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Amazing Places You Should Visit While in Panama

Panama is one of the most beautiful countries located in Central America, and this could be attributed to the quiet villages, rainforests and mountains that create beautiful scenery. Travelers to Panama on can also relax to the cool breeze of the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sean on another end.

You cannot lack places to tour while in Panama and if you are the type that loves having fun, there are many opportunities that allow you to explore the beauty of the country. To understand what you can find in Panama and to help you choose a destination, here are some of the best places you can tour while in the country.

El Valle de Anton
Located at the crater of a volcano, El Valle de Anton is surrounded by tropical and lush forests with high peaks. The village stands 600 meters above sea level and enjoys a cool climate. It offers an ideal environment for hiking and lovers of horseback riding can have some enjoyable moments on At nearby forests, one can enjoy bird watching and the towns offer a beautiful view of waterfalls.

Santa Catalina
Located at the coast, Santa Catalina is a beautiful destination that shows the value of cultural preservation. The remoteness of the country and the diversity that exists within it is what drives most travelers to tour Santa Catalina. Additionally, Santa Catalina is among the most preferred places for surfing across the world and there are many beaches. You can also access the Coiba National Marine Park, which is not so far from Santa Catalina.

Panama City
You should not conclude your tour before visiting the Panama City, which is a vibrant cosmopolitan that hosts the most visited place in the country, the Panama Canal. The canal is one of places travelers give priority to when preparing their itinerary to visit Panama. At the city there are lots of entertainment and recreational amenities that can be accessed in the various modern restaurants.

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