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Why You Should Try Wen Conditioner

If you’re looking for a new shampoo and conditioner, you may want to consider Wen. The company has been in business for quite some times, and several celebrities have even endorsed the brand. Wen was created by Chaz Dean,, a celebrity hair stylist who saw the need for all-natural hair care products for women with all hair types.

Wen is also well known for its conditioners, which are used to both soften and cleanse the hair. Bustle’s Emily McClure tried Wen’s Fig conditioner for a full week, and here’s what she had to say about the product.

Emily says that the conditioner had a thick consistency and pleasant aroma. She was surprised that she had to use such a large amount of the conditioner to treat her hair, but stated that her hair felt softer and fuller after only one use. During the week, she also heat-styled her hair, but since the conditioner made her hair heavier, her curls didn’t last for the entire day. This took some getting used to, but McClure was satisfied with the look and feel of her hair overall. She even says that her friends commented on her Facebook on how great her hair looked.

McClure says that Wen conditioner is a product she would recommend to others. According to her, the product is great for women with thin hair who wash and blow dry their hair daily. Need Wen? Visit to purchase online.

Wengie Proves That There’s No Such Thing as Too Many Skincare Products

The girl with the perfect skin, Wengie, is at it again with her killer skincare routines, but this one is seemingly different from the other ones; it’s organic! While Wengie has never been one for heavy chemicals and potentially dangerous products, this routine was strictly focused on natural, cost-effective products that will leave your skin healthy, moisturized and, quite frankly, gorgeous. Of all lists, though, there are some top products, and while many were mentioned in this informational video, the ones the blogger loves the most include:

Bioderma Makeup Remover:Though she uses a cleansing pad in the morning and before she showers, the beauty raved about this liquid and its convenient up-pump dispenser. The heavy duty fluid removes waterproof eye makeup easily and, despite the bottle’s large size, Wengie made a huge dent in it so far.

J.S. Nourishing Cleanser:Just in case her skin is in need of a pick-me-up, Wengie uses this product. During winter months when her skin is especially dry, this becomes a staple in her routines.

Gemstone Massage Tool by Perhaps Unicorn:Her specially crafted face massaging tool is her absolute favorite– she uses it up to three times per week.

Cure Exfoliator:Yet another industrial-sized product carried by the beauty guru is this exfoliating liquid. All you need to do is rub it on your skin, let it sit, and peel it off. What goes with it? Your dead skin, of course!

Herbfarmacy Rose and Echinacea Toner:Of the many toners in her routine, this is her favorite. Loving the refreshing smell of roses exuded by this product, the organic spray leaves skin feeling brand new and unscathed.

Etude House Sun Spray:After all, you can never be too protected from the sun, so Wengie incorporates plenty of products into her skin routine if she caught some extra rays that day. This organic spray smells wonderful, serves its protective purpose, and leaves skin better than before.


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YouTube Redefining Fame in the 21st Century

Some of the most famous Youtube Celebs are also very savvy business people. Having a popular channel is a full time job and requires a smart approach. With millions of channels in nearly every genre you can think of. Youtube has created fame for thousands of young people the world over. Some videos garnering more views than hit tv shows. Appearances at VidCon and other venues, many famous YouTubers see lines of fans stretching several blocks in some cases. Fans waiting in line sometimes for several hours.

Wendy Huang is the founder of The Wonderful World of Wengie, one of the most subscribed YouTube beauty channels in Australia. She started her career as a social media manager for a digital marketing agency. Wengie shares everything from beauty tips and diet advice to personal life stories with her 900,000 plus followers. She has been able to make Youtube a full time job that affords her the ability to live in one of the most expensive cities in the world.

Wengie attributes the success she has enjoyed on Youtube to lots of hard work and treating her channel like a business. Working hard to continuously improve the quality of the videos and content she shares. Wengie has been featured in major women’s publications such as Cosmopolitan, Clean and Dolly. She has also worked with some of the worlds leading beauty brands. She has turned a lifelong love of beauty and fashion into a career that is truly inspiring.

Hitting the big time on Youtube has afforded many of the young stars lavish lifestyles. From million dollar homes to top dollar speaking gigs and world travel. YouTubers the world over are redefining what it means to be famous in the 21st century. The online video sharing site has become an invaluable platform for those wishing to promote their brand and visibility allowing them to move on to extend their success offline. Executives from entertainment companies and talent agencies have begun to take notice.