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Sony Not Interested In Backwards Compatibility Technology

Sony recently rocked the E3 video game convention, and many gamers think that Sony came out as the victor of the console wars this year. Sony announced several exciting new features for the PlayStation 4 console, but it was the revelation of Final Fantasy 7 that took the world by storm. Also, Sony debuted its new VR technology, and people were left stunned. However, it seems that thousands of people around the world are upset with Sony for one thing.

In case you missed it, Microsoft announced that the Xbox one will now be backwards compatible, and that means gamers can play titles from the Xbox 360 console. Brad Reifler knows that the news was extremely satisfying for gamers around the world, but Sony does not offer the same feature. In fact, Sony has recently announced that backwards compatibility is not a very important thing for the PlayStation 4.

Officials at Sony believe that people aren’t really all that interested in backwards compatibility technology, and that may or may not be true. Nonetheless, players shouldn’t expect to see PS3 games on the PS4 console. Some PlayStation users are very upset with Sony’s announcements, but others do not care. Personally, I could see both points in this situation. Gamers buy a PlayStation 4 to play Playstation 4 games and not ps3 games. However, some PlayStation 3 games are amazing, and a second play through on the PlayStation 4 would be a bit convenient. Ultimately, I don’t think it’s a make or brake issue for the PlayStation 4. For more information on this story, visit Gamerant.

Apple Watch Will Cost You $350 – Is It Worth It?

I’ll admit the Apple Watch is temptingly functional and stylish, but at $350 it’s hard to justify another gadget, especially knowing it only costs $83.70 to make it. Even worse, when compared to other Apple products that is actually a reasonable mark-up.

The most concerning aspect for Youtube users like Jaime Garcia Dias is that the Apple empire is outsourcing their manufacturing process. These watches are made under extremely shady business practices, and in parts of the world where office buildings come with ‘suicide nets” to catch jumping employees.

Surely, the Apple watch will be a huge seller and has been a buzzing topic for years, exactly what the tech giant intended. While the Apple watch is pretty amazing in concept, why do I need a mini smart phone attached to my wrist? It seems like over indulgence on steroids. It’s concerning too few people question how these products wind up in their lives, and how many other human beings are involved in making them, many times at much too high a cost.

I, too, would like to feel like Captain Kirk from Star Trek, talking into my futuristic watch with instant access to mind numbing amounts of information. It simply isn’t necessary, and furthermore these gadgets have a horrible tendency of always leaving you wanting more.

Liquid that Becomes Solid When Shaken

Walk on water might be soon an action easy to do for anyone. The new liquid created by the Moratex Institute of Security Technologies in Poland becomes solid in an instant when shaken or hit. Its main use will be filling the anti-bullet vests. The liquid retains bullets better and diminishes the deflection, which minimizes the risks that a bullet can still go through the clothing. It also diminishes the bend in the fabric of the west when retaining the bullet. The ordinary vests bend and might give painful sensations even when the bullet has not reached the body. The scientists say that it is useful in other areas besides the anti-ballistic one. Soon, the liquid will be available for purchase.

The University of Delaware had worked on similar projects from 2000. Folks at Anastasia Date ( have heard that the laboratory workers called the substance Liquid Armor. They prepared a substance that would improve the doctor’s attire. The latex gloves often get broken or pierced, exposing the doctors to infections. The Liquid Armor is more resistant and would protect the doctors from cuts and needle sticks. The spacesuit manufacturers announced their interest towards the material as well.

Apple Says Foxconn Can Buy and Sell iPhones

Apple is going to allow Foxconn to buy and sell used iPhones. Foxconn is the company in China that makes the iPhone. The phone is a big money maker in China, and apparently Foxconn wants in on the action. Now it will purchase used iPhones from customers and then resell them to others.

Brian Torchin ( understands that Foxconn is in a particularly unique position to be an iPhone reseller since it has all the parts on hand to appropriate refurbish any iPhones that come its way. It also has an entire staff with the no how to fix a phone, and to know when they’re being sold sub-par goods or an imposter. Unlike Apple, who buys old iPhones and restores them in the United States, Foxconn won’t have its own store front for the sales. Instead, it will sell the refurbished phones on the country’s eBay-like platform.

iPhone prices can get quite high in China. If Foxconn is successful in its attempts, then iPhone reselling could actually become quite lucrative for the company, and help it make quite a tidy sum as a side profit. Foxconn also recently announced plans to get into the autonomous car market, making the company quite the technology powerhouse in China.

Stolen Memory Card Returned to Owner


Faith Massey takes pictures for grieving parents, pictures that mean the world to them. The pictures that this woman takes capture the first and last moments of babies’ lives. Through an organization called Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, Faith Massey captures the early moments in the life of a baby who will not live long. Recently, though, what Faith Massey is trying to do was interrupted and Brad Reifler was shocked. When her memory card was stolen, Faith Massey thought that she had lost some of these special, irreplaceable pictures.

