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Sensitive Decision Making Is The Secret Behind The Success Of Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is a leading alternative asset management company not only in the United States but also in other parts of the world. Since its inception— thirty years ago— the company has made huge strides in the wealth management sector and is currently considered to be the largest company, especially when assets and the number of customers are concerned. One of the key reasons behind the success of the company has been its key decision making, some of which have been discussed below.

One of the major turning points in Fortress Investment Group was investing in the New York Securities Exchange. By the time the company was listing its shares in the money market, there was no other asset management company in the private sector trading in the stock exchange. Having a head start in the capital market gave the company huge amounts of money that was invested to boost the company’s growth.

Fortress Investment Group also decided to adhere to the needs of the customers through a sustainable customer approach strategy. In the beginning, people had very little knowledge of alternative asset investment. The company developed policies to inform the customers and to invest their resources in wealth-generating ventures. After generating profits for the customer through selective investment, Fortress Group created trust and a huge reputation in the investment sector.

Incorporating technology is another outstanding decision that has pushed Fortress Investment Group to major heights when it comes to financial investment. Fortress relies on data analytics and market forecasting models to determine the areas to invest. With reliable computer software, it is easy for the company to come up with sufficient market information on where to invest while at the same time avoiding extreme losses.

Fortress Investment Group was recently acquired by a Japanese company, Softbank, in an unprecedented move that was received with mixed reactions. People in the money market could have never predicted that a company with that magnitude could be acquired by a foreign investment company. However, Fortress will continue to operate in the United States and will now have a foundation to operate in Japan and Asian asset markets, which are yet to be exploited sufficiently.

Sheldon Lavin Has Led OSI Group to Grow Beyond McDonald’s

With presence in 17 countries, OSI Group is currently known as one of the world’s biggest food processing companies. The corporation uses approximately 65 locations around the world to supplement its operations, with its chairman and CEO Sheldon Lavin leading the charge.

Having joined the company in the mid-1970s, Sheldon Lavin became part of a growing organization that was finding its footing in a new business sector. Since the firm was transitioning from being a family-operated butcher shop to a large-scale meat supplier for a fast food chain like McDonald’s, it was in a place where it needed all the leadership skills that it could get. That’s when Lavin rose to the occasion, and led the firm to its desired level of success. More information about Sheldon Lavin at Bloomberg.

From expanding OSI Group in multiple international locations to adding new processing products under its roster, Sheldon Lavin had the objective of the organization’s progress in mind. He formed a stronger bond with the firm’s primary client, McDonald’s, in order to become one of its most dependable vendors. At the same time, he also went ahead into forming relationships with other firms to expand the group of companies further.

The efforts have been successful to the point where Sheldon Lavin has led OSI Group into forming a partnership with none other than Impossible Foods, which with its plant-based protein is a hot commodity in the food sector.

According to details of the partnership, OSI Group will be making Impossible Foods’ plant-based burger patties, which are also known as the company’s Impossible Burger. These patties will be supplied to Impossible Foods’ most recent business partner, Burger King.

The collaboration is being seen as a “win-win situation” for both OSI Group and Impossible Foods. While OSI Group will be able to venture into a fast-growing part of the food industry, Impossible Foods will be able to meet the increasing demands of its Impossible Burger products.

Through this partnership, Sheldon Lavin and the OSI Group are also going to meet their goals of sustainable food production. All in all, the new venture doesn’t only take the corporation past McDonald’s, which is very much still a large client for the company, but it also lets it establish its prowess in newer sectors of food production. See also:

Smita Shah: Methods for the female entrepreneur and success

Smita Shah is a successful engineer who owns the firm called SPAAN Tech since the time she started it in 1998. She has remained in her influential role of working on projects that are complex and her firm handles with no issues. Shah has long made it clear how she wants to help other female entrepreneurs succeed and reach their desired goals. With all of the attention and accolades, she’s received, Shah makes time to share some methods that have helped her make in the business world. She understands that female entrepreneurs struggle daily within the heavily dominated world of males in jobs women rarely have.

She shares that too many women are left with a poor image of themselves as there aren’t enough needed role models. Shah has created methods to allow those businesswomen to cope and make it in the competitive world of business just as males do. For one, she says that women must take on a self-assured look at themselves. They need to get in touch with their inner voice to overcome self-doubt and be happy about their achievements over the years. Shah says no experience is the best, but at least they have them to shape their leadership in their fields. 

