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Jeunesse Global takes leap into weight-loss programs

The weight-loss industry has been subject to trendy fads ever since the first weight-loss systems made their appearance on the open market. Unfortunately, most of these systems and diet fads have turned out to be worthless when not actively harmful. Now, Jeunesse Global, one of the leaders in international health-and-beauty direct marketing, has created a new weight-loss system that is neither fad nor trend. Its Zen 8 Project is a scientifically designed total health system, created by one of the leading personal trainers and fitness experts in the world.

The Zen 8 Project is the first product by Jeunesse Global explicitly aimed at the weight-loss market. Although Jeunesse has traditionally focused on the creation of innovative health and beauty products that are based in rigorous scientific research, their foray into the weight-loss segment marks a hopeful development for those across the globe who are struggling to maintain a healthy weight.

The cornerstone of the Zen 8 Project is arguably Jeunesse Global’s revolutionary fat-burning supplement known as Zen Bodi. This fat burner is the culmination of years of research and development. And it’s backed by real-world testing and extensive internal company research, demonstrating that it is one of the most effective fat-burning products on the market today.

The Zen 8 Project also involves a complete workout routine as well as a lifestyle development program. Some users may be disappointed to discover that the Zen 8 Project, unlike many gimmicky weight-loss systems, does not offer any cheap or easy answers. Instead, it focuses on the science of muscle building, fat burning and behavior modification, putting all three tenets of successful weight loss into one comprehensive system.

Many users have found surprising success by following the Zen 8 Project. Through the use of behavioral modification, users are encouraged not only to begin effective workout routines but also to build the daily habits that lead to a total revamp of their lifestyle. This creation of healthy habits, with regard to both exercise and eating, is one of the core principles on which the Zen 8 Project operates. By encouraging real change, the Zen 8 Project is doing more than just getting users to lose weight: It’s changing their lives for the better.


Jorge Moll Neto is a neuroscientist from Brazil and a businessman. He chairs the largest hospital group in Brazil. He is the president of D’or Institute for Research and Education. He is named to be the first neuroscientist to link the relationship between charity and the brain. In his research, he conducted some MRI experiments on volunteers. He studied their brains and found out that the art of giving was quite similar to how other individuals engage in other activities like eating. The reward centers were identical. Watch this video on Youtube.

Jorge Moll found out that in the brain there are two areas, the emotion region, and the reasoning side. This two helped with his studies because he found out selective donating is based on the emotions and attachment to the product. He believes that the affiliative emotions bear an architectural value which in turn helps or destroys the human. Mr. Moll encourages people to be charitable as it helps their minds become greater when they do so. It also creates a greater lifespan and reduces risks of diseases like a heart attack or even depression.

Mr. Moll had an alliance with Dr. Albert Chan, the vice president of Innovation. The alliance was based on how they could create a technology that would help in hospitals. The technology was to be used in all hospitals because it made work much easier. A doctor could be able to obtain patients details through only a voice command. It was beneficial because it provided more one-on-one time between the doctor and the patient. It has proven to be safer with increased depth of medical evaluation. Visit Wikipedia to know more about Jorge Moll.

During a conference that he was a guest with other two professionals, he discussed of a network he had founded. The network’s objective was to improve services offered by hospitals. This was after some crises that had occurred, and many people opted for SUS and didn’t care about the costs. He later decided to present ‘total health management model’ which provided health care without wastage and at a lower cost for the people. The other objective of this network was to help the operators understand more and get to know the patient’s treatment. In the long run, he has proven to be successful and an important person in the medical industry.


Check yourself before you wreck yourself

Have you ever heard of the phrase “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?” It is great advice for anyone that ever has questions about especially health care,  if they see signs or symptoms. But what about those symptoms that are not as easily visible as bleeding out of your arm or constantly having to go the to bathroom? Well Life Line Screening has you covered, in both health and mind!

Life Line Screening recently wrote an article specifically catered towards men of all ages how they could prevent and reduce their odds of a major sickness or something worse! We all know that eating well helps but what about sleep? One of the great things that they point out and try to make sure men know is that there IS such a thing as too much sleep. The entire article is well articulated and presented in a way that can be slowed down or given a quick note for each, feel something funny in your body? Tell your doctor! It might not just be you getting old!

With over 8 million preventative care screenings, Life Line Screening is one of the most relevant groups of doctors, scientists and researchers all willing to help you before something small becomes something much bigger. They have several locations around not just the United States but also in the United Kingdoms, meaning that they are not just a great health care company and a place to get yourself checked, but they have multiple locations for those that live in the states or our neighbors across the pond!

