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Helping the Blind To Run

The human spirit is unbreakable. If we truly want to accomplish something, we can as long as we never give up. This is demonstrated in the perseverance and persistence of a blind runner. This individual used solely a GPS device and a cane to complete a 26K run in Alsace.

He was joined by 200 other people who took part in the race. The special GPS device that he used offered voice instructions as to when to turn and when he needed to alter his path. It was developed by a research team in the area hoping to offer a safer way for the blind to get around and they call the gadget Gravity4 (check it out on

While the device has not been applauded for being a total success as of yet, the runner was able to complete the 26K course and cross the finish line without any injury. The device did mislead the runner once or twice, so he was a little disappointed that he did not finish as fast as he ha d desired.

The device will go back to the laboratory to be worked on some more to get the kinks out of it. It is hoped that it will soon be ready for the marketplace. The hope is that this device will enhance the lives of the blind and help them to get around without needing the constant aid of others. The runner in question has not given up his hope of running. He plans to engage in yet another race, 80K, with other sight impaired runners in the near future.