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AHBE and an Insurance Lawsuit

The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment, LLC (AHBE) is the former ownership group of the NBA team Atlanta Hawks. This group held different insurance policies with the New Hampshire Insurance Company, also known as AIG. AHBE has recently filed a breach of contract lawsuit against AIG.

Bruce Levenson was at one time a co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC and he was the one responsible for the hiring of Danny Ferry. Ferry served as general manager for the Hawks for roughly six years. He was also the president of basketball operations. In 2014 as reported by ESPN, Bruce sold off his share of the ownership group and is no longer involved with the organization.

Danny Ferry is also no longer with the organization. Ferry and AHBE came to a buyout agreement and Ferry let the group. This is when AHBE turned to AIG. They felt that due to the terms of Ferry’s departure, they were entitled to certain claims as stated in their insurance policy. AHBE specifically stated, “wrongful termination” and “workplace torts” in their claim.

AIG has been fighting this claim ever since it was filed. They have even been quoted as saying that they were not aware of any claims that were made. AIG has refused to pay and to even acknowledge that there are even grounds for a claim to be paid out.

This lawsuit it still tied up in the courts and it seems like there is a long way to go before this will be decided. There is a lot at stake in this lawsuit and both sides are ready for the fight. For more info, visit