In business, Shah says it’s important to never let someone else walk away with the credit. She says women often carry a passiveness about them that doesn’t work in the business world. Letting someone else claim your hard work only sets the female entrepreneur back while working in her career. She flatly states that the business world is cutthroat and women need to be just as cunning as men when in these environments. Shah says one’s spotlight can dim fairly quick if the businesswoman is not assertive in her position. She adds no matter the gender, it’s just a part of business. Shah’s states that all female entrepreneurs need to let their own story be an inspiration to those around them. Don’t look away from great opportunities where your accomplishments can be shared with others. Shah makes a point by saying businesswomen need to claim their space among the hierarchy they are surrounded with. Take it back from the male counterparts and allow other women to see how you got you where you are. Learn more:

Another method has to do with focusing on short term goals and staying on course. Shah believes that it’s not about always relying on the moment to save us. She says it’s looking at mistakes done in the past and wasting our energy on worrying about outcomes. Stay focused on the current task you are working on, says Shah. It’s every day we get the ability to prove ourselves within our business environments, which ultimately will create a successful business. Don’t allow these kind of opportunities to slip away while worrying about things that don’t matter at the time you need to focus. Always be aware, Shah says, of your surroundings and what is happening in your immediate situation.

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Unroll Me Makes Your Inbox Spic and Span

With the amount of clutter and junk mail that arrives in your email inbox on a daily basis, it is easy for you to overlook critical work or personal emails. This is one of the downsides of living in a digital world. It may seem trivial but a cluttered inbox has the capacity to affect your life. After all, when one area of your life is disorganized it will be hard to balance the other areas. Here is where Unroll Me steps in to save the day.

Unroll Me is a platform that works with your email account to help you manage your inbox. In just a matter of seconds, it can unsubscribe you permanently from all your unwanted email subscriptions. It will also help you organize the not-so-crucial ones into one place called a Rollup. And the rest of the important emails are left in your inbox. The result is a very neat space that contains all the critical information that you need.

The Rollup is Simple and easy features. It is like a digest that will provide you a quick overview of all the subscriptions you receive on a daily basis. The Rollup will undoubtedly help in keeping your inbox spic and span because it organizes the subscriptions you receive into a daily digestible email, which stays in its own separate folder.

These will no longer appear in your primary inbox. The power rests in you when you want to view the Rollup and you can do this at your own convenience. If you want to remove an email and send it back to the normal inbox, you can easily do this with a swipe of your finger.

Sign up is a breeze and all you need is to provide you email address, then grant Unroll Me minimal access to your inbox. It is noteworthy that Unroll Me is a free service. Unroll Me supports (including Hotmail, MSN, & Windows Live), Gmail, Google Apps, Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail, and iCloud. Currently, they unloy support the English language but they are hard at work to include other languages really soon.

Maarten De Jeu and The Farrell Fellows Internship

For children who are eager to learn, education in science is a very precious thing. The study of science stimulates the intellect and drives curiosity, which is why it such a valuable area of study for young scholars. All of this is why Maarten de Jeu, a highly successful international financier now based in the Chicago area, is backing the Farrell Fellows internship. This internship gets teenage students in the Chicago area involved in learning about science, through programs implemented at the Museum of Science and Industry (MSI). The Farrell Fellows Internship

The Farrell Fellows Internship program runs through the summer, over the course of a five-week period and the course includes training for the students in leadership and public speaking as well as in science. When the students complete this stimulating summer internship program they are given an opportunity to present the results of their science experiments at community meetings and at the MSI museum itself. These presentations call on the students to work hard to create the best evaluation of their work that they can, in a way that is interesting and thought-provoking. All
of this makes the Farrell program a highly gratifying one for the students and for those who administer the program.

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The SVM Business Advisory Group and The Science Spins Program in Chicago Before developing the current Farrell program, Maarten de Jeu acted as the founder and managing partner of the SVM Business Advisory Group. He also acted as co-chair of the Science Spins Program at MSI, which was a program that provided the background and history of the bicycle in
an entertaining and informative way.

Maarten de Jeu’s Financial Background
Maarten de Jeu is a financial advisor and International Banker with a strong background in international relations. A graduate of Oxford University, De Jeu founded the SVM Business Advisory back in 2012, and he also acts as an advisor to many Fortune 100 executives who work in finance and insurance. He also advises the leaders of numerous tech startup companies as well as other many highly successful business leaders of high net worth.

