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Talking About TalkSpace: What Do The Reviewers Say?

What do people who have actually used the TalkSpace service have to say about it? This is something that we wanted to know. We dug into some of the reviews to see what real customers are thinking about this product.

One individual who has a glowing review is the yoga teacher and mental health awareness advocate Claire Fountain. What she says is that TalkSpace was there for her when she needed it. She says that she was suffering and needed someone to talk to, and TalkSpace Reviews was there for her. She got paired up with a therapist quickly, and she went through two years of therapy with that person to help get herself into a better place. She says that it changed her whole outlook on life.

Other people who have used the service have noted how personalized and thoughtful the responses they get from their therapists are. They know that it would be easy for the company to push out whatever they wanted in generic responses to people seeking real help, but that is not what TalkSpace does. Instead, they clearly have therapists who are real professionals who want to provide help to their patients and do so very well.

Finally, a number of people have mentioned the fact that TalkSpace fits in well with the rest of what they have going on in life. This is a very big deal given that so many of us have jam-packed schedules that are difficult to get through. Luckily, TalkSpace meets us where we are, and it is always there when we need it. Today’s on-the-go world demands that we have the ability to get help with ease and wherever we happen to be. TalkSpace saw the need for this in the market and has fulfilled that promise with the products that they have on offer.

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Alejandro Betancourt Lopez Goes His Own Way Towards Energy Independence

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez made a name for himself as a businessman most interested in innovation. He’s a graduate of Suffolk University, having studied business administration and economics. When he made it back home to Venezuela, it was to work in oil, and that took him on a circuitous career through the United States and the European Union. In all that time, he’s become fond of working with emerging technology to best serve his business interests as well as those of the industry at large.

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Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has had a hand in energy in Africa, Latin America and Europe. All these places gave him a renewed appreciation for what it means to be an entrepreneur. While many thinks this means braking away from larger structures to establish a business on their own, he takes it to mean being enterprising in advocating for change from within a corporate setting, incorporating what he’s learned from elsewhere. These are changes that are seemingly small at first, but with consistent and committed implementation of reforms can lead to changes on a grand scale.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez became an influential player in energy by finding placement in companies like ICC-OEOC, BGB Energy, and the Guruceaga Group. Thanks to work in oil, he developed an informed appreciation for technology and how its mastery plays a role in responding to a dynamic global economy. This is why he stepped away in 2007. With the help of Trebbau Lopez, they founded His company, providing services in the thermoelectic energy field.

Using technology to increase the rate at which power is produced helped Venezuela become an energy powerhouse in Latin America, from oil, solar, and wind. Because of the country’s capabilities, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez set up shop in his home country and set forth to open up the Technological Tribune Center, providing countries and companies in Latin America the resources they need in order to maximize their potential. This is also how he envisions Latin America meeting the call of globalization and have a technological infrastructure to rival what he became familiar with in the EU, all at a lower cost.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez plans on doing a lot more to keep his investments in energy broad and his career moving towards a energy efficient Latin America. To do this, he’ll remain informed on technological developments and their applications as market dynamics require more innovation. Source:

Maarten De Jeu Outlines The Benefits Of Investing Into Commercial Real Estate

Investing the money that one earns to be able to earn a substantial amount back is a good decision for anyone who has a good financial base and wants to improve it even further. There is no shortage of people out there who will tell you how good it is to invest and how important and beneficial the right modes of investment can actually be. No matter what part of the world you live in, the fact remains that investing your money is always a good call and something that you should look to do. 

While there is an unlimited number of routes that one can take when trying to invest their money well, one particular form of investment has always remained a good choice for those who are looking to make profits. The mode of investment that we are referring to is investing in real estate. So long as people need houses to live in and spaces to call their own, real estate is always going to be a good choice and something that people turn to when they are looking for good ways to invest their money. 

While investing in any kind of real estate is good and can earn you a significant amount of money, investing into commercial estate has proven to be the better option for those who are looking to make a good amount of money and want to find the best possible routes for them to take for this purpose. 

