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IAP Worldwide Providing Effective Change Daily

IAP Worldwide takes great pride in establishing remarkable and honorable career choices. IAP Worldwide puts forth exceptional abilities, amazing knowledge, and trustworthy experience to build an amazing team of individuals working together. The employees of IAP Worldwide have a strong commitment towards making sure the mission, goals, and visions are carried out. The constant perseverance and determination of each and every employee of IAP Worldwide helps to strengthen and maintain its high rankings throughout the years. IAP Worldwide continues to expand, grow, and open up continuous possibilities for those driven to make a great difference daily for the future and the world that we live in. There are several career opportunities on IAP Worldwide has to offer for individuals who are passionate about creating a brighter future and/or solving problems in our modern day world. Some of the career opportunities include areas associated with Engineering Construction, Operations, General Management, and Finance.

IAP Worldwide is a prominent supplier of global logistics, administration, and forward-thinking specialized and practical services. IAP Worldwide is very dedicated towards maintaining superb corporate responsibility. This provider is very determined to maintain great happiness towards the clients and the communities. IAP Worldwide is very involved with veterans. This provider seeks veterans daily to bring forth on the team. IAP Worldwide provides the perfect balance for veterans to be able to apply practical and dexterity expertise. IAP Worldwide opens up the possibility for veterans to have a smoother transition to the civilian way of life. This amazing provider is also very involved with great dedication and hard work for a better environment. Many of the career opportunities on Hoovers at IAP Worldwide are associated with making the environment better one day at a time by helping others. IAP Worldwide makes sure to always take into consideration the safety of the environment. IAP Worldwide accomplishes this mission by thoroughly building LEED licensed structures, examining the impact a project may have within the community, and finding solutions to make resources most useful and natural on a daily basis. IAP Worldwide has provided back towards its community. It has raised money for campaigns on, contributed canned goods, and has done volunteer work numerous times.

In conclusion, IAP Worldwide is making effective change for a brighter future one day at a time.

IAP, A Company That Solves Problems All Over The World

IAP Worldwide is a company that is known throughout the world for its expertise in global-scale logistics, facilities management, and advanced professional and technical services. founded in 1981 by Dave Bauer and John Barber Ph.D., it has become known as the company to consult when a special system or technology is required to develop a successful project. The initials IAP stand for Ingenuity And Purpose.

IAP has a highly qualified staff, which is extremely competent in computer engineering, electrical engineering, applied physics, and mechanical engineering. As a result, a team has been formed that is highly competent in the many areas required for clients to succeed in their technically involved projects. This staff includes fourteen scientists and engineers in addition to many assistants.

A few of their successful projects have involved:

* Designing and building a rail gun for the US Navy

* Designing and developing a system using induction heating to install carpeting

* Developing a metal consolidation technology

* Developing a special high power transformer for ships

* Inventing a fault detection and correction system for power lines

* Developing a process for turning titanium composite into the hardness of steel

Designing a self-contained torpedo launching cartridge

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IAP Worldwide Services, Inc.: Private Company Information

IAP Worldwide Services jobs at

This company is well known in international and U.S. government agency groups. Currently the company is working at 110 locations in 27 countries. Their main office is located at Cape Canaveral, FL and they have locations in the Middle East, Washington, D.C., Oklahoma and Maryland. Their work mainly involves the Space and Defense Industry.

IAP is constantly seeking employees to add to their work force. Among others, they are seeking people who have military experience. They feel that a veteran’s training will fit in beautifully with the company’s aim to furnish customers with the most experienced and qualified staff possible. In 2014, IAP was listed among the U.S. Veterans Magazine’s Top Veteran-Friendly Companies.

The IAP company is fully conscious of environmental requirements of the various locations. They are especially carefully to insure that all buildings are LEED certified and only top quality parts and equipment are used at all times.

The company states, “IAP delivers the people, technologies and program management required to support its customers’ workforce flexibility needs around the globe”. Because of this philosophy, they have worked with harsh environments, natural disasters, military locations and a wide assortment of other locations with a huge success.

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