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How Does Municipal Financing Work With Felipe Montoro Jens?

Felipe Montoro Jens has worked in the municipal financing world for a very longtime. Some people may wonder what he does because they might believe that municipalities have all the money they need because of taxes and rent on government buildings. This could not be further from the case. Large infrastructure projects must be completed with help from a major financing plan. Felipe helps get these projects funded, and he works out a deal that is best for the community and the taxpayers.

Why Is Infrastructure Important?

Felipe believes that infrastructure is what makes Brazil grow. He wants to see people get jobs building the infrastructure, but he also wants to help community grow and improve. The financing that he can secure for a community will help to build roads, improve the water system, or even upgrades buildings to protect them from storm damage, fire damage, or even earthquakes.

How Is Financing Handled?

Financing is handled through investment partners and lenders that Felipe brings together for each project. He wants to ensure that the money can be paid immediately upon the close of the deal, and he also wants to ensure that all the people who are a part of the deal can be present to close. When he works up a deal, he also helps the community come up with a plan for repayment.

How Does The Community Pay Off The Loan Or Funding Package?

The community will often use taxes as a way to pay for these special financing plans. They might use bonds, and they often need to calculate how long it will take them to pay off these loans. Felipe helps the leadership in these communities determine how they will pay off each loan. Plus, he is open to finding a refinancing option if the community needs to change their payment terms.

Felipe Works Very Hard

Felipe emphasizes the importance of working very hard because he knows that many people do not realize how difficult these deals can be to put together. He wants to help other people break into he industry, and he has a dedicated staff that are learning from him every day. He knows how to explain these deals to new borrowers, and he even helps other people in finance understand how he puts each deal together.

Work/Life Balance

The work/life balance that Felipe is looking for comes from his reading and study. He wants to know how he can get better at his job without sitting in the office at all hours. He also encourages others to have a balance in their life that will make them better at their jobs.


Felipe Montoro Jens is a very good role model for people who would like to work in the business world. Most of the people who are looking for financing for big municipal projects can come to Felipe because he knows how to get these projects paid for, how to keep rates low, and how to service each account perfectly.Read:–felipe-montoro-jens-os-vencedores-do-premio-ppp-awards-2018-revelados-em-dezembro

The Simp!e Success Of Todd Levine

Simplicity is not just a concept, it is a way of life. Being straightforward and to the point keeps complications at bay. Keeping things simple and easy has been the way Todd Levine has risen to the top of his field.

As a lawyer Todd Levine seeks out the difficult cases no one else wants. He learned early on in his career that he had a knack at taking difficult, complicated cases and make them clear cut and easy to understand. He can reframe issues to make them something that is concise and clear.

He uses a few simple tricks to best use his time and be his most productive. The first of the tricks is to keep a list of everything that needs to be done everyday. The list lets him know where he has to be, what he has to do, and when he needs to file paperwork. Having a list also allows Todd Levine to always be prepared.

Preparation is a key aspect to Levine’s success. Know all the facets of every case. Foresee where arguments may lead and have evidence of your own to counter them. He also stresses the need to be attentive to your clients. Outside of the legal world attentiveness will aid in learning more about your surroundings and having the information needed to get ahead.

Todd Levine has come a long way since his days at Florida Levin College of Law. He graduated in 1991 with his Juris Doctorate. He would then soon be named Best Lawyer in 2018. Part of the reason he received the award was because of his unique creative ways to solve problems.

Todd Levine is a musician in his free time. He loves the arts and science. He has played the guitar since he was ten years old. He encourages both his boys to excel at playing their instruments.

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Luke Lazarus: Helping Businesses Grow Within Their Industries

With the sheer competition that exists within the market, it is significantly harder for newer brands who want to establish themselves or who want to set up a new business that they want to expand.

Companies have to stand at par with names that have been in the business for a significant amount of time, and which have spent years working towards their goals and building their own customer base. Many startups get on their feet, only to fail within the first few months of starting out in the business.

For brands that truly want to stand out, one of the best things to do is to go in for a consultant that is well aware of all that the business works for, and who is aware of the intricacies of the field. The consultant is the person who is able to properly guide the business and gives them an outline of the best plan of action that they can take for this.

Luke Lazarus is someone who has played a large role in the development of several businesses and operates as a consultant to companies that are looking to grow beyond what they are used to within the industry that they are working in.

