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Eric Lefkofsky is on the Frontline in the Fight against Cancer

At a time when Eric Lefkofsky was riding high on the success of Groupon, his $2.2 billion worth e-commerce firm, cancer came knocking at his door. His wife, Liz Lefkofsky was diagnosed with the life-threatening breast cancer disease, knocking the couple off-balance. According to Eric, learning of his wife’s condition was terrifying and frustrating. Instead of burying himself in sorrow, however, a desire to find a solution for cancer was born within him. A new phase started taking shape in the billionaire businessman’s life; he started reading and consulting widely in the field of cancer and healthcare at large. Eventually, Eric’s desire and research led him to establish Tempus as a way of contributing to philanthropy. To strengthen the firm, he hired Kevin White, a genomics and biology systems expert from the University of Chicago, as president.

How Tempus Operates

As the CEO of Tempus, Eric has immensely contributed to the continued fight against cancer. He has led the firm in developing and investing in technological products for cancer treatment. One notable development by the company is an OS that gathers information from cancer medical facilities across the United States in the form of clinical, molecular, and anatomic data. This makes it easy for doctors to access the medical history of a patient, giving a more informed diagnosis and prescription.

Tempus is a privately owned company but partners with several hospitals and other healthcare centers to facilitate its operations. Among the recognizable institutions that partner with Tempus includes Abramson Cancer Center, Rush University Medical Center, and Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Eric understands the uphill task ahead of him and Tempus, but in his words, the journey will be exciting. His long-term goal is to revolutionize the cancer treatment and healthcare, in general, using technology. According to him, accessible patient medical information could potentially cut the cancer-related deaths by up to 10 percent.

About Eric Lefkofsky

Eric trained as a lawyer at the University of Michigan. Before graduating, he started a small business where he sold carpets. He continued in the entrepreneurship line after graduating in 1994. His major venture, however, came in 1999 when he co-founded Starbelly.

Through the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, Eric supports several philanthropic organizations like the New Leaders and Educators for Excellence, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. for more .