If you knew you could prevent getting sick by just getting health screening, why not go for it? Life Line Screening has more than just the resources, they have the willingness, the enthusiasm and the compassion to make sure that everyone can not just see tomorrow but see it with safety, confidence and greater clarity.

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Talented Jennifer Walden Hits the Limelight of Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a skilled plastic surgeon who has been fully certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeon. She is also officially fellowship-trained in Cosmetic Surgery. Walden’s commitment lies in providing her patients with the highest quality of care, satisfaction, and safety. Moreover, her personalized approach coupled with the combination of her top-notch technique and sophisticated artistry meets the cosmetics needs of both men and women.

The Categories of Surgeries

Cosmetic plastic surgery helps to rejuvenate the face by minimizing the appearance of lines and wrinkles and skin sagging, which makes an individual appear sad, tired, or angry. There are two types of cosmetic surgeries namely facelift, and rhinoplasty.

Facelift, theoretically known as rhytidectomies, counteracts the signs of aging, which might be caused by sun exposure, gravity, and stress; thus affects the face and neck. Facelift gives a patient a youthful look by removing fat, tightening muscles, and trimming excess skin. This surgery is suitable for patients with deep creases under their eyes, sagging area of fat, and mid-face sagging.

Rhinoplasty is a surgery performed to reshape or augment the nose of a person, as well as removing a hump and correcting an injury, a birth defect, or any problem that hinders breathing. Walden owns Vectra, a popular three-dimensional imaging technology for nasal reshaping procedures.

Jennifer Walden

Jennifer Walden is a gifted plastic surgeon, author, and media commentator. She is the acclaimed founder of a privately-held surgery practice and ambulatory surgery in Austin, Texas, called Jennifer L. Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center, PLLC. Walden began her career in Manhattan Ear and Throat Hospital. While there, Dr. Sherrell Aston mentored her. In 2014, she was listed among the Harper’s Bazaar’s 24 Best Beauty Surgeons.

Walden has been featured on Fox News, ABC News, and VH1 because of she is a skilled commentator on plastic surgery. She is among the few women who serve on the American Society for the Board of Directors of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Walden has also co-authored the textbook called Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

With US Health Group, The Future of Your Health is Guaranteed

US Health Group, a social and health protection group, based in Fort Worth, Texas has all your insurance needs under one shop. US Health team has always been recognized as one of the leading health insurance providers. The group holds the Stevie Award for the company with impressive sales and excellent customer service. Also, the company holds the recognition from One Planet Business as one of the Gold Ranked Insurance providers in the US. The group does not require stringent consumer laws for it to provide quality products at an affordable rate, rather the company believes that its customers come first. The principles of affordability and reliability guide the company’s business model.

USHealth Group boasts of over 50 years’ experience in the sector of health protection services. This experience gives the company expertise it requires to become the best in health insurance. The group has leveraged the power of the internet and used it as a delivery channel for its products. Today if you wanted a quote for a life insurance plan; your quotation would be a few clicks away. Their web-based system bundles up information and user accounts to the extent that a user can view what their insurance plan covers, treatment estimates, lifestyle and fitness and even pharmaceutical services. The company also takes care of those who are not internet savvy through a toll-free line. The line operates from 0700 hours to 1700 hours Central time. Click here to know more.

The group has your back even after the life changing experiences such as accidents. US Health covers your immediate More than just a health insurance company; US Health Group can have your back even after an and any other costs. With their product tailored for short-term disabilities, the company promises a continued lifeline even when you are at your weakest. The benefits in the short-term disability arrangement do not just end with your discharge from the hospital; the group walks you through the recovery journey until you are up on your two feet. With the enterprise’s comprehensive plans, you are sure that your health and that of your loved ones is in the right hands.

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How USHEALTH Group Works Towards Achieving Excellent Customer Satisfaction

USHEALTH Group is an international insurance provider situated in Fort Worth, Texas. This company operates in close collaboration with the National Foundation Life Insurance. It also partners with Freedom Life Insurance Company of America. Together, these organizations have developed specialized insurance covers to suit all its clients. USHEALTH Group is committed to providing solutions to small and mid-sized business owners, self-employed people, and employees.

Products offered by USHEALTH Group

USHEALTH Group is client-oriented and has served over 15 million customers in the last five decades. This company understands that customer needs vary. Therefore, it strives to provide clients with an array of services to choose from. USHEALTH Group has a broad portfolio of policies that enhances customer choice. This company is uniquely flexible and is dedicated to reliability and flexibility of its insurance selections. US HEALTH Group is also open to clients with a narrow budget who are in need of insurance plans. This organization has a broad range of innovative products for this set of customers.