Luke Lazarus was born and raised in Melbourne and started up his first business when he was just eight years old. Being an entrepreneur who started out that young posed a number of challenges for him, and was something that caused him to have to work much harder than anyone else within the industry.

Throughout his school life, Lazarus was always a star student and someone who knew the intricacies of how to succeed. He was always determined to grow as an individual and always wanted to stand out in whatever way he could. In addition to standing out in his academics, he was also known for standing out when it came to sports. Read more: Luke Lazarus Consulting – Melbourne and Luke Lazarus – Chief Executive Office

Being a star student, there were numerous opportunities that came his way when he finished high school.

He was approached by numerous Ivy leagues who wanted to offer him full financial aid, but he chose to stay back in his hometown of Melbourne. It was here that he completed his University and MBA programs before he ventured out to work in business once again.

By the age of thirty-five, Lazarus had achieved what most people set out to achieve through the course of their lives. It was at this point when he realized that he didn’t want to work in his own businesses anymore, but instead wanted to help others achieve their entrepreneurial goals.

This is what led him to establish his own consultancy from where he was able to assist start-ups and businesses who wanted to make a name for themselves in their sectors.

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Beal Properties and The Windy City

Chicago, Illinois is a welcoming destination in North America. It has many fans scattered all over the vast United States. It has many fans scattered all over the globe in general. People are keen on the Windy City for a lot of different reasons. It’s a business hub, first and foremost. People can seek all kinds of employment opportunities in the metropolis. It’s also a haven for people who are enthusiastic about all kinds of cultural matters. If an individual has a penchant for educational institutions, galleries, museums and cultural centers overall, then he may want to look into moving to Chicago. He may want to look into simply visiting it for a while as well.

People who are planning major Chicago relocation projects need to be highly detail-oriented. It can be a hassle to comprehend the city’s real estate market at first. It’s an enormous market. It consists of capacious townhouses. It consists of markedly smaller studio apartments all the same. People can find desirable properties in all different sections of the city. Finding a property in Lincoln Square is always a realistic possibility. Finding one in Wrigleyville is just as realistic.

There are many consummate professionals in Chicago who have a lot of real estate prowess. Beal Properties’ crew is composed of a high number of real estate aficionados. This is an acclaimed property management company that has a strong number of properties in all parts of the action-packed metropolis. If an individual has spent any amount of time strolling the city, then odds are high that she’s come across a Beal Properties’ building or two.

Beal Properties isn’t a new thing in Chicago. It’s been responding to the real estate requirements of people in the city since back in the eighties. It won’t stop any time soon, either.,15_IL.16,23_IM167.htm

Robert Deignan Has Some Strong Opinions On The Value Businesses Gain By Outsourcing

ATS Digital Services is a business that provides help to companies that need solutions for their tech and digital-related issues. These services include anything from issues with connections to improving computer performance. The Chief Executive Officer and founder of ATS Digital Services is entrepreneur Robert Deignan. He has a strong academic background and studied at the state of Indiana’s revered Purdue University. After his graduation, Robert Deignan pursued a business career that has seen him achieve again and again. The type of dedication that Robert Deignan has put into his career is worth admiration and many aspiring young entrepreneurs have looked to him as a source for inspiration. He has succeeded in many different industries on his road to founding ATS Digital Services. These industries include investment, sports, and the technology sector.

Robert Deignan is known to have a deep base of knowledge when it comes to the world of business. His advice is routinely sought after and he recently gave his thoughts on many typical business processes that companies can save money on by utilizing outsourcing opportunities. Outsourcing can serve as an outstanding way to save on the bottom line and this is more important than ever in the ultra-competitive environment for business that today’s owners are faced with. 

The customer service department is the first area that Robert Deignan recommends outsourcing to save resources and money. There are a lot of opportunities for today’s businesses to utilize remote customer service providers and it is becoming an increasingly popular practice in today’s market. ATS Digital Services, the company that Robert founded, is an excellent choice for those looking to have their customer service needs met. The benefit of outsourcing this area of business is the fact that it frees up a great deal of time to focus on other areas. 

The sales department is another area of business where outsourcing might be an optimal solution in the opinion of Robert Deignan. When a business outsources this area, they do not have to spend a great deal of time on the training process of the sales team. There are quite a few businesses out there that provide excellent services within this area. The time saved in training can then be spent in ways that will be more valuable to the business’s overall growth and profitability.