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Rodrigo Terpins is the True Darling of Brazilian Motor Rally

He comes from a family of heroes. He has lived his dream since he was much younger. Rodrigo Terpins draws cheers from his supporters when he revs the engine of his rally machine. While he has been an outstanding rally driver in Brazil, it is his love for the sport that seems to bond him even closer to his fans. He lives cars and sleeps cars, so to speak. He is a light-hearted and witty person. Rodrigo Terpins has worked with T5 Partipacoes to promote auto rallying in Brazil. He is in charge of most of the activities directed at organizing the rallying competitions in the country. Yet, even with the busy schedule and responsibility of running the company activities, he still manages to participate and thrill his fans with the intriguing stunts when on the race track.

Following The Mentor’s Footsteps

Rodrigo Terpins has a brother in the same rally team as his. It is his elder brother. He observes that he has learned a lot from the advice of his elder sibling who is also a skilled driver of the Bull Sertoes Team. Another one of the brothers of Rodrigo Terpins is a legendary rally driver. On his part, Rodrigo Terpins is said to have started handling machines way back when he was still a boy. He has kept the love to date.


Rodrigo Terpins is a professional manager trained at St. Hilaire University. He undertook his Management and Corporate Governance studies at the institution before he joined the T5 Partipacoes. Rodrigo has excelled as the company’s Director and made it a darling of the Brazilian populace. Motor rallying is one of the most popular sports in Brazil after football. He lights up the crowds with his choice of cars and rallying stunts. He says he derives inspiration from his family members who have given him moral support throughout his rallying career.


In one of the latest successes, Rodrigo Terpins took part in the 22nd edition of the Sertoes rally. It was a 2600 kilometer road stretch competition including off-road segments. Although he was faced with several personal and racetrack challenges, Rodrigo Terpins helped the Bull Sertoes Team to clinch the 8th position among the 38 competitors; after their qualification round that saw them among the Top 5. You can visit their Facebook page.

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