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How Doe Deere Created The Lime Crime Brand

The Lime Crime brand is a revolutionary line of cosmetics that offers a completely hypoallergenic formula. You have an opportunity to mix and match their exhilarating colors with the help of their exclusive YouTube channel tutorials. Doe Deere is the face behind the LC brand with rich formulated cosmetics that have sold millions of products exclusively from her website. Trust the Lime Crime brand to offer you a line of smudge proof eyeliner, eye-shadow, and lipstick products. Each of her cosmetics are formulated with the super-foil formula. Everyone was not initially on board with the use of a new base in cosmetics. However, the risk that Doe Deere took turned out to be a success for her brand.

Her bold color scheme is unmatched by others in the industry. She knew it was necessary for her to create a line of cosmetics that was like no other. Lime Crime has been preferred by makeup artists, models, and celebrities. They have been able to stand out with rich hard to find colors. Many big name cosmetic designers have not been able to compete with the LC brand. Doe Deere is also an animal rights activist and says; her cosmetics will never be tested on animals.

Deere has been able to merge with the Tenegram equity firm as an individually branded cosmetic line. Tenegram has always taken an interest in big name business brands that stand on their own. Their new CEO; Stacy Panagakis says, she will continue to sell their products under the original LC cosmetics logo. Doe Deere has also branded other products to expand under her cosmetic line. You can enjoy the Scandal line with a bold violet-blue hue. In fact, the Scandal line has sold thousands of products from their Instagram account. The success of the items sold has also attracted Tenegram.

There was a rash of fake matte products being sold in China. Doe Deere was one of the first to come up with the idea for an e-commerce market to ensure that authentic products are being sold. Learn more about Lime Crime by visiting their exclusive website today.

How Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere Starts Her Day

For innovative entrepreneur Doe Deere, the founder of the wildly popular cosmetics company Lime Crime, her imaginative bent and passion for bold, bright, colorful make-up began when she was a child in Izhevsk, Russia. Her first foray into business was when she sold temporary tattoos to her classmates. She learned lessons about marketing that would serve her well years later when she began to promote Lime Crime cosmetics. The experts told her selling makeup online wouldn’t work. But Doe Deere followed her heart, used her internet marketing skills and Lime Crime cosmetics became a hit globally.


Today, Doe Deere is an iconic figure that serves as an inspiration to countless women worldwide who dream of opening their own businesses. She always makes time to share the things she has learned about building a successful business and brand. That information has helped many people to develop the right mindset, perfect their craft, face the doubters and challenges and pursue their dreams. Doe Deere talks about moving to New York as a teenager, pursuing a career in music and fashion before finally finding success with Lime Crime cosmetics. It’s a story about determination and turning the limes life gave her into the internationally known Lime Crime brand.


But through it all, Doe Deere has remained a beautiful woman who always remembers to take some time to pamper herself so she can look her best. Ultimately, she is her company’s most powerful marketing tool. Doe Deere has a morning beauty routine she uses to look and feel her best. It starts when she wakes up each morning at 8:30. First, she drinks a glass of water to help her remain properly hydrated. Next, she does some stretching exercises followed by a light breakfast of grits, yogurt, fruit and fresh squeezed orange juice made using the oranges growing in her back yard.


After touching bases with the office, answering e-mail and checking Instagram, she puts on the Beatles. She then washes and moisturizes her face and applies foundation. Doe Deere sets her make-up, fills in her brows and applies her blush. Then comes her favorite step, putting on her colorful lipstick. Pink and red are her favorites depending on what she’s wearing. She then spends a few relaxing minutes showing her two cats some love. Doe Deere usually gets to the office at noon. On busy days she’s there well into the night. Learn more: