adam Milstein is trying to emphasize when he writes his column and when he offers expert opinion in his work. Get details on Adam Milstein at


Latest News


In Adam Milstein’s effort to make sure that people get the right treatment and human rights protection today, he writes a continuous column for Jewish News Syndicate.


His latest write-up talks about the issue of vicious anti-semitism that has been instrumental in the debate between the radical right and left. In the article, there’s so much discussion about how the liberal Muslim movements have been affecting the American culture lately and how the people who want to change it would see it.


Adam Milstein also discussed how North America recently has been in the acts to revise the political challenges today. There’s also a lot of fantastic information about how Adam Milstein has seen the Muslim movements’ rage against the Western lifestyle and against what the West believes in, including freedom of speech and vile-anti Semitism. Such discussion that Adam has opened up have made a lot of changes to how the debate about the issues has gone through and has been received by the public. Adam also explained a lot of the reasons why there is such a lot of number of Jews immigrating to the United States.



About Adam Milstein


Adam is one of the known Israeli-American philanthropists today that are active in writing about the race issues in America. He’s right now the National Chairman of the Israeli-American Council as well as a real estate entrepreneur that has built a large of connections and networks that have provided a lot of jobs and opportunities for others.


It’s also noteworthy to say here that he’s the President of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation whose job and work are to focus on a lot of the changes that are needed to understand the real core problems of the issues at hand in the society. Learn more about Adam Milstein at

Jim Larkin and Micheal Lacey look back at Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s actions

The Frontera fund has been one of the most active advocates of Hispanic issues. It has built a reputation as a serious defender of their rights as well as ensuring that they get fair hearing whenever they are caught up in any situation especially immigration.

The Frontera fund has an interesting history started by Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, the former owners of the Phoenix new times. The duo were some of the most frustrated people when President Trump gave the sheriff a presidential pardon. The sheriff had been a direct contributor to the starting of the Frontera fund.

Back in 2007 after the duo had been intensively reporting on the misdeeds of the sheriff and his department he finally thought that he had them cornered and by issuing them with an overreaching subpoena he was sure it would go his way. The two proceeded to publish the contents of the subpoena, and this would lead to there immediate arrest at the stroke of midnight after the contents of the document appeared on the phoenix new times.

This arrest was the beginning of court battles pitting the two opposing parties against each other. The sheriff soon discovered how unpopular his move was when the outcry from the public from all over the country led him to release them and drop all charged that he had levied against them. Learn more about James Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The two were, however, to not let this injustice slide, they went back to court and sued the sheriff’s department for gross violations of there fundamental rights and there first amendment rights. The case went on for some years before the court of appeals finally ruled that indeed the sheriff was guilty of the violation of their first amendment rights.This meant that the county of Maricopa had to settle and settle they did offering the duo 3.75 million dollars the initial capital that was used to start the Frontera fund.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio ran a department that was corrupt and one that thrived on racial profiling, and this was the basis of Melendres v. Arpaio’s a case that has to date cost the Maricopa taxpayer 70 million plus. Judge Bolton found the sheriff guilty of fragrant racial bias and profiling and ordered a raft of measures to correct the same.

This was to be done under the watchful eyes of a monitor appointed by the court. The sheriff would never implement this changes which saw him taken back to court and on July 13 last year he was found guilty by judge G. Marry.

The president was on hand to intervene and grant him a pardon for a man the president long admired. This saved the sheriff from a potential six-month stint in jail. The alliance between the two was observed by Micheal Lacey and Jim Larkin as a subversion of justice.

The two have spoken out against the same and stated that it was unfair to those who had over the years been wronged by the sheriff. The sheriff is today a free man but not retired as sheriff since he lost the election to a Democrat in the last elections.

The Kabbalah Centre Focuses on the Youth

The Kabbalah Centre is such an open organization for people to enter and find simple steps to achieve peace and happiness in life. The teachings of Kabbalah benefit people as they go through life and experience constant change and difficult situations. The Kabbalah Centre, based in Los Angeles, does not leave any group out of these teachings, particularly the youth. The teenage years are a time when young people are presented with certain issues for the first time. Teenagers are suddenly faced with more responsibility, relationships around them start shifting, and even they even have to try and understand their feelings which have evolved drastically from prior years. This is why The Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles has the TEENS Program.

Teachers, mentors, and guides provide support to teenagers from the ages of 13 to 17. Using the foundation of Kabbalah teachings, teenagers are given the arsenal that they need in order to navigate school, their home life, and their expanding social life. The Kabbalah TEENS Program is definitely a sign of growth that is very different than how Kabbalah teachings were first disseminated. The Kabbalah has been taught for over 4,000 years by master teachers to their students. These teachings were only reserved for well-educated men over the age of 40 in the early years of Kabbalah.

The Kabbalah Centre was established in the early 1980s, and they came along to make these teachings more accessible to virtually anyone. This is what makes the TEENS Program so special. If teenagers are given the proper foundation that they need early on in life, then they will be able to adapt more easily to the constant challenges and changes that adulthood consists of throughout their adult years.

Thor Halvorssen Speaks About The Harm of Socialism

The race to the White House in 2016 has been very entertaining. Many people have compared it to something like American sports. It is very competitive and full of surprises. Most people assume that Hillary Clinton would be inaugurated as the nominee of the democratic party several months ago. Her main competitor is a 70 year old Senator who happens to identify as a democratic socialist named Bernie Sanders. Sanders has done very well in proposing his model of government, particularly in highlighting the positive aspects of socialism. But in this interview, Thor Halvorrsen pointed out that the issue is more complicated than Sanders has proposed. Socialism is not without flaws.

Redistribution of Wealth Does Not End Poverty
One of the main talking points of the Bernie Sanders campaign is to point how rich the top 1% are in contrast to the rest of the nation. The solution that he proposed to this problem is that the nation should increase taxes on the rich and distribute that money to the poor. According to HuffingtonPost, Halvorssen objects to this model. While it may seem appealing, it does not help the poor to develop a finite amount of resources that are evenly distributed among all people. Rather, Halvorssen espoused a free market economy, wherein the wealth is infinite, and the potential for advancement is infinite. While the wealthy will become more wealthy, the poor will as well.

Socialism Is Easy To Abuse
Thor Halvorssen recognizes that there are some sovereign nations wherein socialism has been successful. He pointed to Denmark. But when the government has that much power, it is very easy to abuse. If the wrong person works their way into the government, everything could be overthrown in one fell swoop. The poor could become more poor and basic human rights could be left behind.

He Made A Donation To Sanders
Pragmatically, Halvorssen views Bernie Sanders as the best presidential candidate. Socialism may be a difficult sacrifice to make. But it is a necessary sacrifice and will serve as a bulwark against something much worse in the other candidates.

More information for Thor Halvorssen:

Twitter: @thorhalvorssen