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Scientists Around the World Are Raising Awareness About the Hidden Dangers of Electronic Devices

Researchers have become increasingly concerned over the health effects we might be suffering at the hands of our electronic devices. In fact, a petition was passed around the scientific community and more than 190 scientists from 38 different countries are calling on health organizations to develop new regulations on cell phones and other electronic devices.

Any product that creates an electromagnetic field (EMF) is a cause for concern, claims scientists. The World Health Organiation (WHO) has also raised concerns for consumers suggesting the EMF’s expose people to carcinogens. While others deny there have been any significant links between cancer and cell phone use.

New technologies, such as the wearable Apple watch, might be causing cancer risks to skyrocket because these devices have constant contact with the body while emitting powerful EMF’s.

Some studies have found cellphones are correlated with a three times higher risk of brain cancer in those who have used cellphones for more than 900 hours throughout their lifetime. Also, research on lab animals have showed the same exact results.

Unfortunately, the squad at The Aspire New Brunswick knows safety regulations on electronic devices are unlikely to change until all of these findings are confirmed, a process that could take years, even decades. However, users can decrease the possible risk by avoiding wearable devices and limiting the time they spend on their cellphone.