Maarten De Jeu, a well-regarded investment analyst recently outlined the fact that commercial real estate is one of the best things that one can invest in, especially if they want to make good amount of money quickly and with minimal effort. In an article that he authored, he stated that there are a number of reasons why this is a good option for those who are looking to invest their money. 

He stated that one of the biggest reasons why people choose to invest in this manner is because they often want to find something that can save them during a time of inflation. Retail spaces generally get picked up rather quickly, especially if they are set up in a prime location. When a brand or company chooses to go in for a particular space, they are doing so with the intention of keeping it at least for a couple of years. This means that any individual who owns this kind of space can relax knowing that they will be earing a significant amount for a number of years. Learn more:

The resale value of any kind of space is high, and this tends to be even higher for retail or commercial spaces that are looking to be bought by another person. For those who buy retail space, they can feel at ease knowing that they are immune to inflation. As time passes, the market rates of goods and services tend to increase or decrease, making them somewhat unstable and harder to predict. Commercial real estate values only go up with time, making them the perfect option for those who are looking out for a property to resell.

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Bhanu Choudhrie: A Competent and Versatile Business Investor

Have you heard about the C&C Alpha Group? This is a company based in London, founded by Bhanu Choudhrie. Born in 1978, his roots are from New Delhi. After his high school studies, he moved to the United States and enrolled at the University of Boston and settled on international business and marketing as his major course. He did his internship at JP Morgan; he worked at the C&C Alpha Group. Learn more about the group’s portfolio at

Bhanu Choudhrie has been the executive director since 2001, a position he holds to date. The London based company has a vast variation of investments and award-winning ventures. This is a family-based company, where he works with his brother. He provides consulting and advisory services to other capital investors. Another role that Bhanu Choudhrie executes well is sourcing and identifying new deals in the emerging markets.

He helps in the development of new solutions and client promotion in different business models like health care, aviation, hospitality, and agriculture. His philanthropic nature is evidenced by being a liberal donor in different charities and a director of a charitable organization. Path to Success is an organization his mother started, focuses on helping disadvantaged people and emphasis on women and the disabled.

To ensure that he is at par with the current business requirements, Bhanu decided to enroll in a Harvard Business program. This program secured him a director position with Megalith Financial Acquisition Corp in 2018 after its IPO. He is on the board of directors for two companies, Atlantic Coast Bank and Customer Bank.

The Asian Voice Political and Public Life Award is an event that was organized in the UK around 2008, and Bhanu Choudhrie scooped the award of the Entrepreneur of the Year. After two years, his business skills and exposure were later appreciated when he was recognized for his achievement at the Public Life Awards. His goal in life is in three simple goals; helping businesses in the new market, helping people reach their maximum potential, and the time he spends with his family. Learn More:

Maarten De Jeu on Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Maarten De Jeu is a top strategic business advisor who has valuable insight into how commercial real estate investments can be beneficial to short- and long-term investment goals. Investing in real estate can be a lot easier than many individual investors think.

While residential real estate is often purchased to own or for rental purposes, commercial real estate is varied and can include many kinds of structures like office buildings or retail space. Even apartment buildings can be a commercial real estate investment as they are based on multi-family units. 

Commercial properties are a different kind of investment from residential properties as commercial real estate is often a bigger expense and larger. When considering a commercial property, keep in mind that some investment laws have changed and there are more opportunities to benefit from ownership equity when purchasing commercial properties. 

In 2012, the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act was passed easing restrictions on small businesses allowing individual investors the ability and access to more capital to invest in a business. 

It doesn’t take a fortune to start investing as new investors can start with as little as $5,000 in certain commercial real estate and earn a share in the property value or rent once the property is sold. In lending, investors can also collect on the monthly interest payments the borrower is making with their monthly secured loan payments. 

These methods make it easy to reinvest the profits on the initial investment and take advantage of any applicable tax breaks. 

Also, there are no market fluctuations or management fees with commercial real estate as with traditional investments, and there is less risk associated with a real estate investment. 