Plans offered by USHEALTH Group include specified disease/sickness accident, income protector, critical illness, short-term accident disability income, vision plans, and term life insurance. This institution is also known to provide cost- sharing packages for accident and disease/ sickness plans. USHEALTH Group products are made available to customers through the company’s insurance agents. This firm is one of the companies with the most organized and well-equipped insurance advisors in the United States. USHEALTH Group ensures that their employees are adequately trained and certified to handle and represent the company’s products. See also.

USHEALTH Group’s accomplishments

USHEALTH Group has received a wide range of awards since opening its doors. In the first quarter of this year, the company has won three awards. For instance, the company’s leader, Troy McQuagge, won Gold in the esteemed One Planet Awards. The firm was also awarded the Gold Stevie Award in the competitive category of Sales and Customer Service. USHEALTH Group is also involved in various philanthropic endeavors, such providing holiday packages for wounded veterans and their families. This company occasionally holds a Month of H.O.P.E to assist the needy in the community.

Qnet is Breaking the Mold for Asian Companies

Direct marketing seller Qnet is considered one of the best companies in Asia. This organization has been around for a short time but they continuously expand their customer base each year. People recognize a high quality company when they encounter one and Qnet fits the bill. This organization helps communities, gives to charities and even provides emergency relief funds to people in need.

When Qnet was first founded, its creators had a vision. This vision was to market and promote a better lifestyle through wellness and health. This company followed that vision early on and it has served them well to this day. Co-founders Vijay Eswaran and Joseph Bismark are from Hong Kong and Qnet is a part of the QI Group of Companies.

The company goes out of its way to help those in need. People experience all sorts of problems and they often do not have an advocate or someone to assist them. Qnet often steps in to help people with the problems that they face. Qnet helps to support the Rashid Centre’s program since it benefits special needs children. The company also helps other members of society as well.

Qnet has a market reach all over Asia and in other nations. Their products are made from natural vegetable ingredients. Qnet knows that heart disease and diabetes is a big problem for many people. So, they also sell products that help to alleviate these problems as well. Qnet is dedicated to consumers and their overall wellness. T

The Quest for Better Health-Care Services

Being notable by Mackie Research Capital analyst Russell Stanley, Nobilis Health has “a track record of high organic growth” and it is on a mission to provide top-quality health care services to many of its patients.

Residing mostly in Dallas, Nobilis Health is a publicly traded company that’s currently operating in 100 surgical centers worldwide. Along with offering reduced costs, and increased patient satisfaction, most of the company’s success is due to an integration of their integrated marketing services with management and operation services.

Board certified surgeons and specialized surgical centers optimizes health care since patients are provided with a variety of treatment options to choose from. These opportunities include spine and orthopedic surgery, general surgery and different types of in-depth procedures or scopes. With this in mind, it is in the best interests of the patients that they’re aware of what type of treatment they’re receiving and the advantages/disadvantages associated with the side-effects. Nobilis Health treats this issue as a priority by utilizing media (TV, radio, etc.) and online channels (web pages, social media, etc.) to promote awareness. Call centers also provides contact with consultants by connecting patients with several experts, to discuss the course of their journey to recovery by answering their questions and concerns.

To return to the subject of optimizing health care, management and operation services are used. Physicians, payors and patients play a major role in the overall performance of the company. Enhancing the quality of health care professionals and efficiency of operations can be accomplished by identification, attraction, and retention of information, in addition to practicing marketing initiatives. Financing, licensing and accreditation are all examples of management.

Recap of 2014

Compared to the corresponding period of 2013, Nobilis Health experienced an increase in total revenue, primarily due to the addition of more cases in the following year.
The amount in revenue is approximately $84 million, a 170% increase from the amount made last year ($31 million). From the beginning of the year until December 31, 2014, the number of cases grew from 3,254 to 8,740. The increased amount of reimbursements from surgeries led to an increase in revenues.

Future Endeavors

While aiming to educate patients about their course of treatment raises a major concern for Physicians associated with the company. They’re attempting to work collaboratively to create new methods of teaching. For instance, Dr. Darren Schuhmacher emphasizes the process of lead positioning and battery implantation involved in the Omega Procedure, developed from the Migraine Treatment Centers of America (MTCA).He discusses the information through webinars created by the MTCA and Nobilis Health. It is essential that patients are aware of the procedure since the intricacy of the procedure can lead to several complications to nerve signals. Ultimately, the privilege of allowing patients to make intelligent decisions towards their course of treatment is an asset to the health care providers.

