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Dr. Rod Rohrich helps recapture a Youthful Appearance

Dallas plastic surgeon Dr. Rod J. Rohrich has the expertise and artistic talent to provide the finest reconstructive surgery for rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty, facelifts and breast surgery. He has appeared on television shows such as Oprah’s and has written many articles and taught about these surgeries and his techniques.

Nose reshaping, known as rhinoplasty, is performed for aesthetic reasons but also to help the nose function better, for instance to correct breathing difficulties. In the past people undergoing rhinoplasty ended up with noses which looked quite similar, but today with new techniques, each person can expect a nose that fits with their individual features. Because rhinoplasty success can hinge on a matter of a millimeter, it is crucial to seek the help of an expert in the field. Dr. Rohrich also performs secondary rhinoplasty because many first attempts did not end well!

Modern facelifts using advanced procedures will not only lift facial features but also fill in areas, taking years off the appearance of one’s face. Because no two faces are alike, it takes an expert such as Dr. Rohrich to be able to analyze a person’s face and provide corrections which will look natural. Work on brows, eyelids and skin can also be parts of facelift procedures.

Breast surgery is used for various reasons. Some women want breast augmentation, others reduction. These procedures can also include breast lifting surgery and help creating breasts which compliment body proportions. Some women will seek breast reconstruction after they have undergone a mastectomy.

All of the above procedures can go very wrong in unskilled hands. Dr. Rohrich has proven his expertise and knowledge in these areas and can trusted to deliver the best results.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel Skilled Emergency Room Physician

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is a medical practitioner that specializes in emergency medicine. Emergency medicine is the treatment of a condition that requires immediate attention. Patients seeking emergency medicine require immediate attention, as their conditions can be a life or death situation. Dr. Forsthoefel practices medicine at Tallahassee Memorial. At the facility, the doctor assists with general and emergency medicine situations.

Several licensing boards have given their approval, allowing Dr. Forsthoefel to practice medicine, and specialize in providing emergency care. Dr. Forsthoefel is certified through the American board of emergency medicine, LA State medical board, and the Florida State medical board as well. The Louisiana medical board certified the doctor in 2013, and Florida certified him in 2014.

It is the boards responsibility to ensure that the doctor has obtained proper training to practice medicine. Aside from training, the doctor must also adhere to certain ethics and principles that accompany the title. Proper education, experience, and knowledge must be demonstrated by Dr. Forsthoefel at all times to maintain his certifications.

Dr. Forsthoefel attended the University of Louisville School of Medicine to obtain his doctoral degree. After graduating in 2012, he completed his residency in emergency medicine through Louisiana State University. Dr. Forsthoefel possesses over six years of experience in practicing emergency medicine.

Dr. Forsthoefel’s training has equipped him to handle life-saving situations daily. Life in the emergency room is full of ups and downs, and suspense. The doctor is the first medical professional to react to the emergency situation that patients come into the facility in. It is the doctors job to analyze and stabilize all patients that come to him for help.

Patients cannot be discharged from an emergency room facility until their immediate condition has been rectified and there is no risk to their well-being. . Dr. Forsthoefel also has the authority, as an emergency room physician, to refer his patients to other professionals if the issue requires further care then can be provided in the emergency capacity.

Dr Walden Makes Everyone Feel Good While in Surgery

There are a lot of things to think about while looking into plastic surgery. Anyone that is looking at this option should be able to understand what they are getting into and how their Doctor Jennifer Walden Reviews can help them.


Of course pricing is always a big deal for those that are looking into getting plastic surgery, but it may not be the part that makesor breaks the surgery. This is because the losest priced option may not be the best one for them. This is because quality is not always based on the pricing. Pateints should be willing to ask about for a Doctor that is going to work with them.


One of the biggest things to look for is a license. This way patients know they are working with a person that will be good for them and knows how to do everything they need. If they don’t have one hanging on the wall, then they may want to look at a different option and find oen that has their license in a place everyone can see it.


After customers have found a few different Doctors that will work with them, they should look at testimonials. This way they will know what the Doctor does well and often. Be wary of anyone that doesn’t have these as they may not have good work behind them.

There are a lot of options for plastic surgery if customers are willing to look at a few different ones. The last thing anyone wants to do is work with a Doctor that isn’t a good fit. Dr Walden is a great Doctor that will help patients feel good and know what they they need before they know they need it. Patients may want to look at what she can do for them. Give her a call today.

