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Skout Saved Me from My Social Anxiety

Want to meet new people? If so download Skout today! This app has changed how I socialize and I love it more every day! I used to never make new friends because I have social anxiety and the thought of starting a conversation with someone I don’t know in public scared me tremendously. After all, I didn’t even like to be out in public. Then one day a friend from my childhood told me she had started using an app called Skout and had met some really cool people that she was going to be having dinner with that evening at a local pub. This intrigued me as she had met these people online, through an app. I thought apps were just for listening to music and getting directions, but man oh man was I wrong. I downloaded Skout to see what it was all about and I have used it every day since! Matter of fact, this evening I will be going to dinner for the second time with a few locals that have lived in the same town as me for over 15 years! We all met through Skout and decided to have dinner a few weeks back and have been chatting all the time like we have been best friends for years.

Skout gave me the ability to connect with people from the comfort of my own home and connect with them in person on my own terms which I really loved! There are many different features offered in the Skout app that make it fun and exciting to meet new people not only in your area but from over 100 countries worldwide! That is incredible. I was using the Travel Feature just the other day and met this really cool chick who lives in Paris that wants me to come visit so she can show an American Tourist around the city! This is something I am considering thanks to Skout allowing me to chat with her and connect through an app for starters. It’s incredible how much this app has helped me break my bubble of social anxiety and I hope you will check it out for yourself!

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Skout in the news:

MeetMe acquires mobile flirting app Skout for $55 million in cash and stock

Talk Fusion Giving Businesses an Edge over Competitors.

Talk Fusion has launched a 30-day free trial product in 140 countries and will be available in nine different languages. The product was availed to allow Talk Fusion potential customer to have a chance to experience how much their product can achieve.


It took over a year and hour of hard work for Talk Fusion to finally launch the product in the market. Customers will now have a risk free chance to understand the proven effectiveness of video marketing.


Talk Fusion is involved in the business of video communication. The company does make videos conferencing, social networking and broadcasting products. Talk Fusion idea came after Bob Reina the CEO and founder tried to send a 10-second video via email but realized it was not possible. He did not understand why a simple thing as sending a short video was impossible. Bob then decided to try and come up with a way to making it possible. Bob together with his friend who is an IT genius did finally achieve it.


Talk Fusion began its operations in 2007. The company was the first to introduce instant pay compensation plan. Their ethical standards are of the highest standards in business. Talk Fusion works with other companies and it has transformed many people lives by proprietary, patent-pending video technology.


The free product Talk Fusion launched will allow every customer to gain full access to Video Email, Live Meetings, Sign up Forms, and 2016 WebRTC Product of the Year Award-Winning Video Chat. The power of marketing tool will be noticed by every user that will try the product and Talk Fusion believes every user using it will be convinced of its advantages.


Apart from the easy to use Talk Fusion website there will be a comprehensive virtual library to assist all new users to enjoy the experience.


Bob Reiner, who is the CEO, said after the launch of the product that you cannot find any other company that can match the value Talk Fusion gives.


For any person looking to improve their marketing efficacy, communicate and get an edge over their competitors then Talk Fusion is their best option.


PRNewswire for complete details of the product Talk Fusion launched.

Handy Is an Awesome Home Cleaning Company

It is rare for a cleaning company like Handy cleaning services to pop up in the industry today. There are a lot of independent cleaning companies that have local ties. They have customers in a particular city, but the franchise involvement with Handy is what makes this organization very special. I have seen firsthand how the company is doing so much great work, and I really like what this company is about. I have noticed that this is the type of company that gets really busy during the spring season because of spring cleanings that are taking place in so many different cities all over the world. I book my cleanings early so that I can tap into this resource on a very regular basis.

I like to do my cleaning for the spring by rearranging my whole house. This kicks up a lot of dust. I get those professionals from Handy to come in and get the work done. They help me sort out all of the confusion that comes with rearranging a house. Sometimes I book someone to assemble furniture when I get some new pieces. I recently heard that Handy may be doing some delivery and assembly services. I thought that this might be a great thing for people that do not have the time to assemble any type of furniture on their own. It can be quite a chore to unbox and start connecting pieces of wood if you do not have that type of time. I would rather pay the contractors for Handy and use my time for something else.

In the spring I have tons of yard sales. I get rid of a whole lot of stuff. I bring things to the Salvation Army when no one finds any use of things that are left from the yard sale. I certainly like to keep my house clean because it can become such a hectic place when you don’t get rid of old junk. I like what Handy provides during the spring. Everyone could use a pair of extra hands for spring cleaning season.

Article Recap: HomeJoy&Handy

While Homejoy was preparing to bites the dust, Handy was preparing for a third birthday party to celebrate it recent triumph. Handy had a good reason to celebrate, its mobile app that connect consumer with highly screened professions and also enables user to hire, rate home cleaners, and pay had just surpassed its 1 million booking. Homejoy was closing after struggling to raise enough funding.