Another great reason to take advantage of the commercial real estate market is that there is protection against inflation. Inflation associated with the price of goods and services for traditional investments can be costly, but real estate investments are not impacted this way. Commercial real estate generally appreciates at a higher rate than inflation making it low-risk and an excellent long-term investing strategy. 

There are also rent increases with commercial properties over time further increase the value of your investments. 

Commercial real estate can also serve as a form of short-term cash flow with rent from tenants. This income can be reinvested or used for other business purposes. 

Commercial real estate investing is considered a hard asset because investors are much more likely to recover and maximize the value of this kind of investment. Upgrades and improvements can always be made further increasing the value of the property. Besides, consider the building insurance policy as another safeguard to a commercial real estate investment. Learn more:

If you own traditional stocks and bonds, it’s always smart to diversify with real estate. Whether selecting residential or commercial, there are advantages to both. Always weigh your investment risk strategy with a professional and seek out expert advice before purchasing any investment. 

Maarten De Jeu is an expert investment strategist and founder of SVM Business Advisory, a business investment consulting firm.

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What do want to be?

What to do with your life? The eternal question at least for high schoolers as the end of year comes closer. What’s it like for college students? Sam Bear shows us what it’s like for him at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco California. He is up by nine o’clock each day and lives in a former hotel turned dormitory owned by the university. Then he’s off to class where he studies in the School of Motion Pictures and Television. His student ID allows him access to the school shuttle service which takes him to one of his two classes. The first class of the day is Production Design which gives him background in behind the scenes action of film work. Then it’s Directing Actors Class where he gets to work with other students. After school activities for Sam Bear include time at one of the Campus Cafes where he can connect with friends, classmates or eat.

The Academy of Art University has been providing aspiring students with varying degrees of opportunity since 1929 when Richard S. Stephens founded the school which is still run by the same family with his granddaughter Dr. Elisa Stephens serving as current president. The school grants associate, bachelors and master’s degrees as well as teaching credential, certificate programs and continuing art education on campus or on line. The university keeps itself current by engaging staff who work in their field of teaching which gives students like Sam Bear real world experience.

With a student enrollment of some 14,000 the Academy of Art University is the largest of its kind in the country. The school practices an open enrollment policy and offers a variety of financing options. Students learn from established professionals in state-of-the-art facilities spread across the city.

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GPB Global Resources and the New Paradigm

GPB Global Resources is one firm that is in the oil and gas sector of the broader energy spectrum. It is one firm that is in the same domain as Exxon and Dow and other companies within the general field.

While firms such as Exxon are substantial and have the privilege of being diversified, it is harder to make as many gains due to its enormous nature.

GPB Global Resources is one entity that might have exposure to upstream activities such as drilling, midstream activities like pipeline, and even downstream opportunities.

GPB Global Resources is a bit more concentrated in its offerings because it is a smaller company that must use its time wisely to make its dent in the universe. The firm must then allocate value accordingly, implement operations, and find ways to legitimately increase profit in a way that will be beneficial for all involved.

The company is focused on the present and is acting in a manner where it will be relevant in the future as well. To know more about the company click here.

But how is it doing so?

Well, we can take a look at different firms that are doing well within this sector, see a backdrop and paint a picture. We are aware that the industry has gone through some issues in the past. Oil prices are down, OPEC and others must coordinate effectively to bring about substantial value overall.

Despite coordination efforts from different countries and firms, oil remains very volatile. Excess supply can lead to lower prices, increased demand, and constrained supply usually mean higher rates. Margins must be active for the companies within the sector to prosper and do well.

Each key component within the industry will have success if they do well overall. Each firm must work on long-term plans to increase its supply to save for reserves. Production must remain active and stay within a specific limit to lead companies in a path to increase returns.

Many different companies in this segment like GPB Global Resources have a substantial way to go but are in it for the long-term. We can see that this will persist throughout the future as well.

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Shortly after your 40th birthday, you may begin to experience some of the signs of aging. Slowing down, a few aches and pains, and even some stiffness may occur.

You start to make an effort to reduce these signs by taking vitamin supplements, eat a little better, and increase your physical activity.

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These options help the overall health of the body, but taking care of your brain health is also important. With aging comes some cognitive decline.

