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Successful and Talented, Todd Levine Combines Legal Acumen and Artistic Flair

Todd Levine is an attorney who practices at the Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman. Katzen, and Levine law firm located in Miami, Florida. He is renowned for his analytical skills while representing clients in land disputes and real estate litigation. He also has a creative side and enjoys playing the guitar and bass. Todd Levine appreciates art and is himself an accomplished artist.

Todd Levine is an expert and experienced attorney who represents clients in cases relating to real estate disputes, land disputes, class actions and, mass tort defense. He received his law degree from the University of Florida Levin College of Law. He received his license to practice in the year 1991. He co-founded the law firm, Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman. Katzen, and Levine in the year 2009. The firm has offices in Miami and Boca Raton in Florida and Minneapolis in Minnesota. The Best Lawyers in America in their 2019 edition recognized the services provided by the firm in the area of real estate litigation and the ethical practices adopted by the firm while serving clients.

Todd Levine says that his secret to being a successful litigator is his ability to simplify issues and arguments to make it easy for judges and juries to understand the case. He also arranges his work correctly by making to-do lists of priority tasks. He believes that thorough preparation is required to succeed in a lawsuit. He asks young lawyers to choose and specialty and to become the best in that specialty. He says that he has grown successfully in the legal profession because of his client-focused approach. He is an attorney woo takes time to understand the needs of his clients carefully and responds to any doubts they may have within 24 hours. He enjoys playing musical instruments and encourages his children to develop their musical talents.

Todd Levine is an excellent attorney who combines analytical acuity and creative talent in providing the best possible representation of the case of his clients before judges, juries and arbitrators. This is why he is one of the most sought-after attorneys in the area of real estate litigation and land disputes.

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Todd Levine and Fellow Lawyers Honored by the Best Lawyers in America

In the 2019 edition of ‘The Best Lawyers in America,’ Miami’s law firm Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, P.L was once again recognized for its professionalism, prowess in legal expertise and its constant dedication to meet its client’s needs. The firm boasts of highly skilled and talented lawyers, many of whom received recognition for their services in different categories. It has also been recognized among the top firms in many listings such as Chambers USA and South Florida Legal Guide.

Todd Levine and his fellow lawyers Abbey Kaplan and Alan Kluger received an honorary recognition in the Real Estate Litigation sector. The firm’s equity partners were also recognized for achievements in Family Law. The firm stated their joy for the various recognitions and noted that it was a testament of their continued dedication towards the provision of highly professional services to their clients.

One of the founding members of the firm is Todd Levine. He is an expert in the handling of business disputes of all types. He has appeared in court representing all manner of clients ranging from real estate brokers to property owners and contractors. He is also a devoted musician who enjoys science and art as well. Todd Levine graduated with his bachelors from the University of Florida in 1988 and then joined the Florida Levin College of Law for his doctor Degree in 1991.

Kluger is a trial attorney and was recognized his achievements in Family Law and Banking and Finance Litigation sector. He has represented high profile individuals and businesses and is also the founder of Dean-Kluger Charitable Foundation.

Abbey Kaplan tackles complicated legal issues in commercial cases, liability disputes, and intellectual property. Silverman is an expert of litigating cases with many disputing parties. Moreover, he is a skilled appellate lawyer.

Bruce Katzen is the Chairperson of Kluger Kaplan’s Trust and Estate Litigation Group. He is a seasoned lawyer in matters of trust disputes, litigation of probate as well as commercial litigation.

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Cone Marshall Helps New Zealand Customers With the Establishment of Trusts

Cone Marshall, a successful law firm based in New Zealand, has recently been the topic of media attention because of the firm’s attention to the family planning needs of the community in New Zealand. Executives at Cone Marshall recently held a summit in which they discussed the importance of the establishment of trusts for families. Cone Marshall has swiftly become one of the leading law firms in the area of trust establishment and holds years of experience in the trust establishment market. Executives of the firm put this experience to good use recently, when they discussed trust options for family members in various circumstances. According to upper level executives at Cone Marshall, trusts are generally thought to be a good option for extremely wealthy families but can also be used to serve families of little means.

Cone Marshall executives described the process of establishing a trusts as one that could be extremely grueling if not handled by experts in the field. Executives stated that trusts should be set up for a family if the family was worth more than 5 million dollars, had dependents who were not able to care for themselves, wished for the estate to be passed directly to the grand children, wished to manipulate the estate for tax purposes, or wished to keep future generations from squandering any possessions upon the demise of the guarantor of the estate. Executives stated that many other circumstances could be a cause for a family to establish a trust, but that these reasons were a few of the common ones.

Executives Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall who were at the financial summit went on to discuss the procedures associated with the establishment of a trust. Cone Marshall leaders stated that the process to establish a family trusts usually takes a short time commitment when the trust is established using the help of experts in the field. Depending on the type of trust that is being created, completion of the process can occur less than a week after the initial procedures begin. Cone Marshall has excelled in aiding New Zealand families with the establishment of trusts for several years. Executives of the firm stated that they look forward to continuing a trusted relationship with the residents of New Zealand for many years to come. Executives also discussed other services provided by the Cone Marshall firm including partnership and wealth building services. The company is expected to expand its service packages in the new year.

The Midas Legacy Is Helping People Find Success And Happiness

The Midas Legacy has an extensive amount of knowledge in the industry of finance and have a lot of experience dealing with the markets in the industry. The company offers up their experience and guidance to help their customers make better decisions in their life to be happier and achieve success. The current people running the company, Sean Bower, Jim Samson, and Mark Edwards ensure that their is a supply of online courses and programs for people to use that will help them better manage their own finances. The majority of people dream of financial independence, but many of them are lacking the tools to help them achieve it. That is what The Midas Legacy is helping people do, by offering them the tools to succeed.

For new entrepreneurs, starting up a new company and planning out future decisions can be a little daunting, but with The Midas Legacy’s guidance, this process is made easy. The company offers different services, and premium members are able to start learning the simple tricks to starting up and maintaining a successful company. They make no promises of making anyone get rich quick, but they do promise to steer them in the right direction to earning it themselves.

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The Midas Legacy Helps People Protect Their Retirement & Live Healthier

Despite the success someone is able to achieve, one day they are going to need to settle down and think of retirement and their future after working. The Midas Legacy has services and experience for planning out retirements. Many people think that if they are successful enough they do not have to think about retirement, but this is typically untrue in most cases, and many people also wait until its too late to start making a plan. The company’s members can create a retirement plan through them and set up a retirement that fits their specific needs better.

Not only is The Midas Legacy here to help people achieve success financially and for their futures, but they also want to help people live happier and healthier lives overall. Nowadays, it’s all too easy to become overwhelmed with the accumulating stresses of life. For those that get too caught up become negative and have a poor outlook on life and their health. Luckily, The Midas Legacy has experience in these areas and their team is dedicated to helping people in all aspects of life. They can help their clients better deal with stress and stay focused on more positive things to help them achieve their goals in life.

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