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How IC Solutions Turns Good People Into Good Business

Anyone who works with an accounts receivable company should be familiar with IC Systems. Founded in 1938 by Ruth and Jack Erickson IC Systems has been constantly innovating their field along with providing an unmatched service to their consumers. An example of their innovation was in 1968 when they were the first collection agency in the U.S. to convert from typewriters to computers. Constantly pushing their business towards the future and remaining at the forefront of innovation has allowed them to solidify their reputation as one of the most secure collection agencies (Tcbmag).

Although remaining technologically superior to the competition is nice, it doesn’t mean anything if your consumers and clients aren’t satisfied with your performance. IC Systems makes it a point to offer the most ethical and honest solution to any situation by specifically training all their representatives to follow these guidelines. This allows them to maintain the relationships built with consumer along with providing the best service possible.

IC Systems has a set of core values they strictly follow which keeps them from straying from their guidelines. The first two most important core values are people and integrity. They follow these by always respecting their clients and consumers along with treating them with dignity and always doing what is right. The next two core values are performance and pride. Clients expect a certain level of expertise when dealing with a reputable company such as this so IC Systems must make sure to deliver results that not only exceed expectations but also provide a service that they can be proud to stand behind. The last of the core values is of course innovation. Over the past 80 years that they’ve been in business, innovation has always been one of their main focuses allowing them to come up with new and more efficient ways to deliver the results a client deserves. These core values are followed internally as well. Employees of IC Systems may nominate a fellow employee who is exceeding expectations to receive the Core Value Award. This is just another example of why this company continues to impress year after year.