Beneful Brand Dog Food Offers A the Right Nutrients and Taste for Your Dog

Dogs can be choosy about what food they eat. In case you are finding it a tall order to get food that your dog likes, you may want to know which options are available. One common question that dog owners ask veterinarians on is what kind of food they should give their dogs. Having top quality and nutritious food makes it easy for the dog to eat.

A better nutrition and tastier food that comes from Beneful is all your dog needs— it will help promote the dog’s eating habits. Most popular dog food brands are proven and tested to be liked by dogs. The health of your dog may partly be determined by the kind of food it takes. When you give it food without the needed nutrients and vitamins, you are depriving it good health.

A healthy dog will feel contented and recognized. Dogs, just like other pets need a lot of attention. During the time you are feeding your dog, it will create a bond with you— and if it likes the food, it means you are building a strong relationship. Your vet is the first choice when deciding on what to feed your dog.

You may want to get something that the dog likes and makes it healthy. While people think that dogs would rather eat what the family eats, this may not be a good idea. It may result in fat dog pretty quickly. Dogs do not like having drastic changes in what they eat every day. In case you have dog food that comes in different varieties, you will most likely find a choice that the dog likes. Therefore, you can make sure you buy the same next time.

There are different flavors and ingredients you may get when searching for dog food. It may be fish, chicken, turkey, lamb or some other types of ingredients. You can also find dry dog food or canned wet dog food. Pet owners may want to opt for dry dog food because of the cost and the ease of feeding.

Unless you have some large breed, you would want to feed the dog once— that’s what vets recommend. With large breeds, they probably need to have enough food. Keep a bowl out filled with dry food in order to keep them full and happy. You may want to determine how much the dog feeds every day so that you can adjust whenever needed— however, watch your dog for weight loss or gain. It can happen when dogs do not have sufficient food or take more than needed.

The best thing you can do is to test different brands of dry dog foods for the day and the nightly meal consisting of wet food. Try to switch things up instead of forcing your dog to eat the same food every day. Also, try to give the dog some special treats, time in time— it pays. In case the eating habits change, ensure you take your dog to a vet to undergo a checkup.

Beneful Brand Dog Food is an option you may consider when seeking for pet food. It is made with ingredients such as real meat and vitamin-rich vegetables thereby bringing the best buddy tastes as well as textures to nourish your dog. This is a product that dog owners can feel confident about. It is designed to enhance the physical and emotional health of a dog while also providing quality and safety.

Beneful Is Loved By Pets And Owners Alike

What you feed your dog is a very important part of keeping your dog healthy. Dogs have very delicate digestive systems and should be fed proper foods on in order to maintain energy, vitality and a long life-span. What a number of pet owners fail to realize is that how much you feed your dog is just as important as what. The right balance has to be found. Over-feeding your dog can make your dog tired and sluggish, while underfeeding can make them nervous and moody.

How much you feed your dog depends on what type of dog you have, his condition, reproductive status and even how much exercise the dog gets. Depending on he dog’s size, they can eat anywhere between two and five times. If owners aren’t sure, they can take the dog to a veterinarian to get advise.

How and when a dog eat can also be connected to some type of medical issue. Dogs are susceptible to a great many illnesses — many fatal. While some owners prefer to give their foods, most serve dog food. Table food can also cause the dog many problems. Dogs eyes are often bigger than their mouths. They will smell food and want to eat it, and once they do so, they can get very ill. Dogs love to chew on bones but depending on the dog’s size and digestive system, it could pose danger to the dog.

One of the best and most purchased dog foods by owners is Beneful. This brand, brought onto the market in 2001, is manufactured specifically for a dog’s health. The food has wide variety of foods for puppies, adolescent dogs, adult dogs and even senior dogs. The line also has both wet and dry foods, as well as dog treats. Not only are the foods very healthy and nutritious, but supply fuel that the dog needs.

Beneful is made with good, healthy grains, soy (as opposed to protein) peas, chicken, beef and lamb. In a recent survey, most of the respondents who fed their dog Beneful says that dogs love the taste and smell. Many dog owners also noticed that their dogs looked better, had more energy and even had a shinier coat. Dog owners say they are highly-satisfied with Beneful. The food has won an number of awards over the years for best dog food. Nestle Purina PetCare is happy that owners swear by their product.