Though, the company was still facing revenue and growth challenges, its CEO Adora Cheung stated that the deciding factor was lawsuits fight over whether its workers should be classified as contractors or employees. However, from an interview with Backchannel source, some employers gave more complicated story and what was emerging was that law suits were not the proximate reason for the company demise. Handy demonstrates operations reflect value for its producer base. It worth noting that workers create value for production platform they are the one doing actual house cleaning that thus enabling money to transaction in the business. Understanding their need ensure that they are representing the brand.
Handy’s strategy is to continuously raise the bar and surpass it consumer expectations, though this pressures the competition. Handy has been creating new type of value for its consumer, subsequently; it affects its growth and retention. As a result, Handy competitors are not able to keep up. Unlike Homejoy, Handy has done much better in driving repeated business. According to Forbes only about 15% to 20 % of Homejoy customers booked more than once in month. On the other hand, more than 35% of Handy customers booked again for the services in a month. Despite much competitive analysis, understanding and making client satisfied and happy is the greatest return on investment for any business all the time.
Finding ways to improve network is fundamental to any venture success, Handy understands that the more customers it gets in its platform, the cleaner are needed. To achieve this network effect call for balance act, thus it is important to have viable data to answer important question such as the number of cleaning per unit time and how that percentage can be improved. It is crucial to note that, vanity growth such as revenues growth does not always reflect health of a business. That may be another reason as to why Homejoy was falling behind its competitor.
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Slyce is the Best Firm Providing Visual Recognition Technology

Slyce is the world’s leading visual search provider for brands and retailers. They allow the clients to identify a product on seeing it using audio and product recognition, barcode scanning, QR, NFC, and visual recognition technology. In addition, they apply the proprietary technology in visual research to enable easier communication between the company and the customer. All products are scanned before being put on display. When a client spots an item they are interested in, they can make orders either online or through the nearest retail stores. The customers get incentives when they share their product discoveries on social media like Facebook and Twitter and have their friends buy the items. This is a strategy that the company has put in place to target new customers and maximize returns from the old customers.

How to Make Purchases Using Visual Research Technology

Brands, publishers, and retailers make transactions at any time of their choice using the visual search technology of the slice company. Using the company’s mobile technology, customers can capture pictures of the products they want or see in real world, send it to the company order department, and a similar product is matched, and a purchase is made immediately. The visual technology systems of the firm identifies the type of product whose picture has been uploaded by the customer, its features, and analyze its image to determine whether, for instance it is a skirt, shirt , trouser , sweater etc. Once the correct features of the products have been identified, the price tag is revealed and the transaction is performed.

The History of the Company

Erika Racicot and Cameron Chell founded Slyce Inc., a publicly traded company on the TSX venture stock exchange, in 2012. The visual recognition technology was launched in 2013. The firm was initially located in Alberta; however, it was moved to Ontario. It has branch offices in Calgary including Nova Scotia, New Waterford, and Minneapolis. By late 2013, Slyce had raised approximately $7 million in financing. In mid-2014, the company announced its decision to go public via an amalgamation contract with the Oculus Enterprises.

It later acquired BuyCode, a company based on Tel Aviv. BuyCode is an app company that develops programs used on mobile phones. In addition, Slyce acquired Drivetrain organization, which is also another app developer. After developing the visual technology for the larger retailers, they use the knowledge on the website of their mobile applications and brands. Currently, the company collaborates with six of the top performing retailers in the United States. Slyce has developed numerous product recognition such as snap -to-Buy, also created based on the visual technology and incorporated into the websites of the retailers. Its products have revolutionized the way consumers interact with bonds.

Transformation of Shopping Using Visual Search Technology for Consumers and Businesses

Visual search technology has introduced a new platform for shoppers and businesses to interact spontaneously in any location. It transforms most mobile devices into a visual product search engine by matching a particular image photographed by a consumer to retailers’ inventory. There are providers of visual search engines that offer free apps that quickly downloads to iPhones. Fortune 500 companies are using visual search technology to make shopping more accessible to customers worldwide.

No more waiting in long lines to shop for merchandise when consumers can simply photograph any item seen on the streets or other places on a smartphone. The image is then submitted into a product image recognition database and within a few minutes the query is matched with the retailer’s inventory. Companies, such as Neiman Marcus, Tilly’s, and Toys “R” Us are allowing visual search technology providers to take their businesses to the next level of sales and customer relations. Providers have a variety of apps available for free download for customers to retrieve information about merchandise, including fashion, purses, shoes, jewelry, toys, and furniture. The list of products are limitless for searches of inventory in photo search engines.

Slyce, Inc. is a competitive and innovative visual search provider which developed an advanced technology that recognizes images by streaming millions of photos. Recently, the company signed a contract with Photon’s, the leading provider of omni-channel and digital imaging. In May 2015, Slyce became the provider of digital phones visual product search technology for Photon. The provider has apps available online, including the Pounce, Crave, DriveTrain, and SnipSnap apps that are accessible to shoppers and retailers. Currently, there are over 8 million consumer and retailer users experiencing visual search expertise.

