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From Carpet Sales to Cancer Treatment: The Unconventional Path of Eric Lefkofsky:

During his college years, Eric Lefkofsky sold carpet in order to put himself through school. After graduating from the University of Michigan, he and a school friend secured money from relatives to begin their own apparel business. Since that time in the early to mid 1990s, Lefkofsky has been responsible for the creation of numerous businesses. It has ultimately led to his latest business venture, Tempus.  Check


Co-founded in 2016, Tempus aids in cancer treatment. Not through medicine, but with databases.  According to, the purpose of the company is to create a library of molecular and clinical data that doctors and other healthcare providers can use in order to better treat their patients. Some of the ways this technology can help is by using genomic and transcriptomic sequencing so doctors can have a better understanding of tumors. This leads to analyzing molecular and clinical data so healthcare providers can come up with personalized treatments for each individual patient. Tempus’s cell culture technology also allows therapies to be screened in synthetic and animal models instead of in patients. All of this is put into a detailed report to the physician in order to provide the best treatment options to patients. Since its founding, Tempus has provided services to Penn Medicine, the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, Rush University Medical Center, and the Mayo Clinic. Eric Lefkofsky serves as the company’s CEO.


Lefkofsky’s desire to help people extends beyond his business ventures. In 2006, he and his wife Elizabeth created the Lefkofsky Trust in order to support scientific and educational organizations. The couple is also part of The Giving Pledge, which encourages wealthy people to donate to philanthropic causes. Eric Lefkofsky serves on the board of directors of three different organizations — Children’s Memorial Hospital, The Museum of Science and Industry, and the Art Institute of Chicago.


Arthur Becker is an Investor Who You Can Depend On

The talents possessed by Arthur Becker are unmatched, which are attributes that are sought after in a competitive world. He does not necessarily put himself in any particular corners of any single industry. He strives to diversify his portfolios for the purposes of investments. He has been the CEO of a vast array of companies. One of the most important things that he strives to implement in his life is believing in the work and ideas of other people while investing in them so that he can take advantage of an opportunity in which he can assist them towards reaching their dreams and goals.

He was the senior adviser of the company of Vera Wang Fashions. According to, he held that position for nearly seven years and has done a lot for them since achieving such a feat/accomplishment. He latest ventures have been in the real estate industry of New York. He had invested with other individuals in a building which helped to bring it to a level of making the type of money that real estate markets attract. The Soho district of NY is one of the locations that Arthur Becker has interest in being a part of real estate deals. He had previously been in the digital magazine investing world with Zinnio. See,

Another one of Arthur Becker’s investments was Navisite. It highlighted many advancements in the field of technology along with many opportunities. He had served as the board of directors and provided them with much expertise and insight to the organization. It’s no wonder that he has been considered to be a good decision maker. He had attended Tucks Business School at Dartmouth as well as Bennington College from which he receive a degree in the Bachelors of Arts.

If you are looking for an investor/business partner who you can rely on to hold up his end of any deals, then LA Times suggests that Arthur Becker is a professional who you can depend on. He will provide you with the experience and knowledge he has in any sector of business and marketing so that you can experience the quality of life that he has had the wonderful opportunity of experiencing.


Scottsdale Entrepreneur Jason Hope Promotes The Internet Of Things

Jason Hope of Scottsdale loves technology. However, it is not just any form of technology that he loves. It is the type of technology that he believes is going to make life better for people. Among the forms of technology that he is looking forward to is the Internet of Things.

There have been plenty of advancements and advantages that come with this invention. For one thing, the Internet of Things have made it possible for multiple devices to sync together. While there is currently the ability for devices such as smartphones and tablets to sync together, the Internet of Things is meant to bring that ability to more devices such as kitchen appliances, street lights, and plenty of other devices.

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One of the purposes of the Internet of Things is to share data and make sure that there is a lot less waste. Therefore, this technological advancement makes it easier to take care of the environment. One of the hot issues in the world is the environment due to all of the worry about waste. This is one of the reasons that Jason Hope is looking to push the Internet of Things forward. There are a ton of advantages that this invention could push which includes public safety.

While smart technology is currently seen as little more than something that is convenient, Jason Hope predicts as society moves forward, this will become the way that people will move forward for the future.

Jason Hope is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the field of technology. He is also interested in helping others. His interest in doing for the less fortunate gets him involved in many different philanthropic activities that will bring improvements to the current lifestyle for many different people. He is also interested in helping the health care industry come up with better solutions to health problems.

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Keith Man Is Leading The Executive Search Industry

When it comes to staffing in the executive search industry, Keith Mann has plenty of experience. He has been working in the field for over fifteen years and has a vast amount of knowledge which he uses to advance his company and provide its clients with the very best talent that can be found. He previously was with Dynamics Executive Search where he worked as the Managing Director. He was tasked with finding skilled professionals to work for financial services companies globally. He was able to launch another company within that company that primarily dealt with alternative investments. The company was appropriately named Alternative Investment practice.


Keith Mann created Dynamic Search Partners in 2009 to cater exclusively to alternative investment firms. He is responsible for the company’s day to day management and serves as the CEO. In his capacity, he is able to provide professionals that specialize in marketing and internal strategy as well as individuals that are proficient in investing.Dynamic Search Partners was a spinoff of his previous firm Dynamic Associates. Keith Mann took the old company and applied his years of experience and knowledge to create what is now Dynamic Search Partners.


Keith Mann says that he grew up in an environment where he was exposed to many top professionals in the investment and executive world which he credits for his natural ability and in-depth knowledge. He also says that although he enjoyed working for other companies in the past, which gave him the hands-on experience he needed, he is happy that he works for himself now and calls all of the shots in business ventures.