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Get Your Bone Density Index by Life Line Screening

Now, Life Line Screening is offering a cutting edge scan for bone density index in the United States. This well known preventative health provider is upping their already comprehensive preventative health testing options. As the population ages, the rates for osteoporosis continues to climb. Billions of Americans each year are injured during a fall or other impact. These people often are unaware that they had this bone disease that tends to progressively make bones more brittle over time. Life Line Screening paired with the premier Bone Index, Ltd, now is able to provide patients with their bone density index score with a convenient smaller medical device tool created for easier patient testing.

Life Line Screening can now determine if a patient has signs of early osteoporosis. This knowledge alerts patients to make lifestyle changes and consult with their family physicians. It is hoped that this new bone density screen will diagnose more at risk U.S. seniors at earlier stages of this disease. It is a dangerous situation when seniors fall and break bones in the process. This type of injury can limit an older person’s range of motion and ambulatory function with each breakage. Older individuals can become critically ill from being non-mobile for even a short time period.

Life Line Screening is dedicated to providing the best and most comprehensive preventative testing now available. This company stays abreast of new technologies like this Bone Index Ltd. device. Previous bone density scans required expensive hospital X-Ray equipment. With this newer bone density measurement option, Life Line Screening is leading the way to providing early diagnosis of osteoporosis and more knowledge of personal health status overall. This small medical device uses mathematical formulas to interpret the measurements obtained during this simple bone density index scan. Keeping people healthier and more active longer will lead to more Americans leading fulfilling, longer and happier lifestyles. The quality of someone’s life is certainly worth maintaining for as long as possible.

It is easy to schedule a customized Life Line Screening these days. This health prevention company holds many community wide events across the country. There is no painful, uncomfortable or long testing preparation requirements. This screen can pick up on a myriad of different health conditions. The screen can also pinpoint those most at risk for developing osteoporosis or other major medical ailments at some time during their lives. Find out more online.

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Dr. Mark McKenna Gives An Interview To Ideamensch

Dr. McKenna was asked what major figures had influenced and inspired him in his life. He responded by saying that he admires businessmen such as Elon Musk and Michael Bloomberg. They are incredibly successful and innovative businessman who are now worth billions of dollars. Another figure that Mark McKenna admires is former president, Barack Obama. His rise to president from senator and community organizer was an incredible feat.

Ideamensch asked Dr. McKenna what is a book that he has read that he thinks other should check out and read. His response was the book titled Think and Grow Rich authored by Napoleon Hill. Dr. McKenna says that the book is an amazing read and especially helpful to anybody who is an entrepreneur or wants to be an entrepreneur. The book also delves deeply into the power of visualization, which Mark believes can be a very powerful motivating force.

Dr. McKenna was asked if he uses any software in his business and what he likes about them. He replied that he uses Microsoft Office to help him in his line of work. Dr. McKenna especially uses Microsoft Excel program found in the Microsoft Office suite. Excel is extremely useful when dealing with data which Mark often has to work with.

Ideamensch asked Mark what is the best hundred buck he recently spent. His answer was it was on fixing McKenna’s garbage disposal. He paid a handyman to do it and considers it money very well spent.

Another question asked of Ideamensch was what is a business idea that Mark McKenna was willing to give away. Mark believes that there exists an opportunity to come up with a crypto currency exchange system for brick and mortar stores that will allow people to cash in money exchanges. Such an idea could also improve the security of cashing in money exchanges.

Dr. Mark McKenna was then asked what is a business strategy that he thinks helped him to expand his business. Mark McKenna’s answer was that by surrounding himself with people who are smarter than he is, he can learn many new things that can be useful to him. One should not be afraid to be around people who know more in business or science than you do.

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How USHEALTH Group Works Towards Achieving Excellent Customer Satisfaction

USHEALTH Group is an international insurance provider situated in Fort Worth, Texas. This company operates in close collaboration with the National Foundation Life Insurance. It also partners with Freedom Life Insurance Company of America. Together, these organizations have developed specialized insurance covers to suit all its clients. USHEALTH Group is committed to providing solutions to small and mid-sized business owners, self-employed people, and employees.

Products offered by USHEALTH Group

USHEALTH Group is client-oriented and has served over 15 million customers in the last five decades. This company understands that customer needs vary. Therefore, it strives to provide clients with an array of services to choose from. USHEALTH Group has a broad portfolio of policies that enhances customer choice. This company is uniquely flexible and is dedicated to reliability and flexibility of its insurance selections. US HEALTH Group is also open to clients with a narrow budget who are in need of insurance plans. This organization has a broad range of innovative products for this set of customers.

