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Apple Watch Will Cost You $350 – Is It Worth It?

I’ll admit the Apple Watch is temptingly functional and stylish, but at $350 it’s hard to justify another gadget, especially knowing it only costs $83.70 to make it. Even worse, when compared to other Apple products that is actually a reasonable mark-up.

The most concerning aspect for Youtube users like Jaime Garcia Dias is that the Apple empire is outsourcing their manufacturing process. These watches are made under extremely shady business practices, and in parts of the world where office buildings come with ‘suicide nets” to catch jumping employees.

Surely, the Apple watch will be a huge seller and has been a buzzing topic for years, exactly what the tech giant intended. While the Apple watch is pretty amazing in concept, why do I need a mini smart phone attached to my wrist? It seems like over indulgence on steroids. It’s concerning too few people question how these products wind up in their lives, and how many other human beings are involved in making them, many times at much too high a cost.

I, too, would like to feel like Captain Kirk from Star Trek, talking into my futuristic watch with instant access to mind numbing amounts of information. It simply isn’t necessary, and furthermore these gadgets have a horrible tendency of always leaving you wanting more.