After making an appeal online, knowing just how important the pictures contained on her memory card were, Faith Massey was grateful when she had the card returned to her. It seemed that whoever had taken it couldn’t hold onto something so special. Faith Massey was able to rescue the photos and get them to their rightful owners, despite the fact that the photos had originally been stolen from her.

Sony Rivals Google Glass With New Smart Eyeglass Line


Sony announced on yesterday the launch of its prototype smart glasses, Smart Eyeglass, which begins shipping in March. At the same time, Google discontinues their rival eyeglass device.

A New York Analyst with first hand insight says that the first version of these glasses marketed by Sony is specifically aimed at application developers, and can now be ordered in the US, UK and Germany for about $ 840.

The Smart Eyeglass can connect with compatible smartphones and will display information such as text, symbols and images.

Sony also distributes a software package to foster the development of specific applications for the device, in order to market it in 2016 for private clients and for professional use.

The launch was made almost a month after Google announced that stopped selling the prototype of its smart glasses, Google Glass, and the panel noted that they continue working to improve the device and launch it to a broader market.

Google ended the “Glass Explorer” program, which for two years has enabled thousands of people to test the interactive glasses and incorporate suggested changes.

Google decided to create an independent unit to work on further development of the device.

Will Drones Replace Servers?


At most sit down restaurants diners are welcomed by a host/hostess, taken to their table, and from there a member of the wait staff takes care of all of their dining needs. A Singapore restaurant had been struggling to keep enough servers on staff to properly attend to their guests in a timely manner. Timbré is preparing to utilize drones to aid in serving food and drinks. Yes,  Gianfrancesco Genoso has confirmed that if you’re on you read that correctly, drones. The current plan is for servers to take orders as usual but rather than heading to the bar or kitchen to retrieve the meal items, the drone will fly it all out to the server’s station. The server will then bring the order to the table in person. Too futuristic? The price for each drone is astonishingly high so it will definitely be awhile before other restaurants begin to copy Timbré if they are successful.

Brisbane Airport Movements Blog


A new type of geek has emerged around the aviation industry.  My friend Dan Newlin sent me the link to the Slide Share and it’s pretty freaking cool. These plane spotters follow the movement of commercial and private jets and post information on the planes on blogs and social media sites. This type of behavior is common among transportation enthusiasts and most of them specialize in a certain segment of the industry. The plane spotters outside Brisbane Australia’s Airport are in their late twenties and keep busy taking pictures of jets landing at the second busiest single airport runway in the world outside of London’s Gatwick Airport.
These two young aviation enthusiasts are sitting in their car at the end of this runway to take a picture of Obama’s plane which is planning to land in Brisbane for an upcoming G20 summit in November. Neither one of these two are interested in the president or his foreign policy, they are just interested in getting a photo of Air Force One to post on their Brisbane Airport Movements blog. They have both invested tens of thousands of dollars and over a year of their time to construct this blog in the hopes of being competitive with other plane spotting sites. They have documented every flight they’ve ever taken and most of their time is spent researching topics associated with aviation.

X Games Drones

The use of drones have become increasingly popular in the United States and around the world and it actually has started to get a bit creepy how much they have been using the flying cameras to take clear video of more and more things. By neighbor, Dan Newlin, bought one off of ebay so I’ve seen first-hand how these hand operated drones have opened the world to brand new camera angles that just were not possible before and everyone seems to be taking as much advantage of the situation as they can. The winter X games are starting this afternoon and it is no shocker that they will be utilizing the new technology and will be capturing a majority of the shots with the use of drones.

The drones will hover twenty to thirty yards in front of the athletes and follow them as they proceed down the mountain. It is a method that has been used in other sports such as surfing recently and there has been some absolutely incredible skiing and snowboarding footage filmed in the back country. When GoPro hit the scene a handful of years ago, it was the most innovative thing that was going around. However, the use of drones look to be taking over the spot as the most sought after camera angles today

New Nokia Batteries Developed

As soon as there is a new smartphone release, you can scroll among the comments of the internet users; just like Darius Fisher which noted his comments on SBA, to find statement like “I miss the Nokias which had long life battery and were so simple to use”. It seems that the tech makers have not been sleeping. Somebody heard those people’s wishes, as a matter of fact.

Microsoft, which bought the Nokia brand last year for a good sum, is about to release the Nokia 215 phone. The small old-fashion phone has a life span of 29 days! There will be a variant with two sim cards, and as they consume a bit more energy, their battery life resumes to 21 days. The price will be $29 plus taxes. Missed the colors too? Besides the white and black variants, there will be a bright green one. 

There are so many people who actually use two phones nowadays! So why not have a smartphone for the ‘interesting’ activities and a small brick phone with a forever lasting battery for work? The people who have been writing hateful comments at the modern smartphones would better start making the queue to buy a Nokia 2015.