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Scientists Around the World Are Raising Awareness About the Hidden Dangers of Electronic Devices

Researchers have become increasingly concerned over the health effects we might be suffering at the hands of our electronic devices. In fact, a petition was passed around the scientific community and more than 190 scientists from 38 different countries are calling on health organizations to develop new regulations on cell phones and other electronic devices.

Any product that creates an electromagnetic field (EMF) is a cause for concern, claims scientists. The World Health Organiation (WHO) has also raised concerns for consumers suggesting the EMF’s expose people to carcinogens. While others deny there have been any significant links between cancer and cell phone use.

New technologies, such as the wearable Apple watch, might be causing cancer risks to skyrocket because these devices have constant contact with the body while emitting powerful EMF’s.

Some studies have found cellphones are correlated with a three times higher risk of brain cancer in those who have used cellphones for more than 900 hours throughout their lifetime. Also, research on lab animals have showed the same exact results.

Unfortunately, the squad at The Aspire New Brunswick knows safety regulations on electronic devices are unlikely to change until all of these findings are confirmed, a process that could take years, even decades. However, users can decrease the possible risk by avoiding wearable devices and limiting the time they spend on their cellphone.

The Success of the Biotech Industry

A recent boom in the biotech industry saw venture capital investment climbing from $4.52 billion in 2013 to $5.29 billion in 2014. Joel Marcus, who has been in the industry for 30 years and is currently chief executive of Alexandria Real Estate Equities Inc., recently discussed trends contributing to the growing success. Marcus believes the industry has changed. Science is constantly evolving as new discoveries are continuously being made. Many fields have seen dramatic progress over the years and with the emergence of new science, a new generation of companies has emerged beyond the traditional Genentech and Amgen. There are exciting areas of opportunities developing.

For example, the neuroscience field which hasn’t seen as much progress in clinical trials as cancer research, is poised to excel in the current boom. Lack of funding for the FDA and NIH may hinder progress, though, as funding issues are causing young scientists to leave the public sector. The occupancy of properties is also a problem. There is fierce competition for space in the current biotech hubs of San Francisco and Cambridge, especially Cambridge where occupancy is already at 97%. Pharmaceutical, tech, and other companies, like Uber, all want space in these areas as well. However, with the resurgence of the biotech industry, other hubs are likely to emerge. NYC is a strong hub already and Texas is prepped to explode. With quality research and clinical practice, the only thing Texas lacks to become the next big hub is a strong commercial sector.

But why are biotech start-ups succeeding in an industry that doesn’t usually breed success? If you remember a piece I wrote back in January on Mark Ahn, the entrepreneur, executive, and consultant says resilience is the key. It takes longer for a product to reach the market in the biotech industry because of long development cycles and strict regulations. Therefore, companies generally require several rounds of outside funding before a product generates income. According to Mark Ahn, it doesn’t help to get caught up in what’s trending or get involved in the newest hype. Instead companies that succeed generally stick to their business plan.

The interview with Joel Marcus, originally reported in the Wall Street Journal, can be found here.

Work With North American Spine to Overcome Athletic Injuries

Athletic injuries can be scary. Athletes depend on their bodies in order to do all sorts of movements. An ice skater needs to be able to move on a layer in ice in a series of graceful moves. A basketball player needs to be able to jump high in order to dunk the ball. Those who engage in athletics on weekends or on a part time basis also want to be able to perform their best at all times. The chance to feel that one’s body can do exactly what people want can be quite an amazing experience that many people find truly pleasurable.

Those who like to play football, run fast, dance elegantly and enjoy all possible movements that a skilled body can do sometimes find that being athletic can result in injury. A slightly missed football play or inaccurately timed throw can result in unexpected injuries that may cause all kinds of problems. Such injuries may result in all kinds of problems such as difficulties carrying out basic athletic moves or even making it hard for them to carry out basic movements each day as they go about their plans. An injury to the head, neck or the spine can be particularly hard to overcome. Many such injuries may create problems such as making it hard for the patient to turn their heads property or making it difficult for someone to fully stretch out their spinal cord.

Those who have such injuries will want to do everything that they can in order to overcome such problems. The doctors at North American Spine can provide them with the kind of help they need. Doctors here have spend a lot of time working out the workings of the spine. Their research efforts have helped many patients move past their injuries and return to full function.

This Dallas, Texas based practice has doctors on staff who can help patients discover the source of their problems and figure out the best possible way to fix the injuries. Using a series of procedures that have been developed in house, the doctors here have been able to provide patients with methods that allow them to be able to undergo surgery if necessary. This surgery can be done under controlled circumstances that have very low risks. Patients are happy to find out that the practice can provide them with the kind of help they need.

Mark Ahn: Thoughts on Biotech Startups

In PR Newswire’s article “Mark Ahn Explains Why Some Biotech Startups Succeed, While Others Wither” we get a few tips on what differentiates a successful and unsuccessful biotech start up, and how to profit from investing in this industry. Mark Ahn has more than 20 years of professional experience in the biopharmaceutical industry.

According to Ahn, successful biotech startups have several rounds of funding from outside investors. This is necessary due to the long development cycles of a drug. Multiple rounds of funding is needed to ensure the development meets the regulation standards of the industry. The biotech startup cannot generate any revenue until after the product is approved for market sale, so its success depends on its investors.

In light of this, Ahn recommends investors acquire stakes in multiple startups rather than investing in one single biotech company. The startup’s resilience and successes will be proven over time. Investing in multiple companies and avoiding trends reduces the risk that your investment will go to waste. In other words, don’t put all your eggs in one basket.


Mark Ahn: Biotech’s next big thing

Have you heard of Mark Ahn? If you have not, then please stay tuned. In biotech Mark Ahn seems to be everywhere and we are not quite sure how he has the time! NOt only is he wearing many hats in the biosciences industry; but he is also running companies and educating the next wave of change makers as an adjunct professor and contributor to many literary publications in his field.

Currently Dr. Ahn is residing in Portland, Oregon and is currently running a successful biotech consulting firm, Pukana Partners. This is not Dr. Ahn’s first go around in the entrepreneur seat though, previously he served as founder and CEO of Hana Biosciences. He also served as CEO of Galena Biopharma. It seems as though he is balancing a successful business while still maintaining hunger for advancement in his field.

A regular contributor to peer review journals and author of “Building the Case for Biotechnology: Management Case Studies in Science, Laws, Regulations, Politics, and Business”, amongst other works. He also finds himself guiding the next area of biotech consults, and future entrepreneurs as an adjunct professor at PSU. There is something to be said about the successful CEO who still finds time to educate and mentor in their field. Sharing the expertise and experience that Dr. Mark Ahn has of the biotech business is priceless.

Biotech companies large and small are also taking Dr. Ahn into account. His consulting of start up businesses can really change the effectiveness and efficiency so that companies can concentrate on their development. Growth and development in biotech ultimately benefits us as when it is done effectively and that is what Dr. Mark Ahn has set out to do.

Although we can not really pinpoint where you might find Dr. Ahn in the future, his ever evolving career and business endeavors have taken him across the globe many times; we are sure that you will be able to track him down with his head in a book and his feet on the pavement. Always learning, creating, evolving, and sharing his love for the advancement of business and biotechnology.