Consumers are able to employ visual search technology on iPhones by following easy steps. The first step is to download apps like Pounce, Crave, and SnipSnap to see merchandise, purchase, and save money with the use of coupons. The apps are free to download and can be obtained on Google Play and the App Store from any smartphone. Next, photograph images of products of interest and then submit to the visual search database system. Results of the searches are immediately returned to the shopper with the precise image or similar photos of the merchandise. Lastly, if image result is satisfactory, compare prices, redeem coupons, and purchase the product.

The transformation of shopping and branding products with the new technology of visual search engine is beneficial to consumers and retailers across the world. It has created a platform to engage people and businesses international in v-commerce. One of the best benefits to consumers is that from anywhere in the world, images can be streamed to locate any type of item. If there’s a smartphone, the customer can snap the picture of product, research it using visual search engine, and with one press of a button, buy it. An important benefit for retailers is a phenomenal visual technology platform that attracts visitors and potential customers online.

Chatting Tips From Skout Experts

The popular dating and friendship website ‘Skout’ attracts people from different backgrounds and dating expectations. It is the chat feature that helps to bring all these disparities together and make the first impression on the other person. In order to ensure that dating is done in the cleanest way possible and the results are better than expected, Skout blog can be a huge resource for both newbies and dating veterans. The blog offers amazing tips, advice and general warnings about what to do and what not to do. One of the most effective and popular advice offered by the Skout blog is regarding chatting.

Here are a few things to remember while chatting with someone on Skout –

Keep a Neutral Picture – It is true that sex is important for all genders and Skouters are no different. However, reading or talking about sexual intimacy and deciding about sexual compatibility in a consensual atmosphere is a lot different from seeing it provocatively sitting in the bathtub in someone’s picture. This is why, when it comes to pictures, make sure they are all taken outside your bathroom. Keeping it neutral and as comfortable as possible is the first advice offered by Skout experts on Skout blog.

Find a Spiffy Opener – With so many chats taking place day in and day out on the website by an attractive Skouter, it is difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. The result is that genuine people who are not just trolling the website get lost in the chat ether. The best way to bypass that initial awkwardness is by coming up with a spiffy opener. The first step is to go through the profile of the person and find out their likes and dislikes. Is there a common interest? Is there a common dislike? Skout experts recommend that the generic one liners and cheesy pick-ups should be left in the 1970s.

Keep it Real – There is no point faking it when you are looking for something that lasts long – even a friendship on the website Skout. This is why Skout experts recommend users to be themselves when they chat with someone. Talking to a real person is such an underestimated quality that most Skouters don’t even realize they need it.

These three golden tips would take an average person from drab costermonger to superstar from the get go. Plus, they would lead to long lasting friendships on the app, even between people who are not romantically compatible. Check out Skout on their Twitter page for more information!


Microscopes Can Be Installed Into A Smartphone!

Have you ever wondered what kind of nasty germs are lurking around your home, someone else’s home, or public places? Of course, you would never actually be able to see those germs, unless you own a microscope. Traditional microscopes can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. However, that might soon change. Scientists at the University of Houston have created a microscope that can be added to your smartphone! This has proven to be very exciting news for Jason Halpern.

One day these lenses may be installed in smartphones of the average person, allowing them to check surfaces for dangerous pathogens.

I would be willing to bet that this would also improve sanitation, if it catches on. Imagine if you looked at your hands with the device and found that they were teeming with thousands of dangerous germs! It would certainly be a big motivator to wash your hands! The same would go for finding dangerous germs around the house as well.

Get Swiping Because Tinder Plus Is Coming.

It’s hard to find love. Many of us have given up all together on the notion that maybe we will just bump into the man of our dreams at the grocery store, or perhaps jog right into him when out for a run. Now, we have to work for it. Working for it a lot of times means trying that online dating thing. Currently, Tinder seems to take the top spot in online dating app’s. Almost everyone I know is on it, including myself.

There are some problems that I have noticed with Tinder, and apparently some other people have noticed them as well. Now there are changes being made. According to Buzzfeed Tinder Plus will be hitting the app store. So what makes Tinder Plus so special? Well now users abroad will be able to use this hit app that took the United States by storm.

I’ve heard the frustrated cries when one of my friends would accidentally swipe right (meaning yes) to someone that they didn’t want. Now, they can reverse that before any sort of awkward encounter ensues. Sometimes you do get yes happy on Tinder, unfortunately now you won’t be able to make unlimited yes swipes unless you sign up for Tinder Plus.

Gianfrancesco Genoso ( has read that there are a few catches however. For one, it will cost you. Tinder is a free app. Tinder Plus will be available for less than ten dollars in the United States. Abroad the prices will vary. Perhaps the biggest catch of all is that if you are over the age of 28, Tinder Plus will cost you *MORE*.