You may remember some things fine, but may draw a total blank at other times. The manufacturers of Prevagen want to help you keep your brain healthy with a few tips.

Exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet are important ways of maintaining good brain health. Doing these will also help lower blood pressure, strengthen the heart, and they offer many other health features.

Exercise can be as simple as taking stairs instead of the elevator at work, or taking the farthest parking spot when going shopping. Eating healthy means eating sensibly. Avoid the sugary treats, the carbohydrates, and junk food. These minor changes will enhance brain health and function.

Limit your alcohol consumption, and stop smoking. These are vital to maintaining good brain health. Drinking too much alcohol can increase the risk of Dementia in some people. Smoking is addictive, and too much will cause nicotine receptors to develop in the brain which will require that you get higher doses of the nicotine.

Neither of these products are good for the body, or the maintaining of brain health. If you enjoy alcohol, have it in moderate amounts, and not everyday.

Limit your alcohol consumption, and stop smoking. These are vital to maintaining good brain health. Drinking too much alcohol can increase the risk of Dementia in some people. Smoking is addictive, and too much will cause nicotine receptors to develop in the brain which will require that you get higher doses of the nicotine.

Neither of these products are good for the body, or the maintaining of brain health. If you enjoy alcohol, have it in moderate amounts, and not everyday.

Prevagen also suggests that you stimulate the brain by engaging in a hobby, or learning a new skill. Keeping the brain in thinking mode is a great stimulation. Solving puzzles, building something, playing games, or taking a class to learn something new or to enhance something already learned.

Keeping the mind sharp is essential for good brain health. Another tip for enhanced brain health is to socialize. The brain functions best in a social environment instead of isolation. Engaging and connecting with others will keep the brain functional and healthy.

The risk of dementia is lowered, and the memory is increased when socializing with others is part of your regular activities.

Prevagen also includes getting enough sleep, and avoiding stress, as two other major things that can help maintain proper brain health. Brain structure can be damaged, and the risk for mental illness can be increased from having chronic stress.

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Ample sleep is required for good mental and physical health. It is something that the body can not function without, and neither can the brain. Take good care of your brain health.

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What Will Equities First Holdings UK Accomplish Next

The year was 2013, and it would be Equities First Holdings United Kingdom beginning when an office in London, England was established via acquisition. The company is now a leader for other companies to utilize to meet their needs for financing. The demand filled by Equities First Holdings UK has allowed them to produce more than 650 transactions. Transactions completed by Equities First Holdings UK was opportunities for other companies to improve.

Who is James Reese?

James Reese spent 25 years in the U.S. Army. He worked his way up the ranks, before retiring as the Lt. Colonel from the U.S. Army, 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta. This unit is colloquially known as the ‘Delta Force.’ Years of being in the army gave Reese a massive dose of self-discipline. In addition to this, the sensitive and dangerous nature of the missions he led gave him the expertise he needed to start his own business: TigerSwan.

TigerSwan is a private security company and a service-disabled, veteran-owned business. Currently, TigerSwan employs over 300 people and has interests and opportunities in over 50 countries. James Reese describes owning a business like this as both incredibly stressful and rewarding. Jobs for TigerSwan are often dangerous, meaning that Reese’s decisions could literally mean life or death. Beyond this, he is also responsible for paying and taking care of all his employees. While this seems less scary, Reese knows that a steady paycheck is a livelihood of another type. Despite this, he is grateful for the freedom and opportunity to run a business. He finds the process rewarding, despite the challenges behind it.

Tigerswan, James Reese

When James Reese commanded the Delta Force, he didn’t have to worry about paying his soldiers, it wasn’t part of the job. His superior officers would give him the best of the best because the missions were sensitive. At TigerSwan, he still wants to work with all the best people. The caveat? He must be able to pay all of them fairly. Oftentimes, sacrifices must be made as Reese can’t afford to hire the best people in every single field. Instead of hiring people with experience, in some areas, Reese looks to hire people that he thinks can grow into the role. By mentoring them and helping them he can create fantastic employees over time.

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