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Securus Technologies among the Last Three in Stevie Awards

Securus Technologies was in January 2017, named among the finalists for the Stevie Award. The naming means that the leading provider of civil and criminal justice technology for the public sector, corrections, investigations, and monitoring will ultimately receive gold, silver or bronze. The company was named as a finalist in the Customer Service Training Team of the Year award. The recognition, which is awarded by Stevie Awards, an organization that organizes seven of the leading business awards, represents a remarkable accomplishment for Securus. The final announcement is set to be done on February 24th at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.


Before emerging among the last three finalists, they beat over 2300 organizations from various industries that had been nominated for the competition. The shortlisting was carried out by a team of 77 judges across the world. A seven-member committee of judges is set to determine the winners of Gold, Silver, and Bronze. The judgment, which is expected to be done on 23rd February, is thought to be very tough. Being named as a finalist is a great motivation to Securus, and it is committed to raising its standards to serve their customers better as well as excellently training their employees.


About Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies is the leading provider of criminal justice technology solutions with the aim of improving public safety and modernizing the incarceration experience. The firm deals with detainee communication, biometric analysis, investigations, government information management, and parole tracking. The company serves over 2,600 incarceration centers in 45 states, Canada, Mexico, District of Columbia and over one million prisoners in the United States. The company has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas and has over 5,000 employees. The firm has skilled technologists, designers, innovators, and engineers, who ensure that they deliver excellent services to their clientele. Securus has enabled many families to link with incarcerated friends and family members as well as connecting inmates to technology.

Securus Should Be Proud Of Video Visitation Technology

Imagine you’re a young child looking forward to the holidays. The days are getting shorter and the ever present darkness seems to bring a melancholy mood over the festivities. This is because one of your parents is behind bars. It’s fairly common, the ACLU estimates that more than 2.7 million children have at least one parent in prison.


Just imagine how difficult the holidays would be in the situation. Your parent is still in the picture but you cannot communicate with them. You could try to give them a phone call on the holiday, but the phone services that you use generally cut out and are very expensive. And you have been told that a physical visit would be impossible. Your parent is simply too far away and it is too expensive to drive all the way to their prison. It is as if your parent has been removed by death or a nasty divorce.


Securus Technologies, a prison telecommunications company, provides more than 178 prisons across this country with video visitation technology. It is a new innovation that the company is eager to advertise. In fact, Securus is in the midst of an advertising campaign promoting the benefits of prisoner video visitation rights.


This company should be proud of what they have accomplished. This kind of technology can mitigate the circumstance described above. A young child can schedule a video visitation with their parents during the holidays. They do not have to waste any time driving all the way to the prison, going through embarrassing security checks and waiting inside of and intimidating prison. They can simply log in, enjoy the festive scene and to be taken to any part of the house. This technology can save childhood experiences like this for millions of young people across the country.


Talk Fusion Treating Employees To A Milan Vacation

Talk Fusion has been a leader in the communication field after taking control with their excellent products. The company’s driving effort and new ideas have propelled them to be among the top successful companies in the market. They started out as a simple company that dealt with making it possible to send larger videos in e-mails, to a successful company that allows video communication instantly across the planet. One of their most recent achievements was the release of their new product which makes video communication possible across multiple devices. For example, someone on a cell phone would be able to video chat with someone else even if the other person was on a laptop. On top of this, the service stretches across the world so you can communicate with anyone no matter their location. These kinds of new ideas from Talk Fusion are what have driven them to be a top competitor within their market.


The success the company has gained also has positively affected the people working for them. One of the company’s top values is to take care of the employees that have made it possible for them to achieve their success. To mark this the company makes sure to take hard working qualified Associates on a company vacation. This year the location is Milan, where the company has provided hotel rooms for their workers and their spouses, along with the airfare to get there. These kinds of incredible incentives are one of the reasons why being a Talk Fusion employees is such a great thing. In the past the company has had the same generosity, giving out cars, Rolex watches, and similar luxurious vacations. Talk Fusion has incorporated these incentives to show their employees that if they work hard for them then Talk Fusion will reward them well. It helps to show employees why they want to work for the company and also that they are wanted and respected by the leaders at the company. Overall Talk Fusion does a great job looking after their employees and keeping the lead in ingenuity for their market.