Plans offered by USHEALTH Group include specified disease/sickness accident, income protector, critical illness, short-term accident disability income, vision plans, and term life insurance. This institution is also known to provide cost- sharing packages for accident and disease/ sickness plans. USHEALTH Group products are made available to customers through the company’s insurance agents. This firm is one of the companies with the most organized and well-equipped insurance advisors in the United States. USHEALTH Group ensures that their employees are adequately trained and certified to handle and represent the company’s products. See also.

USHEALTH Group’s accomplishments

USHEALTH Group has received a wide range of awards since opening its doors. In the first quarter of this year, the company has won three awards. For instance, the company’s leader, Troy McQuagge, won Gold in the esteemed One Planet Awards. The firm was also awarded the Gold Stevie Award in the competitive category of Sales and Customer Service. USHEALTH Group is also involved in various philanthropic endeavors, such providing holiday packages for wounded veterans and their families. This company occasionally holds a Month of H.O.P.E to assist the needy in the community.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Is a True Leader In Making You Look Good

Everyone know when the holidays come around we throw caution to the wind and splurge like it is our last meal. What we don’t realize is that many foods we eat have long lasting effect on our body and skin, especially if you are a middle aged person. We throw in a few New Years resolutions and hope for the best. We have reached out to Dr. Jennifer Walden for some tips on keeping effects to a minimum.

As harmless as it looks, fruit cake is on treat that gives us sugar overload. Sugars make your skin dry and rough, leading to premature aging and acne. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition say that lowering your sugar intake can cut acne by 50%.

Alcohol falls in a close second on the naughty list. Not only does it dry the skin it causes a pale complexion that is hard to recover from. Sticking with water keeps you hydrated because the foods we splurge on will naturally dehydrate us without the help of some holiday cheer.

Fried foods and bread are a double assault on our frail skin. Fried foods tend to clog the pores and cause dry, flaky skin. Throw huge amounts of bread in the mix and it makes for a lengthy recovery process

We owe these skin saving tips to Dr. Jennifer Walden. Dr. Walden resides in Austin, TX and is a prominent expert in the field of Cosmetic Surgery and Laser procedures. She started her career in Manhattan under the tutelage of Dr. Sherrell Aston.

She moved back home to Austin in 2011 with her twin boys and established her private practice in Westlake Hills. She seen the need to expand her practice by opening a branch in Marbles Fall, TX. In 2014, she was named one of the top 24 Beauty Surgeons by Harpar’s Baazar. She is an expert commentator in her field on NBC News and ABC News and many others and many others. Daily Mail named her the best Plastic Surgeon in the country in regards to labiaplasy surgery. She has many more credits to her name that makes her a leading expert in her field.

Brains, Beauty and Heart… Dr. Jennifer Walden Wants Your Face

Jennifer Walden, MDS, who looks like the daughter of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, is helping people achieve the looks they may have not been born with. Let’s face it, our faces are out of our control and thanks to genetics, our looks has more to do with our mothers and fathers. Dr. Walden, who doesn’t want to play God, is shaking things up a bit.
Dr. Walden is not only is changing faces and undesirable body features she is also educating up and coming physicians on how to best to take care of patients. “Dr. Walden just may well be one of the most sought after surgeons of our time. “ Dr. Walden has been featured on every major network yet still has a humble heart. Her aim is not to be a millionaire, but rather help those who are in need of a self esteem boost.
Jennifer Walden, an Austin, Texas native, grew up in a family of surgeons. “My parents had some seriously high expectations but I just wanted to help people who were dealt a bad hand.” She has been helping people look good for over 15 years. It is rare that someone with such beauty has a heart that bleeds for so many. Dr. Walden has been rumored to intervene with aggressive accountants and cut people a break. It has been reported that she has lost two financial firms because of her mission statement and that is “Everyone has a right to feel beautiful.”
Dr. Walden has been mentioned in every glamour magazine and has been interviewed on every major network. Her career has been on the fast track since she first entered the plastic surgery field. “What is so beautifully unique and rare about Jennifer is her generous spirit and her desire to help as many people as possible, a philosophy that has been missing in this industry for many years.” Even as she is being heralded as the “plastic surgeon with a heart” her family will often remind her of her responsibilities. Those responsibilities are centered around her enormous pet family. Jennifer has over 13 adopted pets and that number continues to rise.
Dr. Walden is a rare creature indeed and what the world needs is rare. She continues to have a passion for education as well as offering her services where they are needed. People are often asking her, how does she do it and she merely smiles with that million dollar smiles and replies “When there is no longer a need to fill so many empty cups it will be then that I will rest and play with my dogs and cats and rabbits.”