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Sony Not Interested In Backwards Compatibility Technology

Sony recently rocked the E3 video game convention, and many gamers think that Sony came out as the victor of the console wars this year. Sony announced several exciting new features for the PlayStation 4 console, but it was the revelation of Final Fantasy 7 that took the world by storm. Also, Sony debuted its new VR technology, and people were left stunned. However, it seems that thousands of people around the world are upset with Sony for one thing.

In case you missed it, Microsoft announced that the Xbox one will now be backwards compatible, and that means gamers can play titles from the Xbox 360 console. Brad Reifler knows that the news was extremely satisfying for gamers around the world, but Sony does not offer the same feature. In fact, Sony has recently announced that backwards compatibility is not a very important thing for the PlayStation 4.

Officials at Sony believe that people aren’t really all that interested in backwards compatibility technology, and that may or may not be true. Nonetheless, players shouldn’t expect to see PS3 games on the PS4 console. Some PlayStation users are very upset with Sony’s announcements, but others do not care. Personally, I could see both points in this situation. Gamers buy a PlayStation 4 to play Playstation 4 games and not ps3 games. However, some PlayStation 3 games are amazing, and a second play through on the PlayStation 4 would be a bit convenient. Ultimately, I don’t think it’s a make or brake issue for the PlayStation 4. For more information on this story, visit Gamerant.

Get Swiping Because Tinder Plus Is Coming.

It’s hard to find love. Many of us have given up all together on the notion that maybe we will just bump into the man of our dreams at the grocery store, or perhaps jog right into him when out for a run. Now, we have to work for it. Working for it a lot of times means trying that online dating thing. Currently, Tinder seems to take the top spot in online dating app’s. Almost everyone I know is on it, including myself.

There are some problems that I have noticed with Tinder, and apparently some other people have noticed them as well. Now there are changes being made. According to Buzzfeed Tinder Plus will be hitting the app store. So what makes Tinder Plus so special? Well now users abroad will be able to use this hit app that took the United States by storm.

I’ve heard the frustrated cries when one of my friends would accidentally swipe right (meaning yes) to someone that they didn’t want. Now, they can reverse that before any sort of awkward encounter ensues. Sometimes you do get yes happy on Tinder, unfortunately now you won’t be able to make unlimited yes swipes unless you sign up for Tinder Plus.

Gianfrancesco Genoso ( has read that there are a few catches however. For one, it will cost you. Tinder is a free app. Tinder Plus will be available for less than ten dollars in the United States. Abroad the prices will vary. Perhaps the biggest catch of all is that if you are over the age of 28, Tinder Plus will cost you *MORE*.

Sony Rivals Google Glass With New Smart Eyeglass Line


Sony announced on yesterday the launch of its prototype smart glasses, Smart Eyeglass, which begins shipping in March. At the same time, Google discontinues their rival eyeglass device.

A New York Analyst with first hand insight says that the first version of these glasses marketed by Sony is specifically aimed at application developers, and can now be ordered in the US, UK and Germany for about $ 840.

The Smart Eyeglass can connect with compatible smartphones and will display information such as text, symbols and images.

Sony also distributes a software package to foster the development of specific applications for the device, in order to market it in 2016 for private clients and for professional use.

The launch was made almost a month after Google announced that stopped selling the prototype of its smart glasses, Google Glass, and the panel noted that they continue working to improve the device and launch it to a broader market.

Google ended the “Glass Explorer” program, which for two years has enabled thousands of people to test the interactive glasses and incorporate suggested changes.

Google decided to create an independent unit to work on further development of the device.

Smart Televisions Worry Some Consumers and Privacy Advocates

It didn’t seem that long ago, before the end of the cold war, when jokes such as, “In Soviet Russia, the television watches you” would get a chuckle around the office water cooler. Now, the Soviet Union is no longer a reality, but televisions that eavesdrop on what you say are. Samsung has issued a warning to their smart TV customers saying to be careful what they say around their latest, internet connected and voice command capable, televisions. When users push the button on their remote control that makes it possible for them to control the TV by voice, the television must, by necessity, listen in order to hear the commands. It has now been revealed that what you say around it may be recorded and made available to Samsung and others.

This has caused quite a stir among Samsung’s television customers like Jaime Garcia Dias. Find Dias on Pinterest. They insist it is not as serious as it sounds since the customer must activate the voice command feature by remote control, and there is a graphic on the TV screen that lets the customer know if it is in this mode. These are sensible precautions, but it is still a chilling sign of things to come. Companies already track our internet usage to tailor ads to show to us, now we find that their voice command televisions listen for more than just commands. It remains to be seen if the government will, in some way, be able to get their hands on this information. That will really send civil libertarians through the roof.

X Games Drones

The use of drones have become increasingly popular in the United States and around the world and it actually has started to get a bit creepy how much they have been using the flying cameras to take clear video of more and more things. By neighbor, Dan Newlin, bought one off of ebay so I’ve seen first-hand how these hand operated drones have opened the world to brand new camera angles that just were not possible before and everyone seems to be taking as much advantage of the situation as they can. The winter X games are starting this afternoon and it is no shocker that they will be utilizing the new technology and will be capturing a majority of the shots with the use of drones.

The drones will hover twenty to thirty yards in front of the athletes and follow them as they proceed down the mountain. It is a method that has been used in other sports such as surfing recently and there has been some absolutely incredible skiing and snowboarding footage filmed in the back country. When GoPro hit the scene a handful of years ago, it was the most innovative thing that was going around. However, the use of drones look to be taking over the spot as the most sought after camera angles today

New Nokia Batteries Developed

As soon as there is a new smartphone release, you can scroll among the comments of the internet users; just like Darius Fisher which noted his comments on SBA, to find statement like “I miss the Nokias which had long life battery and were so simple to use”. It seems that the tech makers have not been sleeping. Somebody heard those people’s wishes, as a matter of fact.

Microsoft, which bought the Nokia brand last year for a good sum, is about to release the Nokia 215 phone. The small old-fashion phone has a life span of 29 days! There will be a variant with two sim cards, and as they consume a bit more energy, their battery life resumes to 21 days. The price will be $29 plus taxes. Missed the colors too? Besides the white and black variants, there will be a bright green one. 

There are so many people who actually use two phones nowadays! So why not have a smartphone for the ‘interesting’ activities and a small brick phone with a forever lasting battery for work? The people who have been writing hateful comments at the modern smartphones would better start making the queue to buy a Nokia 2015.